Fandom : Yu-Gi-Oh

Title : Childer of the Serpent

Rating : T+

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Genre : Drama/Romance

Main Pairing : Intent (BakuraMokuba)

Minor Pairing : Death (MarikuRyou)

Suggested : Revolution (AtemuAnzu) ; Libera (MalikYuugi)

Chapters : 6 (Some VERY short ones, but then three very longs ones, so it evens out. It's a necessary evil, I'm afraid…)

Sequel : Very likely yes, but currently written

Warnings : MxM, yaoi, Bloodletting, B-Mod, Snakes

Summary : Part of accepting the mating bite was accepting that he could be poisoned as well But when the Lord of Serpents, King of thieves offers, can you say no? Mokuba Kaiba sure can't. And now, as he lay dying, Mokuba still can't refuse his mate. -BakuraMokuba-

Dedication : To myself…for writing this.

Status : Completed, Waiting to be posted

Mokuba Kaiba is about 15ish here

Chapter One : Snakes Had Never Been Scary - Mokuba

Snakes were never something that had been scary to Mokuba Kaiba.

He was afraid of tarantulas, and pretty much all spiders, and he had a strange repulsion when it came to open wounds, but never snakes.

But somehow, seeing the darkness of one Ryou Bakura, sitting sprawled almost artistically in a chair, a large black shiny snake draped over his arms and around his neck in the living room of Ryou's house, it was something very close to scary to Mokuba.

But…not a bad scary. Yes, there was a tingle of fear from simply seeing something so large, and very likely venomous, but seeing Bakura's blood red eyes peer up at him over the top of the snakes head, where he had been whispering to the large black scaly thing, made an entirely different tingle run up his back, which he realized quickly wasn't fear.

Nonetheless, he left quickly, and didn't spare a backwards glance as he left the house

Okay, I know this is Short. So I will post Chapter One, Two and Three today, and then depending on how well this is liked and received, will directly affect how quickly the others are updated.