Ryou had never, ever been afraid of snakes.

Of course that could be because his darkness was Lord of Serpents, but that was only one possible reason.

As soon as Bakura had achieved his own body, he had disappeared into the African Wilderness and searched for the last remaining Aborigines tribe of the Childer of the Serpent.

He had come back a month later, and was officially Lord of Serpents – the strongest Childer of the Serpents alive. And he had fought for that right.

It was very soon after he had returned, with his Familiar, Naqah, that Ryou asked to join him. And so he did.

And then Mariku and Ryou had fallen in love. Ryou loved the other boy, and got permission from his darkness to inform Mariku of what he was.

And Mariku asked to join; and so he did.

Being Mariku's other half, Malik was automatically included in the invitation. So he went through with the ritual, making Bakura's coven one larger. At only a coven of four, it was the largest coven in their side of the world.

And then the one no one saw coming. Not only did Bakura find his mate, but they were sensed by her. The one everyone made fun of, the one with the graceful body, and soul of stone and the warmth of love.

And so Anzu was invited to join. And so she did.

Bakura was happy now, with his small coven of children, knowing they would grow as Malik and Anzu discovered their mates (which Bakura suspected were Yami and Yugi, respectively), and so Bakura took the time to decide to lure his mate to him.

Only to discover, that he didn't need to. Mokuba had wandered in all by his lonesome. And Bakura was very pleased with how well Mokuba seemed to take to Naqah, and to himself. So he called the young Kaiba to his side the next time they met. And now, their coven of five, was now a coven of six, soon to be Eight. And soon, if the Gods allowed it, he would breed with his mate, and their coven would grow even larger still.

The prospect of it all nearly made him purr in pleasure.