In a part of our Galaxy far far away...

Two starfleets were in a running battle, Red versus Blue. Each side had different looking ships and fighting units moving and shooting all over, trying to eliminate each other to gain the advantage. And as it drew on, we focus to the main body of the Blue Fleet, where at its center was its flagship. Inside, as with all the ships in its fleet, was a hive of activity.

"Dargess at 53 percent!"

"Renkon heading to port 5 degrees!"

"Enemy numbers increasing at Sector 4-2!"

"Amarinko is disabled!"

"Master 384 has been eliminated, no signs of escape!"

"3rd squadron is on course!"

Various operators in the Flagship's Command Center were calling out the various statuses of the battle area that they are in. And on the Commander's Chair, the Commander in question was half pleased and half annoyed.

"Any word from the Ardenne and the C'rnadenne?"

"They are still in Hyperspace. They'll arrive soon, estimated five minutes."

"Ugh, that is what I don't like about the C'rnadyne- it's too slow!" The Commander commented at the given status. "Not to mention that TH38 was lost during transport along with the entire 10th transport group. TH40 is also down and back at HQ for repairs."

"Commander, the Ardenne and C'rnadenne are starting to exit hyperspace!"

"Finally!" The Commander almost jumped from his seat at the news. "Tell them to sortie now or else we'll lose this battle!"

A couple of miles behind and starboard of the fleet, two hyperspace gates open miles apart. From them two ships appeared. One was rather small, probably a destroyer while the other was rather huge, or rather, a larger version of the first ship carrying another ship on its back. The piggybacked ship was unlike any of the ships that were in the blue fleet. It looked more like a land vehicle, with its rather squat build and dual-hulled features. In the carrying ship's Bridge, her Captain was readying himself for evolution, with his crew reading out the important details with such calm compared to the hecticness of the Flagship.

"Hyperspace exit successful, rendezvous with the Kaizon will be complete in five..."

"Combat evaluation complete, Allied forces at 55 percent and Enemy Forces are at 75 percent."

"C'rnadyne System Boot complete. Initial Powerup at 45 percent."

"Captain, we have a High Priority Link from the Kaizon. It's the Commander."

"Good." The Ship's Captain replied back "Patch them thru."

The image of the Commander filled up one screen of the bridge's main monitor.

"Captain Chiu, you are late." Were the sarcastic words of the Commander's greeting. "Where have you been?"

"We ran into some slight problems Commander." Was the equally sarcastic reply.

"Slight? I hope your actions will only have slight consequences."

"That I will assure Sir."

And meanwhile inside the hangar of the first ship, there was some, if not a lot of activity. A group of the ship's flight crew were surrounded and fixated at a central figure, a girl of about 16, wearing a green skintight suit similar to a one piece swimsuit. Attached to her was a sort of backpack or rather, a flight backpack due to it's inclusion of thrusters, armor and flight surfaces. Floating just above and behind her were a couple of sword-like objects- drones to be precise. At the moment she was adjusting her headpiece- a sort of metal headband with a halo-ish object on top.

"Okay..." spoke to the crew around her." At least it was not hard putting this on, thanks to you guys."

A couple of tired crew members simply laughed a bit before stepping back.

"Okay... Time to sortie."

As the surrounding crew stepped out to allow the armored girl some space to walk towards to ship's catapult, we turn to the catapult of the piggybacked ship, where two more girls, armed in a similar fashion were already ready. The younger of the two had a white suit, her pack attached to her hips, her headband looking like a pair of mouse ears and two dissimilar drones, one looking similar to the sword drones of the first while the other looked like a sort of metal acorn- well it looked that way. The older of the two had a violet suit, pack attached to her back and extending both ways above her head in two nacelles and in a swallow tail-ish panel that ended just above her lower thighs, her headband consisting of antenna-like projections above her head, and her almost similar looking drones- save for one being a bit bulkier- not to mention it had more white paint than the other.

"This should be enough." The violet fighter talked to her younger counterpart. "Are you ready there?"

"Yes I am sister."

"Good, are you ready over there Ange?"

"Ready to launch as soon as we get word Cru, Exie."

Back at the Blue Flagship...

"The enemy is now shifting their base towards the Ardenne and C'rnadenne."

"They are probably going to destroy the C'rnadyne quickly before they can launch. Order the Fleet to cover for them!"

And back at the Carrier...

"The Ver'mith fleet is now shifting towards us, just as predicted."

