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I woke up to the sound of crying, it was Tommy again. Of course, mum would never deal with him, she was too busy with…Phil. It was sickening to even think of what my own mother did, just only a few rooms down. I could hear the moans from across the hall. Tommy began to get louder so I crawled off the couch and went to his room.

There he was, crying in his bed, poor kid. He didn't deserve to be born to her. Neither did Ellie. Or me. We were just very unlucky kids I guess. I picked up Tommy and rocked him gently.

Mum was normal before she met Phil. She would take care of me, be a normal mother. Then she met him and it all crumbled up. She goes out to parties, takes drugs, drinks, gets pregnant, and then leaves me to deal with everything else.

They can't afford the bills, or they didn't bother, so I wash in tap water, pouring it over my head. I work 2 jobs, one in the morning and one on the weekend, to pay for food and rent. I have to skip school sometimes when either Ellie or Tommy is sick. I have to beg and plead for the next door neighbour to look after Ellie and Tommy whilst I was at school and, on top of everything else, Phil abuses me. I have cuts and bruises covering my body, thankfully he hasn't raped me, yet. He's using Renee as his little sex toy there.

When I think I can get away from it all, with school, I can't. I am bullied there too. They call me 'The Ugly Duckling' and laugh at me. It's meant to be a play on word from my last name 'Swan', but the point was all the same: I was worthless. I might as well die. But, I can't. Ellie and Tommy can't go into care. Bad things happen there. So I stay alive, for them. Tommy is two and Ellie is six. Ellie has dirty blonde ringlets that go down to her elbows, piercing blue eyes and deep red lips that have dimples when she smiles. Tommy, on the other hand, has straight brown hair and hazel eyes that twinkle when he is happy. If anything, those kids were my life. Just call me the overprotective big sister.

Tommy was fast asleep again, so I put him back in his beat up cot and tucked him in. I went to check on Ellie and she was asleep too. So, I went downstairs to sleep on the couch, since I gave Ellie my old room. That's where the nightmares awaited.

"Bella" A small voice whispered in my eye. "Bella, help, Tommy wont stop crying and its making daddy mad, please wake up!" Ellie whispered, whilst crying. I woke up quickly and hugged her, stroking her hair.

"It's ok lil sis, big sis will go make it stop ok?" I murmured into her hair, she nodded. I got up and made my way to Tommy's room again, carrying Ellie up. Once I got there, I put her down and told her to go get dressed. Tommy was crying again, probably hungry. I picked him up and carried him to the kitchen. I gave him a bottle, whilst changing his diaper. Oh God, how could I forget? Stupid, Stupid, Bella.

Tommy finished the bottle and calmed down. I picked him up and called Ellie down, hurrying her. She ran down and out of the door, me following quickly, grabbing my backpack on the way out. Phil was never in a good mood in the morning, well, he was in a worse mood in the morning. I knocked on the neighbour's door. Susan opened the door, knowing it was me.

"Please, please, please, Susan! I have money, just please take care of them today!" I begged, tears welling up in my eyes. I reached into my pocket and got out 20 dollars, there goes lunch.

"Fine Bella, are you sure there's no one else?" Susan asked, sceptically. I nod sadly.

"Mother and Phil are incredibly busy today. This whole promotion thing is really bugging them. But I'm sure it will be over soon." I reassure her, nodding quickly. I hated lying, especially to her.

Yeah, it will be over when I give up school this year…

Who was I kidding? I'll just have to finish my junior year and take care of them. They need me. Like there is a shot in hell, I'll make it to college too.

"Well, ok dear, if you say so." She took Ellie's hand and held Tommy in her other arm. I waved them off and ran to school, tripping several times. I slowed down to a walk when I entered the car park, trying to catch my breath. I pulled up my hood and looked down, trying not catch attention.

Apparently, it wasn't needed today. Everyone was crowding a silver Volvo. Thank goodness. Just when I thought I was safe…

"Hey ducky!" someone called, throwing a stone at me. 'Ducky' was another nickname. I turned around and saw everyone looking at me as if I was filth. I turned around but the person spoke again. "Ducky! My mum said that she saw your mum stumbling in the streets at 2.00 a.m. last night. What is she a slapper or something?" They all laughed. I could feel tears well up so I turned around and ran inside.

