The 108 secret techniques of Mokona

It's been pondered and wondered about for millennia but now here it is! The 108 secret techniques of Mokona in one compact collection of one-shots set before, during and after the Tsubasa series!
Note: Will have the use techniques from the manga, but in new and very different situations. Any suggestions for new techniques are desperately wanted!

Author's note: This account will try the stay within the bounds of the Tsubasa realm but may escape the author's control. Any and all events are from within the author's mind and relationships may be distorted. Please forgive the author if this occurs. Now the disclaimer!

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Technique #0: How Mokona discovered her 108 secret techniques. *before the series*

Originally, white Mokona did not know about her famous 108 secret techniques.

Black Mokona, Larg was the one who was amazing. Soel clapped with amazement as Larg swigged down what looked like his 8th whole bottle of sake and continued to bounce up and down without being sick. Soel stared up at him.
(Larg is 3 mm taller than Soel. Soel checked the results herself!)

"Larg is so cool! Soel wishes she could be amazing like Larg is!" The white manju flicked her ears back and smiled. Larg and Soel had been made at the same time, but the two were worlds apart when it came to the talent pool.
Soel sometimes felt she was altogether useless, especially compared to Larg.

She would very much like to have some amazing talents like Larg, but so far, she was at a loss as to what she could possibly do better than her brother, much less something that was actually beneficial. She had tried many things too, and none of her memories of her attempts were particularly pleasant ones. Like that time when she tried karaoke... it wasn't as though she was booed off the stage or anything, but it hadn't worked out very well in the end either.
The crowd had been silent, possibly the worst reaction to receive when one is trying their best, but Larg had assured her that the crowd was simply too awed by her talents to speak.
(The truth was that the poor crowd had simply been so surprised at the sight of a singing rabbit that they didn't know what could be said... really, ask yourself that question, and tell me what you would do via this hotline: 1*** 0000).

A sudden tap on her ear brought Soel back to reality. Soel looked at Larg in surprise.

"Soel is amazing too," Larg told her truthfully. "After all," he said slyly, "Soel has 108 Secret Techniques! Yuko told me!"

"...really?" Soel gasped in astonishment. Larg patted Soel on the back positively.

"Of course you do! Has Larg ever lied to Soel?"

Soel tried to avoid her memories of all those occasions on which Larg had indeed lied to her... "Well, there was that time when Clow went to that club with all the dirty magazines, and you told me and Yuko that he went to..."

"Apart from that time..."

"And there was the time when..."

"Yes, we get it. Larg lies... but not this time. This time Larg swears he is telling the truth. Larg would rather die than lie about something like this!"

Soel paused for a moment, then looked up at Larg hopefully. "Will... will Larg help find Soel's special talents?"


"Mokona! Mito Komon is starting! Hurry up and grab the pop-corn or you're going to miss the start!" Yuko's voice rang cheerfully throughout the house.

Both Mokonas looked up surprised then faced each other.

"Does Soel mind if we look for the 108 secret techniques later?"

Soel shook her head cheerfully. "It's alright. Soel wants to watch Mito Komon too!"

With that both Mokonas happily bounced off to the T.V room and spent the rest of the day watching old period dramas.

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