"Good. Send out all our fighters to give us some time to dash towards the fleet."

"Aye sir."

And so it was a race for each objective. The two detached ships of the Blue heading towards its main force while the Red were closing in from half of the sphere of the two ships. Fighters from both sides began to intercept each other, killing or being killed for the sake of their objectives. Defensive fire from all ships was filling the gaps, making it harder to fight in, as both sides struggled to reach the two ships.

But in a feat of command and piloting, the two detached ships of the Blue managed to weave in thru what could have been the densest firing field they have ever gotten into. The rest of the fleet surged on and were now entangled with the enemy.

"As if you really did that Captain." The Commander commented as the Flagship Kaizon and the C'rnadenne passed by each other.

"Yes I really did that Commander. And now allow me to do my job."

After gaining some distance from the fleet, the C'rnadenne and its companion the Ardenne turned around and now faced towards the battle zone, doors opening, revealing what was behind them, the three suited and armored girls, standing by for launch behind a translucent shield.

"Okay girls." Captain Chiu, the Captain of the C'rnadenne then spoke to the three. "We'll be a bit shorthanded at the moment since 40 and 50 are out for the count while the others are mopping up. I hope you do you best and finally be rid of this menace."

"Well, you can count on us." The Green-suited girl then replied. "I can get more than these two combined."

"Oh really Ange?" The violet-suited one then replied. "Want to bet on it?"

"You're on Cru!"

"Guys..." The white suited one then pleaded. "No Betting while fighting."

"Nonono. You have to join in too Exie." "Ange", the green-suited one replied back.


"Girls, Girls..." Captain Chiu interrupted. "Fight first, body count later."

"Roger that Sir!" All three quickly replied.

"C'rnadyne system active, initializing backup!" A systems officer then called out.

"C'rnadyne System online. Initializing Triggerheart Support." A disembodied female voice then rang out.

"System Acknowledged." "Ange" then replied back. "Backup Process Complete. Initializing Support Routine."

"Synchro Active, all systems in sync." "Cru" then replied. "All conditions are green."

"Field Barrier up." "Exie" then acknowledged. "Support Start-up complete."

"Standby for launch. Releasing all safeties." The systems officer then called. "Catapults armed and ready."

"Triggerheart Support has been started." The Disembodied voice came in again. "All Processes Normal. Thread loads Normal. System is A-OK!"

"Catapult Charged!"

"May the Divine be with you and may you return safely..." The captain then gave his words. "Triggerhearts Launch!"

"Roger that!" Ange then replied. "Triggerheart Angelion, Launching!"

Out of the Ardenne came Angelion.

"Okay... I'm going ahead Exie..." Cru then spoke. "Triggerheart Crueltear, Going!"

Out of the Piggybacked ship's port launch door came Crueltear.

"Wait for me!" Exie then followed. "Triggerheart Exelica... taking off!"

And finally out of the piggybacked ship's starboard launch door came Exelica.

Back at the Kaizon...

"Confirmed... TH 36, 55 and 60 have been launched." An operator relayed the news to the Commander.

"Switch Auto-fighter control now."


Outside, the Three "Triggerhearts" were approaching the area. They were flying normally, despite that they are actually flying in the harsh vacuum of space.

"I have control..." Angelion acknowledged the switch, making a number of the Blue Fleet's fighters approach and fly along with her. "Hehe... is the bet still on then guys?"

"As if I will lose to a Kouhai like you!" Crueltear then replied back. "I have control!"

"Come on guys!" Exelica tried to reason but she also acknowledged the switch. "I have control!"

And so for hours the fighting continued, intensifying at each moment, finally reaching a fever pitch.

"Enemy fleet now down at 40%!" An operator informed the Commander.

"Don't rejoice yet kid." The Commander replied back. "We were at a low before the Triggerhearts arrived- we need to make sure. We need to fire the C'rnadenne's RPD."

"The RPD?!" The operator and subsequently the whole of the Command Center were taken aback by the decision. "But isn't that..."

"Get me Chiu on the line now."

A few moments later...

"We can, but..."

"You need to uncouple the C'rnadyne so that it will not be drained as well- risking an overload." The commander replied to Captain's answer. "We know. And we'll we doing the protecting."

"Acknowledged Sir."

"Okay... All hands brace for defensive! Notify the Keel Gunners that the C'rnadyne will be sheltering beneath us. Notify the Fleet for impending RPD use!" The commander then called out the next orders, which were quickly passed to members of the Blue Fleet, the Triggerhearts included.