I was the first in the classroom, as always. I kept my head down and tried to concentrate on what Mr. Chalk was saying, but every time his back was turned, someone somewhere would throw a scrunched up piece of paper at me. I sunk lower into my chair and wished for the bell to save me.

I exhaled finally when the bell rang, signalling it was lunch. But, as usual, I waited for everyone to leave so I could make it out safely. I had to wait longer today though, because I could still here someone packing up at the back, their eyes on me. I watched as her small frame walked out of the classroom. I stood up and hastily followed.

I walked into the cafeteria and to my usual table, the one by the trash can. Not that I wanted to sit there, but with the watchful eyes of the Jocks, I couldn't move anywhere else. This was where I had been placed at the beginning of the year, between the geeks and anorexia students. But, I had an element of peace here, no one bothered me.

Lunch was the only time of day where I could just think.

Think about my life, and its problems. I would try to find the solutions for those problems once I got through the list. Sometimes the solution isn't found. Like what I'm going to do when the next bill comes up. Ellie has to go to school sometime soon. Phil's beatings were getting worse and worse and mum wouldn't stop them. Too busy doing heroin. I sighed and buried my face in my hands.

When was this going to stop?

That's when, the new kids entered. I haven't properly seen them, but wow. They were so beautiful, runaway models for sure. They looked so similar; they all had pale skin and black eyes, but they look all so different.

There was, a big muscular guy, bodybuilder probably. He had curly black hair and had his hand covering the hand of a goddess. She was literally the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, body to die for and long, blonde hair. They were obviously together.

Then there was a little pixie girl, she had black hair pointing in every direction and was linked arms with this tall, lean guy with honey blonde hair, together.

And the last of the new kids walked in. The phrase 'Took my breath away' came to mind. He was tall, but not the tallest. He was built, but not the strongest. He had messy bronze hair that was striking every direction, and he was smirking at something.

Having seen all of them, would have taken a massive hit on anyone's self-esteem because of their looks but all I could think about was how well off they must have it. They probably had carefree lives to go along with there beauty. Some people really do have it all. I began to start my homework; I didn't have time to do it anywhere else.

When lunch ended, I went for my last lesson, biology. I normally have gym after, but I have to pick up Ellie and Tommy from Susan. Plus, my cuts can't be seen. I walked through the classroom doors and took my normal seat. I tried to keep my head down, and my hood up, just staying out of everyone's way.

With a sudden whoosh, in comes the bronze-haired beauty. He walked up to the desk to the desk to get his slip signed and I could only just make out what he said,

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen, I was asked for you to sign my slip since I am new here," he murmured. Edward Cullen, perfect name. Snap out of it Bella! You don't want to mess up his life too.

"Sure, Mr Cullen," He muttered, quickly signing the slip, "You can go sit next to Miss Swan over there," Mr Banner pointed to me and I looked down quickly again, blushing. I looked up to see Edward walking stiffly towards me with a look of hatred in his eyes. Another one bites the dust, just like the rest of them, judged for what I look like, not that I expected anything more from them. I put my head in my hands and sighed. I wish it could all stop, somehow.

The bell rang, and I thanked the heavens. I turned to look at Edward, but he was already gone. I shrugged and left. I managed to sneak out of the building without being caught. Then I ran to Susan's house and knocked on the door. She opened with a frustrated expression. I was half an hour late.

"I'm so sorry! Biology finished late, and I was running I swear!" I reached out and pulled out another 5 dollars, there goes my dinner, and gave it too her. I tried to swirl my throbbing ankle without being noticed by Susan, I must have ran on it funny.

"It's ok; just make sure it doesn't happen again." She sighed and past me Tommy. I hugged him, Ellie hugged my thigh, and we walked home. I heard shouting from outside.

Tonight was going to be a long and painful evening.

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