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Chapter 2

Pinning Chromia to the wall

Kissing is a highly underestimated act for most of the intelligent forms of life that inhabit the Universe.

Union of mouths, preamble of much more intimate actions… For a Cybertronian, the coupling of lip components surpassed any prelude and turned into a complex and absorbing act of seduction.

As Thundercracker invaded and felt invaded by the eager mouth of the Autobot Firestar, he dropped his last line of defense, stripping himself of prejudice and doubt. Aroused like few times before, the Decepticon had only two things on his processor at that moment: interfacing with those two femmes, and having the overload of his life.

The sensitive circuits of his mouth joined Firestar's, starting a pleasure exchange that soon extended its effects to the rest of their structures, sensitizing every metallic plate of their frames and preparing them to confront any frenzy borne from passion.

A third mouth entered the game, starting to delight itself with the virile steel of Thundercracker's body. Without breaking his oral contact with the red femme, he felt the head and hands of Moonracer making their way between his body and Firestar's.

His exposed intimate circuitry was ready, waiting. Moonracer reached her objective and allowed the Decepticon's masculinity to enter her lip components. He immediately shivered in pleasure and moaned inside Firestar's mouth, biting one of her lips in the process. She seemed to welcome that glimpse of pain, as her hands savagely grabbing her chained lover's nape proved it.

With one Autobot's mouth merging with his own, and the other's sucking up the mere essence of his desire, Thundercracker couldn't stand immobility anymore.

"Release me…" he demanded as he kissed and bit Firestar. "Release me!"

Excited and erratic scarlet hands directed themselves toward the chains keeping the Decepticon's right arm motionless. From her index finger a fine laser scalpel emerged and started to slice the restricting ties. The laser also hurt Thundercracker's wrist, but he was so absorbed in the two frames giving themselves to him that he added the pain stimulus to the ones of pleasure.

A strong crack announced the freedom of his right arm. A thin but fluent trickle of energon started to flow from his wrist, damaged by Firestar's laser and his own struggling. But, once again, pain was a welcomed addition.

The first action of his now free hand was to grab Firestar's face, who remained with her mouth attached to his. Strong and invasive caresses began to travel over the white metal of the Autobot's facial plates. New moans of pleasure coming from her vocalizer added themselves to the symphony when two of the Decepticon's fingers found their way to her mouth.

The energon coming from Thundercracker's injury was a sweet incentive. It didn't take long for her to separate from her lover's lip components and start to lick the vital fuel, sucking his wrist and every one of his fingers.

The Seeker's oral solitude didn't last, though. Almost immediately, Moonracer reached up to the fountain of her desires and locked her hands around his neck, allowing the prisoner to begin devouring her with kisses.

Firestar continued sucking Thundercracker's fingers. From there to his wings, the path appeared so natural. He moaned once again, this time inside Moonracer's mouth, whilst Firestar kissed and rubbed with her lip components the tip of what distinguished Thundercracker as a Seeker.

With his hand now clean of energon thanks to the red Autobot's passionate labor, Thundercracker began the journey over Moonracer's chest. Without stopping kissing her, he found her chest plates and started to open the joints that separated him from his objective, allowing lust and experience to guide him.

The green femme's chest opened to him, as did her spark chamber. Thundercracker's fingers went inside, claiming what they already considered theirs. Moonracer howled in pleasure when he began his conquest, taking over each one of her intimate circuits.

Thundercracker felt his own intimacy out of control. As a voracious snake, the huge and hard cable that was directly connected to his spark penetrated Moonracer's femininity. Decepticon and Autobot connected to each other and started to exchange energy flows, too aroused to waste time on romantic preambles.

As both sparks united, Thundercracker couldn't avoid the Autobot's thoughts from entering his mind, as palpable as her caresses were. He tasted the femme's lust, covering him like a cloak. She wanted him, desired no more than to remain permanently attached to his spark… any thought concerning war or their respective factions was conveniently sent to the pit. The moment to allow logic to intervene had arrived, when suddenly words returned to Thundercracker's memory banks. But, once again, he rejected them, eagerly accepting what was happening as the only valid truth in the Universe.

He intensified his energy impulses toward Moonracer until he felt she was entering some sort of erotic trance. Then he interrupted kissing her and directed her mouth toward his neck. She started sucking him immediately, suddenly turned into some sort of insatiable Cybertronian vampire.

Thundercracker's optics focused on his next victim, Firestar, who continued licking and kissing his right wing. With a smirk that certainly none of his comrades in arms had ever seen on his normally serious face, Thundercracker agilely moved the right side of his body, perfectly controlling his sharpened wing, cleanly opening the Autobot's chest compartment and exposing her spark chamber.

Firestar screamed in ecstasy when he grabbed her back and dragged her toward his body. But nothing could compare to what came out the Autobot's vocalizer when Thundercracker introduced his face to her chest and opened her spark chamber with his lips, allowing his lecherous mouth to work on the femme's intimacy.