"Are they mad?!!" Angelion commented over the Triggerheart Communication Channel, which was exclusively connected to any Triggerheart in the area- primarily to Crueltear and Exelica at the moment. "That Re... Reaction... Reaction..."

"Reaction Point Discharger..." Exelica completed the mispronounced word.

"Yes that... That thing! They're going to use it here! You guys do know what it does right?"

"Yes we know!" the unworrying two replied back.

"We have to go back to the fleet. Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!"

"You don't have to tell us that Ange." Crueltear replied as she flew full speed, leaving the two "younger" ones behind.

"Hey! Wait for us!"

Back at the C'rnadenne.

"C'rnadyne detachment complete. Sheltering procedures have been initiated, moving into firing position." An operator informed the Captain of the completed and impending tasks.

"Reaction Point Discharger now charging... 5 percent." Another operator informed of the weapon's status. "10 Percent... 25..."

"Bring the ship to the front of the fleet. Target that..." Captain Chiu then ordered, pointing to the middle of the screen, which promptly zoomed into the middle of the Red Ver'mith Fleet, towards the biggest ship- the Flagship. I was a rather huge cube-shaped object surrounded by a thick semicircular structure, every foot bristling with weapons. "The Ver'mith Core."

"Roger that, targeting RPD at the Ver'mith Core."

The ship stops and at its tip, a point of energy convergence began to show. The rest of the Blue fleet began to hastily withdraw, while the Red Ver'mith fleet was still trying to pursue them, somewhat oblivious to the charging superweapon. It seemed to be the case, but nothing is what it seems in the battlefield. The rather strange action of the enemy piqued the interest of one of the operators on the Flagship Kaizon.

"Commander... The Ver'mith are not retreating." An operator reported what he was observing at this station.

The Commander quickly headed to the operator's side. After a few moments of looking at the screen and on the others, he agreed with the operator's observations.

"That rather unusual, they would usually start to run and jump away as soon as the RPD reaches..."

"85 Percent Sir." Another operator completed the line. "RPD is now at 87 percent... 88..."

"Right about now!" The Commander alarmed as the red dots indentifying the enemy began to converge some distance ahead of their Flagship.

Back at the charging C'rnadenne, they also noticed the tactic.

"They're going to sacrifice themselves to let the Core escape!" Captain Chiu alarmed. "Fire the RPD now!"


And with the push of a button, the point of convergence at the nose of the ship was discharged towards the enemy, now a ball of unknown energy. For a few seconds it sped up towards the enemy fleet, passing other allied ships and our Triggerhearts.

"And there it goooooes!" Angelion could only yell as she and the others maxed their speed out.

As they were halfway between enemy and their fleet, the projected ball hits the massed group of Ver'mith. It was an awesome sight to see that even the girls stopped and looked back. The area of the enemy was enclosed in a sphere of light, gravity shockwaves shaking the entire area. Inside the sphere was a scene of total annihilation, explosions of various degrees, collisions... a state of total destruction. For a full five minutes it continued, until finally, the light died down and the shaking stopped, revealing an enemy fleet that was very much reduced, even the Core Flagship was severely damaged.

"Ver'mith fleet down at 3 percent!" The operator elatedly informed.

"Good. Tell the fleet to finish them off once and for all!" The commander ordered, still calm and collected. "If we do that we can finally say-"

His words were suddenly cut by a sudden intense shaking. The entire area was being rocked with gravity quakes, making standing personnel lose their footing.

"What the?!"

"Commander, this is the Observatory!" a voice came into the line. "We have a wormhole storm inbound!"

"Shit, not a storm!!" The commander swore and quickly ordered. "All ships full reverse! Full reverse! Drop your space anchors if you need to!"

The fleet quickly followed orders, the fighters quickly seeking the safety of the larger ships, who went full reverse and also dropped their "space anchors", 4 huge pods connected by material and energy tethers, serving to anchor the ship. Meanwhile our 3 girls were still trying to catch up with the rapidly retreating fleet- but being in the middle of it all was a rather, unpleasant location, as they will soon find out. A few moments after they began their mad dash, a small sliver of light opened behind them- it was infact a wormhole opening. It was soon followed by several more, mostly in the space between the Triggerhearts and the Ver'mith fleet, though a few more were also opening up in the space between the Triggerhearts and the Blue fleet.

Back at the Kaizon...

"Sir, the C'rnadyne is being pulled towards the storm!" The operator then alarmed.

