Interfacing has no enemies

Written by Taipan Kiryu

I wrote this story more than a year ago, when I was writing my fic "Purple rain." Both fics have no relationship whatsoever, but still I realized I was giving poor TC a bad time and I thought he needed some love, so I wrote this to free my soul from guilt (OK, those of you who know me know better!)

In order to write this the way I wanted it to be, I had to take some liberties with the Autobot femmes, so if they appear OOC I will say only one thing: not only bad girls deserve to have fun.

One obvious warning: this story contains mecha-erotic material, so if you feel offended with this kind of stories, this is the moment to stop reading.

Now, if you belong to my club, I think you will enjoy this fic.

Many many thanks to my fellow MW, iratepirate, for beta reading. Lots of cats to you sis!

Chapter 1

Subjugating a Decepticon for dummies

His optics came online suddenly, taking him out from the blurry universe of oblivion.

As the internal statement of his damage report was displayed by his processor, Thundercracker felt a sharp pain that was not unknown to him, a pain that, in a matter of astro seconds, brought back his numbed memory.

The missile.

Coming out of nowhere... intended to impact him, sent to destroy…

He had dodged it, of course. The fact he was still on line proved it. But the abrupt aerial maneuver he had made to avoid it had made him crash. He didn't remember the collision, only the ground getting dangerously closer at supersonic speed. And then, nothing.

He tried to move as his damage report ended. His failure in doing so didn't surprise him.

Thundercracker raised his head and glanced with contempt at his chained wrists. He silently cursed his bad luck.


Inside the secret quarters of the Female Autobots on Cybertron, Moonracer punched a button of the big console before her. The monitor activated and zoomed in to the image of Thundercracker, standing in the middle of a storage room that had been turned into a provisionary cell. From the ceiling, two straight chains were hanging down and held the wrists of both raised arms of the Decepticon. His feet were fixed to the floor, kept motionless by two thick shackles.

"Well, well… Seems that our guest is awake," Moonracer said when she perceived the sudden glimpse in the crimson optics of the prisoner.

Firestar raised her glance from the datapad she had in her hands and directed it to the monitor.

"About time. He had been offline for a while," she replied, turning her attention back to the datapad.

"And what did you expect? He took a major hit up there. I'm surprised he didn't receive serious damage."

"He is a combat jet. His kind are built with very strong alloys."

Moonracer returned the camera angle to the wide shot it had had before and leaned comfortably against the back of her chair.

"And what are we going to do with him, by the way?" she asked with some sort of yawn.

Firestar shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know. Elita's orders were to drain his energy, and deactivate his weapons, thrusters and transformation cog. I suppose we will trade him for an Autobot prisoner."

Moonracer straightened up in her chair and started to check all the energy signals coming from the surface, just as she did every late shift. And just like every cycle, the computer detected the same signals, almost all of them coming from the drones that Shockwave used to control the huge energon storage units of the Decepticon Empire.

Every once in a while, the green Autobot glanced at their prisoner, who remained, obviously, in the same position.

"He must be bored," she said, almost to herself. "Scared perhaps…"

"Mmh?" Firestar murmured, her mind focused on the data she was entering into the computer.

"Think about it. All alone there, chained, unable to move more than a few mecano inches, uncertain about his immediate fate… And let's admit it; that old storage room is not a very comfortable place to be."

"Moonracer, I don't think any cell could be considered comfortable. Prison or storage room… in this case, it's the same."

"Yes, I suppose you are right," the green Autobot sighed.

Firestar turned her chair slightly to have a better sight of the image of the prisoner on the screen.

"I don't like his tranquility. Any other Decepticon would be cursing right now, struggling, trying to free himself…" she said narrowing her optics.

"He must be too low on energy. Chromia practically only left him enough to walk," Moonracer replied.


"Don't let your hate for the Decepticons blind you, Firestar. Thundercracker has a reputation for being a very calm guy… as strange as it sounds."

"A real oddity for a Decepticreep… Although, we must stay alert. I have seen recordings of him in battle. He is a murderous machine."

"If you say so…"

Firestar continued looking at the monitor for several astro seconds before shaking her head. She was worrying too much. The chains restraining the prisoner were made of the strongest Cybertronian alloy. Besides, most of his energy had been drained and he didn't have any way to even attempt something remotely hostile. There was simply no way for him to escape.