With their faces momentarily free, Moonracer and Firestar looked at each other. Their panting vocalizers were unable to express what the femmes were feeling; not even their shinning glances could. Feeling they would explode in pleasure at any moment, they both followed the logic of desire and found each other's mouths in a passionate kiss. Thundercracker noticed what was happening between his two lovers and intensified the energy flow to Moonracer and the sucking labour of his lips on Firestar's intimacy, aroused far beyond his limits.


One of the advantages of living in a secret base was tranquility. It didn't matter how chaotic things got on the surface of Cybertron, it was always comforting to go back home and find the same old silence.

But even silence can sound different sometimes.

Chromia was surprised when she didn't find Firestar and Moonracer at their surveillance posts in the Command Center. It wasn't common; in fact, it had never happened. Never, in forty thousand vorns, had any of them neglected their duties.

Had something happened during her absence? Had Shockwave finally located the secret sanctuary of the female Autobots?

Chromia's inner alarms turned on. If something like that had happened, she was the last line of defense standing. In the absence of Elita One, Chromia was in command and, just as her leader, defeat was not in her programming.

But her initial concerns turned into complete astonishment when she caught sight of the small monitor that displayed the storage room in which the Decepticon prisoner had been chained.

Moonracer, the agile and brave warrior, was embracing the prisoner's waist with her legs. Her unrecognizable face was twisted with pleasure as her body was being shaken by the intense erotic onslaught of her lover.

Firestar, on the other hand, was literally mounting the right side of the Seeker's body, while he sensually rubbed her crotch with his now unchained right hand. The red Autobot's face was attached to the Decepticon's, lip component lost within lip component.

The first feeling that invaded Chromia before that offensive mixture of red and purple insignias was incredulity. She clenched her fists, disturbed, unable to believe what her optics were registering. Moonracer and Firestar had crossed an impossible line, violated an ancient taboo that somehow both rival factions shared.

And they were enjoying it…

They were so enjoying it.

Chromia grimaced in disgust and directed her angry steps toward the source of sin. Her optics were shinning with rage, her hands clenched into anxious fists, her spark beating with unknown fury…

It took what seemed like an eternity to arrive at the storage room. When the door hissed open, she allowed all her indignation to come out in a single cry.

"WHAT THE SLAG IS HAPPENING HERE??!!" she roared her rhetorical question.

Moans didn't stop with the interruption. If the three improvised lovers noticed the presence of the Autobot Second in Command, they certainly didn't show it. They continued their pleasure exchange as if that moment were the only purpose of their existence.

"Firestar!! Moonracer!! Stop this madness immediately! It's an order!!"

Both femmes ignored their superior officer. They seemed to have forgotten even their own names. Within the realms of passion, no rank or faction existed.

It was then when Chromia saw it. The thick and huge cable coming from the Decepticon… connected directly to Moonracer's uncovered chest.

If Chromia's optics were already extremely opened, they surpassed their limits with such a sight. Never in her life had she seen something like that. That powerful symbol of masculinity that was exposed before her widely exceeded everything she had seen in her many thousands of vorns of life.

Moonracer reached overload after a particularly violent energy charge from her blue lover. The shackle that kept the Decepticon's left leg restrained broke in pieces as the green femme's frame tensed and twisted for some orgasmic astro seconds. Then she stopped moving, her systems finally shutting themselves off after being assaulted by such a powerful ecstasy.

Firestar followed almost immediately. Fire was what came from her last moan as she fell victim to an intense overload, still lost within a last kiss with her ardent lover. Her head bowed; her chin touched her chest, exposing the smile still adorning her face.

Thundercracker carefully placed her against his chest and allowed her body to slide to the floor. Anxious gusts came out from his air intakes, mirroring his still more than awakened appetite. It was then when his optics fixated on the newcomer.

Chromia stepped back, trapped between confusion and her own disturbance. The Decepticon had his spark chamber open, his aroused intimacy exposed. She deviated her glance, but not fast enough as to not notice again the huge size of the erect cable that was very far away from being satiated.

A brutal metallic sound forced Chromia to look again. Thundercracker had released his right leg and was struggling against the chains that still contained his left arm. It was impossible that he had managed to break his ties in his current condition, being practically dried of energy… Definitely lust was a weapon-creator of miracles.

Chromia opened a compartment on her leg and grabbed her laser gun as Thundercracker shattered the last chain, remaining as a prisoner only of his own desire. His first step toward the Autobot femme made her flinch. She tried to ignore the Decepticon's nudity as she raised her weapon, which shivered within her hands.

"Back off, Thundercracker!! I'm aiming directly toward your spark!"

