The Pajamas

The first month that they were together, Kakashi never quite understood why Iruka insisted on wearing pajamas. As a matter of fact, for the first month, Kakashi despised the pajamas… He hated the way the black ones, the red ones, the green ones, the white ones… He hated every single one of them, every colour and every pattern.

But after the first month he began to understand what the pajamas and why Iruka would wear them, then he began to like the pajamas, like them a lot more than he thought he ever would.

The black ones meant it that Iruka was longing for sex, rough sex in particular. One those nights, Kakashi would tie him up to the headboard and hell it would be a rough night, most of the time they would be up until three or four in the morning.

The red ones meant that Iruka wanted sex or that he was horny. One those nights, Kakashi would be fast and sex would be over in less than ten minutes.

The green ones meant that Iruka wanted soft sex. One those nights, Kakashi would hold Iruka close and whisper 'I love you's all over his lover. Those nights sex would be repeated, until Iruka bailed out and asked for sleep.

The white ones which were much to short, the pants hanging halfway down Iruka's calf. Meant that Iruka wanted a night of cuddling and reminding that Kakashi still loved him more than anything on earth and that he was still needed. On those nights, Kakashi would hold Iruka close to him, murmuring comforting words until he could feel Iruka sink in his arms.

But out of all of them Kakashi's favourite were the multicoloured striped pajamas. On those nights, Kakashi could do whatever he wanted, the night was Kakashi's choice and he could do whatever he wanted.

Yes, maybe he really loved the pajamas more than he should.