She tried to ignore the fact that they had an evil Decepticon inside their own base and returned to her labor, comparing the statistics that she was entering into the computer to the ones her datapad displayed.

Tedious and long breems went by. Firestar could watch, from the corner of her optics, how Moonracer moved slightly every once in a while, showing an uncommon impatience.

"Firestar…" she finally said, her voice almost a whisper.

"Yes?" was the absent-minded reply.

"Don't you think that Decepticon is… quite attractive?"

Firestar's fingers froze over the Cybertronian characters that formed the keyboard of the computer.


Moonracer reached for the controls of the surveillance camera and zoomed in the image until the Seeker's serious face occupied the entire screen.

"I asked if you think that Decepticon is quite attractive."

"He is an enemy, Moonracer."

"That's not what I asked."

Firestar sighed. "OK… Yes, he is very attractive. Can I return to my report now, please?"

Moonracer smiled, not paying any attention to her friend's words.

"Very, very attractive…" she muttered to herself.

Firestar pretended she hadn't heard anything and continued typing on the computer. Her fingers hit the keyboard with more strength than necessary.

Both Autobots stayed like that for some astro seconds more, until Moonracer's voice broke the silence again.

"Do you think he is bonded with somebody?"

"He is a Decepticon, and Decepticons are only interested in power and destruction," was the mechanical answer from the red Autobot.

"Wanna bet?"

Firestar stopped her duties again. She turned her head and watched her friend with an intolerant expression.

Moonracer responded with a mischievous smile.

"I bet you this Decepticon has other interests, besides power and destruction," she said, her optics shining.

"What are you talking about?"

Moonracer didn't reply, but kept her naughty expression.

"Moonracer, I hope you are not thinking about…"

"When was the last time you were with a male?"

The question was sharp, quick, and cruel. It had been too long, indeed, since the last time Firestar had felt Inferno's arms around her.

"Oh, come on, Firestar, don't look at me like that! This guy is a masterpiece, you can't deny it!"

"He is a Decepticon! What the slag are you thinking?!"

Moonracer folded her arms across her chest. "Do you want to know? Do you really want to know what I'm thinking about?"

"Now that you mention it, I'd prefer not to."

Moonracer returned her hands to the console and manipulated the controls, making the camera travel slowly over Thundercracker's body.

"Decepticon, Autobot… do you really think we are that different?" she said with her optics lost on the virile figure of the prisoner. "I just know that we have been here, beneath the surface of Cybertron, for many thousands of vorns… I know Powerglide and Inferno are supposed to be our bond mates, but face it: when was the last time that Inferno gave you a call just to say how much he misses you? And be honest: are eventual communications enough for you? I don't know about you, but I'm sure of one thing: I don't want to spend my eternity waiting, or in Shockwave's smelting pools for the matter."

Firestar found herself unable to deviate her glance from the chained Seeker the monitor continued to display.

"Elita will be back in one orn… We should hurry," she said, defeated.


Thundercracker wasn't surprised when he heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps approaching. Sooner or later, his jailers had to show up.

He didn't feel fear, though. Autobots didn't usually kill or torture their prisoners. And even if they did, he was too upset with himself for the unworthy way he had been captured to worry too much about his own safety. He was more concerned about Megatron's reaction once he found out about his failure in what was supposed to be a simple surveillance mission on Cybertron.

However, he was very surprised when the door hissed open and two female Autobots walked in.

That was an unexpected twist. For millions of years, that group of Autobots lead by Elita One had been a constant pain in the aft for the rough control that Shockwave had on the territories occupied by the Decepticons, but because of the action of coincidence and also his journey to planet Earth, Thundercracker had never fought against them.

However, he recognized them immediately. As with every Autobot, their schematics were inside the immense databank the Decepticons had of their enemies. Firestar and Moonracer… their technical specifications and their combat skills displayed quickly in the memory banks of the blue Seeker. Neither of them were particularly dangerous, although Firestar was one of the most notable saboteurs in the history of Cybertron, and Moonracer was an excellent sharpshooter.

Thundercracker didn't know what to expect of his captors. He had in his favor the fact that female Autobots were known to be less violent that their male comrades, which was a relief considering his disadvantaged situation.

But his initial doubts increased when he caught sight of the mischievous smile on the face of the green Autobot. Her companion, Firestar, closed the door behind them and avoided to make visual contact with him.