A wave of shame hit Chromia with devastating strength when she became aware of just how precise her threat had been… She was, literally, aiming toward that delicious, uncovered bareness… For some reason, the sudden feeling of obscenity that invaded her wasn't entirely unpleasant.

"Back off and get on your knees! I won't repeat it!" she yelled again, making a big effort to stabilize her hands.

Get on your knees??? Why in the pit had she used such choice of words?

But Thundercracker didn't retreat. He continued advancing toward her, ignoring the gun aimed at him, ignoring the menace… Chromia could feel his invading optics scrutinizing every part of her body, stripping her… What kind of beast had her foolish comrades awakened?

Primus… what was happening to her? What virus had infected her, raising her inner temperature to such a boiling level, making her shiver that way…? She had fought Decepticons several times, had killed Decepticons… Why, then, wasn't she able to see that Seeker for what he was: an enemy? Why wasn't she able to stop looking at that big and delicious cable that dangled from his open chest?

Chromia stepped back again, a very welcome move to try to order her confused thoughts. It didn't matter how strongly her spark was beating, it didn't matter that her body was sending her very disturbing signals, it didn't matter that her own femininity was reacting in such a unique way… Her duty was first, her honour, her allegiance, her fight against oppression… There was no place for pleasures in war, even less of the forbidden kind. Those words repeated in her processor over and over as her finger tightened on her gun's trigger.

The first shot was dodged by Thundercracker in an amazing display of agility due to the close distance between him and his new prey. The second shot never happened. Making good use of the speed that gave fame to the ones of his kind, the Seeker reached Chromia and strongly grabbed her arms, ripping the weapon from her hands with a violent shake.

She struggled against him but it was useless; lust had given her attacker incredible strength, sealing her fate. The possibility of being permanently deactivated crossed her mental patterns. Thundercracker was one of the most dangerous Decepticons and she was completely helpless under his control.

All the years of experience in combat erased from her processor in a matter of astro seconds when he pushed her backwards and pinned her against the wall. His wide chest grazed her face, but before Chromia had time to lose herself against his cockpit, she felt him holding her wrists with one single hand and immobilizing them over her head. With his free hand, the Decepticon grabbed her chin and forced her to raise her head and face him. Their optics locked with the force of an explosion. Chromia would never forget his red optics so close to hers.

"Let me go…" she said with a much less energetic voice than she had intended. "Don't do this…"

His answer didn't have the shape of words. He brought his face closer to hers and all Chromia could feel were those sensual lips pressing hers.

How to resist to such invasion? How to resist when his mouth tasted so good…?

He broke the kiss, separating his face from hers. Chromia felt the already familiar feeling of shame attacking her again when she caught herself wishing the kiss hadn't been so brief… However, her pride of being Autobot warrior still had strength to resist one last time.

"This is wrong…" she whispered. "Please stop, Thundercracker… Just… just leave…"

Thundercracker united his mouth with hers again, silencing her protests. This time Chromia returned the kiss, shyly first, and after with the excitement of a soldier entering enemy's territory for the first time.

But, once again, Thundercracker broke the contact. Chromia's dimmed optics illuminated in complaint; her face moved forward, trying to reach his delicious mouth.

He smirked before satisfying her demands. When both Transformers' mouths bonded for the third time, Chromia's resistance was already defeated and all that was left was pure and ardent desire.

"I really… really… hate you… Decepticon… scum…" she managed to say between kisses.

"The feeling is mutual," he responded inside the mouth of his new lover.

Everything lost sense for Chromia: concepts, prejudices, duties, loyalties… Everything that existed in the Universe was Thundercracker and his wonderful way of kissing her. Frame against frame, she felt the aroused masculinity of the Decepticon grazing her chest, that was begging to be discovered.

She pressed her body against his, intensifying the touch of his intimate circuitry against her palpitating frame. Thundercracker seemed to like her urgency for closeness and increased the force of his passionate lip components.

Sparks jumped from Chromia's body when he liberated her hands, took her in his arms and lifted her until he was facing her chest. The Autobot's back strongly rubbed against the metallic wall behind her, creating a high pitched sound that confused itself with the moan that came out from her vocalizer.

Her fingers plunged into the strong arms of her lover, trying to trespass the alloy of his shoulders, when she felt his mouth opening her chest plate within a mixture of kisses and bites.

The pleasure was immense, unprecedented… Chromia felt she would offline with pure enjoyment as she was being dragged into a blackhole of absolute ecstasy… Ardent short circuits in her optics made her perfect sight malfunction, but the blue steel before her was overwhelming… Thundercracker's azure might was the most exciting thing she had witnessed in all her life.

As soon as the Decepticon's mouth got inside her, Chromia surpassed any exclamation of pleasure her vocalizer had pronounced in her many vorns of existence. When he began to suck up the surroundings of her spark, she forgot about decency and from her vocalizer came only a colorful mixture of naughty words and moans.

