Bonus Chapter - Charmed

Chie couldn't quite decide if she was in heaven or hell at this moment in time.

On the one hand, Yukiko was currently latched to Chie's back, sliding her hands all the way under and up her girlfriend's track jacket, whilst doing something very intimate involving her tongue and Chie's ear.

On the other, Yukiko seemed to have been hit by a spell and was latched to Chie's back, sliding her hands all the way under and up her girlfriend's track jacket, whilst doing something very intimate involving her tongue and Chie's ear. Stood not two feet away from the rest of the investigation team.

Said team seemed to be trying their best to not look like they were staring at the pair whilst failing miserably. Yosuke in particular kept glancing at where Yukiko's hands were planted, and then shooting looks in Rise and Naoto's direction, as if he hoped they might start doing the same thing.

"Hey Chie-chan!" Teddie called, grinning widely, "After you and Yuki-chan are finished, d'ya think I could score with one of you too?"

That did it.

Extracting herself from her suddenly amorous girlfriend with some difficulty and fixing Teddie with her best withering glare, Chie opened her mouth to tell him exactly where he could go.

Only to be interrupted as Yukiko instead moved around to face Chie and locked lips with her instead.

Any protests Chie might have made gave way to happy moans as Yukiko then proceeded to lay a line of kisses along her neck.

Souji seemed to have finally decided that enough was enough and was making his way over the couple, fighting to keep his blush in check while ignoring Yukiko's wandering lips.

"Uhmmm…maybe it'd be best if you took her home Chie. I don't really know what kind of spell she was hit with so I wouldn't really know where to begin in trying to cure it. Plus, well…" he shrugged helplessly at this point, indicating the obvious effect that the spell was having.

Pulling Yukiko off her for a second time, Chie somewhat breathlessly nodded her agreement, proceeding to lead Yukiko out of the dungeon while trying to swat away her hands as they made grabbing motions for her chest.

As the sound of their footsteps grew fainter and finally faded from hearing altogether, the other persona users let out a collective sigh of relief.

"Well that was really embarrassing." Rise said, laughing awkwardly.

"Tell me about it." Kanji nodded, "I think that's a little more 'friendly' than I like seeing those two."


The bus ride back to the Amagi inn was only uneventful in the loosest sense of the word for Chie.

Said frazzled girl was currently thanking whichever deities were listening that there none of their classmates from school had chose to ride on the same bus as the pair. She doubted she'd survive the embarrassment if word of Yukiko's flirtatious behaviour got back to their school.

'Still,' she mused as she all but dragged Yukiko up the long winding path that made up the visitors entrance to the Amagi inn, 'it's not like I much enjoyed Yukiko trying to make out with me in the back of a bus filled with seniors on their way from the hospital.'

Sighing deeply, Chie continued to pull Yukiko along, hoping that she could make it inside the inn and back to Yukiko's room without meeting anyone along the way that her crazed girlfriend could decide to drag into a threesome or something like that.

As they turned a corner, Chie realized miserably that she really did have no such luck as she spotted a pair of girls walking along the path towards them.

'Just stay quiet. Don't get to close, don't look at them, don't even make eye contact. Just walk on by.' She thought desperately to herself as the pair drew nearer.

Time stopped for a moment as all four girls came within walking distance. Chie begged desperately for a miracle. Also for Yukiko to stop tugging at the hem of her skirt.

She finally let out a sigh of relief as the two passed them by without comment. 'Finally, my luck is starting to turn.'

"Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to be Yukiko Amagi, daughter of the inn's owner would you?"

'Me and my big mouth'

Turning, Chie saw that the pair had stopped and were walking back up the path towards them. The one that had spoken, a tall redhead with bangs covering one side of her face was eyeing Yukiko inquisitively. Her partner, a younger looking brunette seemed somewhat embarrassed by the sudden question.

Yukiko, surprisingly, had stopped trying to frisk Chie once she had been asked after, and seemed to be trying to work her mouth into a polite smile.

"Why yes, I am. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?"

'Wow, I guess even Amagi-brand inn training overrides raging libidos'

"Mitsuru Kirijo, head of the Kirijo enterprises." The redhead stated, stepping up to shake Yukiko's hand, "I just wanted to express my personal gratitude for your gracious hospitality. Your inn has made our stay in Inaba quite pleasant."

Chie smiled as she watched Yukiko blush and stammer out a thank-you.

"Sorry about this." The younger brunette said, walking over to where Chie was stood. "I think it's a Kirijo thing, but Mitsuru's always gotta be formal like that. Kinda embarrassing for bystanders yanno?"

Chie found herself liking this girl. Holding out her hand to introduce herself, she grinned warmly. "Chie Satonaka."

"Yukari Takeba."

"So, did you two visit Inaba with some friends? Or With your families?" Chie asked, curious at the rising blush evident on Yukari's face.

"Not exactly…we're sort of here together." She replied in a low voice.


A beat.


Feeling suddenly awkward, both girls glanced back to where Mitsuru and Yukiko were stood. Seeing that they were about done talking, they moved back over to the pair in time to hear them saying pleasant goodbyes.

"Thank you once again for your gracious hospitality." Mitsuru said cheerfully as she linked arms with Yukari.

"It was our pleasure. Please visit again soon."

As the four parted ways, Chie barely had time to think before she was forcefully yanked up the path by a suddenly determined Yukiko.

"Um Yukiko? What's the rush?"

"Kirijo-san gave me the idea that we could probably use one of the unoccupied rooms at the inn. They're comfy and the beds are much bigger there, but we need to hurry or there might not be any free."

Blushing at the idea of what exactly Yukiko wanted a bigger bed for, Chie let herself be dragged along, reasoning that she had a better chance of snapping her out of it if they weren't moving all over town.


As she watched Yukiko pull the other girl off towards the inn, Mitsuru found herself suppressing a sudden bout of laughter, earning her a curious look from Yukari.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing. Just that Amagi-san seemed quite desperate to spend some time alone with her girlfriend."

This made Yukari pause for a moment in confusion.

"Huh? You mean those two were…?"

"I only realized when I saw the other girl start to panic as we came towards them. Although…"


"It's funny…but if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Amagi-san was Charmed."


AN. I may have covered all the ailments in P4...but there was NO WAY that I was gonna do a story like this without including a chapter on Charm. It's only really a bonus chapter in the sense that Charm wasn't in P4, so couldn't really be considered a true 9th chapter. Plus, the inclusion of Mitsuru and Yukari kinda cemented that bonus status don't you think?
And with that, I really do bring the story to it's
true end this time.
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