"Greetings, Decepticon. I hope you are comfortable," Moonracer said ironically, getting close to Thundercracker.

Firestar approached too. She looked nervous.

The Seeker decided his best option was silence. Falling for provocations was definitely a very bad idea.

"Not too talkative today, I see," the green Autobot continued. "I heard you are a shy guy, Thundercracker. Now I see rumors were true."

The Decepticon remained silent. Everything seemed to point to the single conclusion that those Autobots wanted confidential information. If that was the case, they were going to waste their time.

However, despite the training Thundercracker had had against practically any interrogation technique, he looked suspiciously at Moonracer's optics, that were shining with an unusual intensity. Her comrade, on the other hand, remained motionless, her glance fixated to the floor.

Moonracer folded her arms across her chest and peered at her prisoner from helmet to thrusters.

"And you know what they say about shy guys, don't you?" she continued. "That they have this sort of… magnetic enchantment."

Uneasy with the Autobot's attitude, Thundercracker deviated his glance. He had been tortured before but never with that kind of antics. Were those female Autobots there only to mock him?

Moonracer seemed to find his confusion amusing. She approached until she was almost touching him. Thundercracker felt a slight electrical shock when he felt the vibrating sensors of the Autobot so close to his frame.

"Relax, Thundercracker," she laughed. "We are not here to interrogate you, even less to damage you. As a matter of fact, our purpose here is… completely harmless."

Moonracer accompanied the hypnotic tone of her voice by letting her index finger slide softly and fleetingly over the chest of the chained Decepticon.

Thundercracker flinched, taken by surprise by the sudden movement of the Autobot.

Firestar was surprised too, abruptly coming out of her trance. Doubts and old prejudices vanished when she allowed her optics to feast themselves on the sight of the perfect structure of the prisoner. Overwhelming heat invaded her spark as she watched every joint, every part of his armor, every one of his strong and virile limbs…

Moonracer realized what was happening with her friend and grinned. She slowly walked around Thundercracker and stopped behind him, never stopping in softly caressing his chest and back.

"He is such a masterpiece, don't you agree, Firestar? A perfect work of mechanical engineering… Have you seen his wings?"

Once again, Moonracer illustrated her words with actions. Her hand closed around the tip of Thundercracker's right wing, who flinched again with the contact.

The Autobot's green hand continued exploring. Agile and eager fingers traveled over the powerful wing that had cut through the skies so many times. She had a strong attraction toward wings; she was bonded to Powerglide, after all. But these wings were so much more esthetic and impressive than her mate's… much more… sexy.

Her caresses intensified when she reached the strong joint that united Thundercracker's wings. He flinched again. The chains restraining him stretched until their limits, mirroring the involuntary movement the Decepticon's arms just had done.

"Be careful, Moonracer…" Firestar said. "Wings are the most sensitive part of any Seeker."

A mischievous grin was the answer. "Really? I doubt they are more sensitive than other parts of his structure…"

"Don't… touch me, Autobot…" Thundercracker finally spoke, unable to remain silent one astro klik more. His voice, regularly so deep and secure, sounded shaken.

"Oh… you know how to talk, after all. I wonder if you also know how to do other kinds of things," Moonracer purred, caressing his shoulders with the back of her hands.

Thundercracker bit his lip components. The situation had taken a very unexpected turn. He would never have expected such an uncommon torture technique. His confused processor couldn't compute clearly what was happening. It just couldn't be…

Moonracer's fingers continued rubbing the Decepticon's wings and shoulders, not letting a single mecano inch go without being touched. She smirked, amused by the increasing tension in his victim's body, who was evidently highly perturbed by her caresses.

"What's the matter, handsome? Don't be nervous. I won't bite you… unless you want me to…"

Handsome? Bite? But just what the slag was wrong with that Autobot, talking like that to an enemy? Did she have some kind of damage in her cerebro circuits?

Moonracer rested her weight on Thundercracker's back, leaned her face on his shoulders and placed her hands on his chest, starting to draw small imaginary circles on his cockpit.

"Don't you think he is gorgeous, Firestar? He has such a handsome face, and a delicious body…"

"Yes… delicious…" the red Autobot agreed.

