Embarrassment 1) Kanon's Kindness and Karin's Sadness


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''Mama, What's the Matter?'' Kanon said seeing her was looking Mother down.

''Oh, Its nothing Kanon-chan'' She said with a low voice.

''Mama... Please don't keep it for yourself, I can see you are depressed... Share it with me!'' She said smiling.

''No need Kanon-chan... I don't wanna take your Sunday away...'' Still looking down.

''Pffff, Mama... I got lots time, I'm done with homework and my friends are all busy, beside... I like Papa, but i love you too Mama, and it hurts me to see you depressed.'' She said with a low voice.

Karin begun to cry.

''Mama... Don't worry, I'm here.'' She said relaxing and hugged her mother in understanding.

Karin was surprised, after fourteen years raising Kanon, she had never seen her act like this to anyone, beside Kenta.

''Kanon-chan... T-thanks...'' She said soft to her daughter and hugged back.

None of them knew how long their were hugging, but one thing they knew that day did they strength their mother and daughter relationship by a mile or two.

''Now Mama... Please tell me what bother you.'' She said soft and smiled.

''Uh... OK Kanon-chan, but you might think its really silly.'' Karin said and tried to laugh.

''Nya, I wont Mama, Go on.'' She said smiling again.

''Today... After i went from the food store... I saw a woman, and i felt like i had seen her before, that i knew her once... Or like she was my ''long lost sister'' She said giggling.

''But that is ridiculous, I've never had a family... And i really wish i had one... I don't even remember how i got away from them, I don't even know if their dead or alive!'' Karin burst into tears.

Kanon placed her arms around her and hugged her soft.

''Silly silly Mama...'' She said teasing.

''*Sniff*... What?'' She said confused.

''You Have a family, Mama... Papa, Me and Grandma, We're maybe not the biggest family, but we have eachother.'' She said facing Karin and smiled.

''Kanon-chan... I love you... and I'm so happy that your like your now.'' Karin hugged Kanon soft and she hugged back.

The minutes went on...

Karin felt asleep in the arms of Kanon, She was smiling in her dreams.

''Geez, Mama...'' Kanon said smiling and laid her down gently down on the cough and took a blanket over her, then left the room.


To be Contined.


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