"Great, just what we needed- an un-anchored ship in the middle of a wormhole storm." The commander commented as the main screen displayed the C'rnadyne, being slowly pulled towards the storm. "Chiu!"

"I'm on it... but the storm is intensifying every second and our systems are not faring any better! We might be ripped apart if we approach any closer! The C'rnadyne is just below the critical size for wormhole entry without a shield."

"Great, our shields, and basically the entire fleet is unshielded at the moment." The Commander only mumbled at his subordinate's reply. "We just have to risk it then... We are leaving the C'rnadyne be, at the mercy of time and space!"

Everyone who heard that was simply agape in horror. The C'rnadyne was the most important ship to all of them; it was worth sacrificing a whole fleet just to save it. But they were now being ordered to go against their sworn duty and letting it edge closer to its potential destruction.

"What are you people waiting for?!"

The people quickly resumed their business of simply trying to stay alive, though in their minds and hearts they prayed profusely to whatever deity they worship, asking for not their safety, but for the ship and the people still left at the mercy of the elements. And speaking of people.

"I can't take it anymore!" Angelion screamed as she and the other Triggerhearts were being sucked into the wormholes. "Why do I have to be a Triggerheart in this lifetime anyway?!! I could have been an Idol or a Star right now! I swear that if I get out of this I'll force my retirement to the military- even if we technically don't have one! Guys?"

She looked ahead and before her, the other two, Exelica and Crueltear were simply speeding along forwards, doing a zigzag path. Amazingly, the two, despite their movements, were actually crawling forward, unlike Angelion who was thrusting along in a straight path but still being pulled slowly.

"That's the sisters for you." She could only think as she aimed one of her sword drones towards the pair. "If only I can..."

She then fired a rope-like beam towards them, but as it neared, a rather huge chunk of debris passed behind the two and that was what the beam hit, attaching itself on it. The chunk quickly passed by Angelion and as a result, she was suddenly yanked and dragged along.

"Nooooooo! Onee-chiiiiiiiiin! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!"

That scream was heard by the other two, making Crueltear look back.


"Onee-chiiiiiiiiin!" were the fading cries of the Triggerheart as she was sucked into wormhole.

"Crueltear, Angelion, Exelica, can you hear us? Over." The communications line suddenly buzzed to life. "Can you hear us?!"

"Yes we can!" Crueltear could only reply as she looked ahead once again, catching up with her sister.

"We have lost Angelion on the scanners, what the hell happened?!"

"We lost her in the storm... we're trying to get out at the moment."

"We have bad news for you... the C'rn- is he-d your way!" The communicator replied, but the last words were kind of garbled.

"The what?!"

"Sister look!" Exelica yelled and pointed forward.

The two could only look in disbelief at the object that was heading their way."

"No way!"

"The C'rnadyne?!"

And in an instant, the ship passed them, breaking their path and sending them tumbling end over end, making them vulnerable to the pulling force of the wormholes. The ship quickly vanished while the two were struggling to get their bearings, all the while the communications line was buzzing.

"Crueltear, Exelica... please respond! Crueltear, Exelica... please respond! Crueltear, Exelica... please respond!"

Exelica was the more alert of the two as she quickly found the still tumbling sister and fired the same rope-like beam towards her, luckily hitting her. She quickly reeled her in and the two could only hug each other, as they too were sucked into the wormhole.

"Tell everyone..." Exelica's fading signal managed to broadcast. "We'll be okay..."

And with that, they too were gone. Seconds later, it was all over, the wormholes began to close one by one, and what remained in that space were the remnants of the Blue fleet. At the Kaizon and C'rnadenne, it was pure silence, only broken by the breaking voice of the operator who managed to muster enough courage.

"The C'rnadyne... and the Triggerhearts... are... are... gone."

Three Days Later...

The sounds of a large body of water began to filter into her hearing. A soft sensation was beginning to spread on her back. The gentle blowing of a cool breeze began to seep in, thanks to her skin's reception. Soon more sounds began to fill in, sounds of animals- birds chirping, insects buzzing, dogs barking and cats mewing. Then finally, people talking- in a language that she cannot understand. And with that she opened her eyes just a bit, since the bright light managed to flood the darkness that she was seeing.

"Where... Am... I?" The young Triggerheart named Exelica thought, as the image of a painted sky came and went with her consciousness.

"What happened? Where is this place? What happened to the Ver'mith? Angelion, Crueltear, where are you guys?!"

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"A chance encounter?"