Until that moment, Moonracer had been in charge of the whole exhibition of bizarre enemy intrusion, but there was something in Firestar's optics that worried Thundercracker much more. The introverted Autobot seemed like a tense trigger ready to be shot.

The Seeker was having problems in containing his panic. His mind was closed to anything that could happen there. There was a disordered mixture of distrust, uncertainty and pleasure battling inside his spark. The Autobot's caresses were more than pleasant, and admitting it was very shameful.

Those femmes were Autobots… enemies… that weird display of seduction was just not… correct.

"Stop…" he said with low voice, trying to repress the shake of his vocalizer as Moonracer continued drawing imaginary circles on his cockpit and chest.

The green Autobot embraced his waist.

"Are you sure, Thundercracker? Are you sure you want me to stop?" she purred grazing his neck with her lips.

Thundercracker's answer died inside his vocalizer. He couldn't speak. His spark was answering in a very different way to his logic.

The pressure of the Autobot's body against his back was overwhelming. He couldn't know the origin of the shivering that was starting to invade his inner circuits. All he knew was that he wasn't able to control it.

"You like it, don't you?" Moonracer asked, placing herself again in front of the prisoner. Her chest touched his, making his body shiver even more.

He turned his head to one side. The Autobot was beautiful, very beautiful… He had to avoid staring at her, no matter what happened.

"You are a very bad Decepticon, did you know that? You deserve to be punished…" she sensually whispered as she continued rubbing the wide chest of her victim.

She moved her face towards him until her lips almost touched Thundercracker's auditive sensors. "And you are sexy… so incredibly sexy…"

The Seeker felt the immediate failure of his legs. Suddenly he felt unable to remain standing and somehow thanked the strong chains that kept him in an erect position.

Sexy? Definitely, the situation was heading toward madness.

Of course, madness could be worse, much worse. A metallic sound was heard and Thundercracker felt his body pushed slightly forward. Did that Autobot just… spank him?

"Bad bad bad Decepticon…" Moonracer purred, her spark burning inside of her. "This is what we do with hot evil guys like you…"

A new spank followed, and a third one. Thundercracker bit his lip components hard. Never, in any of his previous intimate relationships, had he been spanked.

But no… how could he consider that an intimate relationship? He wasn't used to adding chains in his close encounters with the female kind, not to mention he never included Autobots within his pleasure couplings. That Autobot was using him for her own amusement, humiliating him just because he was her enemy… What other explanation could there be?

"W-what do you think you are doing…?" he managed to say.

"Isn't it obvious?" Moonracer said as she spanked him again.

"Don't! This is not… right…"

Moonracer's facial features displayed a lecherous smirk. "Does Mr. Evil Decepticon want me to stop? And what is Mr. Evil Decepticon going to do to achieve such thing? I have news for you, ruler of the skies: you can't be in control all the time. You are our prisoner now; you belong to us, and that includes your aft… Did you know you have such a delicious aft? It provokes me to do THIS!"

A new spank, harder than the previous ones, shook the structure of Thundercracker.

But what was that inside of him? Never under any circumstances could he consider such humiliation pleasant… or could he? Those femmes were playing with him and he wasn't able to fight back his more basic instincts; definitely not the attitude expected from a Decepticon warrior. He had to resist… somewhere he had to find strength and resist.

"No!" he said, trying to sound as firm as he could. "I'm not your fragging toy!"

Moonracer didn't care about his words. She gave him a last strong spank before returning her hands to the land of the soft and the naughty. Like an anxious probe she got between his armor joints and slowly went down his stomach, getting between his legs.

A faltering moan escaped from Thundercracker's vocalizer, but he didn't have time to curse himself for his weakness. The caresses didn't allow him one single moment to recover; they were invading every part of his body, dangerously warming his circuits…

"You like it, don't you? I can see how much you are enjoying this," Moonracer said.

"I… I…"

Noticing that her prisoner was close to dropping down all his barriers, she returned both of her hands to his chest.

"I bet you have a savage beast inside of you… Time to let it come out," she continued, releasing the joints of his cockpit and opening it.

"No!!" Thundercracker managed to shout.

Moonracer smirked, aroused by his reluctance. With infinite patience and sensuality, she began to rub the sensitive circuitry that led to his spark chamber.

"You are so shy… You were created to be enjoyed. I have wanted you since the first time I saw you… you excite me to the core…" Moonracer whispered as her fingers were tangled up by the Decepticon's sensitive wires. She intensified her touch around his spark chamber with her right hand, whilst her left one strongly rubbed his groin.

