Chapter 1 – Confusion

"Yuki-chan's totally out to lunch!"

Chie looked across the battlefield at the sound of Teddie's cry, sure enough; one of the Shadows they were facing had managed to hit Yukiko with a confusion spell.

The effects seemed to have been immediate; Yukiko was rocking slightly on her heels and was staring at the ceiling with a vacant look in her eyes, completely oblivious to the Shadows attacking the group moving slowly through Kanji's bathhouse. It made her look slightly drunk.

Taking advantage of Yosuke's distraction in the form of a quick Garu spell, Chie darted around the enemies and approached the confused girl.

As Chie came closer, Yukiko turned towards her, still with a glassy look in her eyes and absently conjured up an Agi spell, flinging it in the general direction of the battle where it hit Yosuke soundly.

"Hey Yukiko," Chie said, pausing in front of her girlfriend and snapping her fingers, hoping to bring her out of the daze, "Yukiko, snap out of it!"

Her only response was a dazed giggle from the other girl. Seemed Teddie was right, the lights were on but nobody was home.

"Think you can heal her?" Souji called desperately, "We could really use her healing spells right about now."

Chie sighed. She could bring Yukiko back to her senses, but wasn't entirely comfortable with doing it right in front of the two guys, Yukiko sometimes got grabby when confused.

'Maybe I'll get lucky and they won't see through all the steam. Yeah right.'

"Yanno, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you get confused as often as you do on purpose." Chie said, before pulling closer and bringing her lips to meet Yukiko's in a soft kiss.

As soon as they connected, Chie could tell it had worked, Yukiko had stopped swaying from side to side and she was eagerly returning the kiss. Chie almost melted right there but reluctantly pulled herself away from her girlfriend's embrace to bring her attention back to the ongoing fight.

Yukiko pouted and turned back towards the shadows, smiling slightly as she took in the scene of Souji fighting three shadows by himself while Yosuke tried to put out the flames burning from his jacket.

"I suppose it's entirely possible," Yukiko giggled, pulling Chie closely to her body, "that I occasionally let myself get confused once or twice."


A.N As the summary says, this is based on a prompt from badbadbathouse, featuring Yukiko and Chie curing status ailments. Obviously, there's gonna be Shoujo ai throughout the whole story.
This is my first P4 fic co be kind please~