Her hands found the majestic wings of Thundercracker and focused her lust on them. She felt the Seeker reacting favorably before the sudden invasion of one of his most private zones. Without separating his mouth from Chromia's intimate circuitry, he grabbed her aft and carried her, separating her from the wall.

Not caring where he was walking to, the Decepticon bumped into an old energy generator and placed his precious charge there. He leaned over her as she responded by trapping him with her legs around his waist. Thundercracker raised his face, separating his mouth from the open spark chamber of the femme, who arched her body in protest before the sudden abandon of her lover.

But Thundercracker wouldn't leave her unpleased. His expert hands separated Chromia's legs and placed them on his shoulders, grazing his wings. She welcomed the new contact, placing her hands on his back and dragging him toward her.

Mouths attached again as their intimate circuitry did the same. Chromia nailed the tips of her fingers on Thundercracker's wing joints, ready to blow from pure pleasure. Intense waves of energy began to flow between both sparks, bonding the two azure bodies with a passion that overcame any allegiance.

At the verge of the overload, Chromia felt the Decepticon's ecstasy forestalling hers. But, to her surprise, his systems didn't shut off as most of the Transformers' did when they reached climax. Thundercracker didn't stop. Despite his ferocious overload, his masculinity remained erect and continued pinning her against that old energy generator that had become witness of a passion that wasn't meant to be.

Chromia smirked, trying to delay her own overload as much as possible. She didn't want that moment to end… ever… Eternity being penetrated by that marvelous lover… that's how happiness had to feel.


When Elita One fixated her optics on the image the security camera was displaying, she had a much less excited attitude than her Second in Command.

The severe factions of the Autobot leader didn't express her indignation, even less her scandal. She had seen too much during her vast experience in war to allow herself to be impressed by that the obscene scenario of her subordinates defeated by the erotic onslaughts of the supposedly serious and shy Decepticon prisoner.

Only Chromia remained on her feet, although considering her actual position on her feet was quite inexact. The always reliable and courageous Second in Command was on her back, her legs open and lifted, her vocalizer broadcasting her pleasure as she was being charged again and again by her forbidden lover.

Elita One's face reached a new level of severity. Not worrying for the moment about the sequence of actions that had unleashed the shameful scene, she focused her priorities on stopping such a display of obscenity. She knew that some Autobot femmes had had intimacy with Decepticons before, but she never expected her three best warriors to fall into weakness that easily.

Scoldings and punishments would have to wait. It was urgent to stop that orgy and erase all trace of its existence, but most of all, she had to erase the lecherous smirk on the face of the cynical prisoner. The accursed Decepticon was clearly enjoying his performance, exhibiting with the most indecent attitude his exposed intimate circuitry.

His huge intimate circuitry…

Elita One shook her head, trying to avoid distractions from shattering her coldness. With a firm movement, she turned off the monitor and walked toward a certain storage room. Only a single thought circled around her mind: the honour of the Autobot femmes, the last line of Autobot resistance on Cybertron, had to be restored.

And she knew perfectly what she had to do.


The late shift inside the secret base of the female Autobots on Cybertron was about to end. Moonracer, Firestar and Chromia were sitting in the Command Center, pretending to operate their respective surveillance stations.

"How much time has passed since Elita locked her personal quarters?" Moonracer asked with a frown, leaning her forehead against the console of the computer.

Firestar checked her internal chronometer. "I stopped counting half a solar cycle ago."

Chromia kept her head bowed and her arms folded across her chest, too ashamed to look at her friends.

"It's not fair…" she whispered. "Leaders always keep the good things for themselves…"

Her shivering blue hand touched her now closed chest which was longing for Thundercracker's attentions. She couldn't believe how that accursed Decepticon had managed to make her moan and behave in a way Ironhide would never recognize… It was humiliating, but it had also revealed a side of her that she wasn't ready to face. She didn't know if she would be able to lock away her inner monster again and return to her old role of brave Autobot warrior, loyal partner of an always absent bondmate…

Answers began to reveal themselves behind her. Soft moans and metallic rubbings could be heard, announcing that she was not the only one willing to close the door to desire.

Chromia looked over her shoulder and saw Moonracer and Firestar kissing with increasing passion, although their moans were no rival to the symphony of pleasure arriving from Elita's quarters, so loud that it could reach the Command Center without problems.

Arriving as clear as it was strange, Elita One's moans would have surpassed promiscuity itself. Certainly the Autobot leader was sustaining the biggest test of her life, challenging Thundercracker in the endless battlefield of pleasure.

It seemed that the long and boring cycles at the secret base of the female Autobots had reached an ending. And it also seemed that, from that moment on, a certain tall, dark and handsome Decepticon Seeker would have permanent open doors to the base, as well as to its inhabitants' sparks chambers.

Definitely, war was a very bizarre thing.


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