She felt how his body tensed more and more, straightening as much as possible. One of his legs was shaking more than the other one. From the corner of her optics, she could see his grey fingers twisting in pleasure.


Moonracer savoured victory. But she was only starting.

She stepped back a little to put some distance between her body and his, without stopping the caresses between Thundercracker's legs and inside his open chest.

It was time to unleash the object of her lust. His spark chamber appeared like a delicious treasure, and that was her next destination.

The Seeker startled and shook his body as a last attempt of useless defense, but he couldn't stop her from opening his spark chamber, exposing the big thick cable that was his biggest pride, although he would have never admitted it.

"No! Don't do that!" he begged.

Moonracer stepped back, opening her optics and mouth to their limits, astonished by the sight before her.

"Primus, Firestar! Have you ever seen something as beautiful as this?"

Firestar didn't reply. Her mind was too absorbed in the image of the Decepticon's nudity to register the meaning of the words of her friend.

"It's huge!" Moonracer continued. "I bet he has made many femmes very happy…"

She was right. Thundercracker's intimate cable had a considerably bigger size than the average Cybertronian male. Besides, it was esthetically very attractive to the optic.

The Decepticon didn't seem to share at all his jailers' enthusiasm. He looked very ashamed; his head was bowed and his optics were fixated on the floor.

If he could have done it, Thundercracker would have blushed. He had never felt so ashamed in his entire life. Being exposed like that in front of those Autobots was the ultimate humiliation that his confused mind could conceive. They were his enemies… femmes and beautiful… but enemies in the end. He could feel their stares fixated on his uncovered intimacy, burning like daggers on his hurt dignity.

"Where were you hidden all this time, Thundercracker? You are a gift from Primus to the female kind, did you know?" Moonracer said.

Thundercracker narrowed his optics, unable to witness his own humiliation. But he couldn't escape, there was no way out.

"You've had enough fun, Autobots…" he muttered with a defeated voice. "Close my spark chamber…"

"Close it? And deprive ourselves from such marvelous sight? Not in your dreams, fly boy," Moonracer said, curving her lips in a lusty smile. "Actually, I was thinking about welding you to the wall just like you are now… exposed and aroused…"

Then it happened. Her hand approached again and with a sudden movement closed around his masculinity. And there was nothing that the humiliated Decepticon could do to stop her.

Too many things happened at that moment, too many to try to order them. The violent shake of his body, the overwhelming warmth in his spark, the sudden loss of focused vision, the shiver on the lower part of his body, the groan that came out from his vocals, the prejudices about an enemy invading his intimacy vanishing like nonexistent ghosts…

"You are so big and hard… are you ready to admit just how much you are enjoying this?" the Autobot purred, her own spark aroused when Thundercracker's intimate cable began to erect in her hand.

"Y-yes…" he finally gave up, not caring about who was stroking him.

"Tell me how much you like it."

"I… I like it… very much… too much… Please don't stop… don't…"

"Are you or aren't you a very bad Decepticon?"

"I am… whatever you want me to be…"

"You want to be inside of me, don't you?"

"Yyyes… oh yesss…"

"From now on, you will be our slave…"

Suddenly, her contact ceased. Thundercracker grumbled in frustration when he felt his masculinity break free from her touch. He wanted more… so much more… he needed it… His vision cleared enough to see the other Autobot, Firestar, standing right before him.

The red Autobot's facial expression was secure and lecherous. There was no trace of her former introverted attitude.

Before Thundercracker could understand what was happening, Firestar threw herself against him, grabbed his head and kissed him passionately. The chained Decepticon moved all the little space that his chains allowed him to, totally taken by surprise.

Moonracer wasn't upset by the sudden push her friend had given her in order to take her place in front of the prisoner. That attitude, on the opposite, excited her even more, and more when she realized Thundercracker was clearly returning the kiss, trying to devour Firestar's mouth with his own.

Time for modesty was over.

To be continued.

Is there such a thing as femdom in the Transformers universe? Are naughty Autobot femmes ready to deal with the consequences of arousing a Decepticon Seeker? Is shyness the perfect cover for the ultimate passion? Answers to these questions and more coming up.

Let me know if you are enjoying this ;o)