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Chapter 14: Annoyance and a Familiar Face

''Ehhh!'' Kanon jumped up, realizing that she had overslept, again. How did she know? Well the brightness outside helped her with that... And like lighting, or rather something much faster she was ready for school. The teacher would probably kill her if she was late to class the first day after such a long absence, that was for sure. Before leaving her room, or rather her mother's old bed room, she looked at herself in the mirror, and she saw her pair of canine teeth and grown over the night and was now very visible. She sighed and smiled awkwardly at herself. ''Hope the people at school won't notice, Ehehe...''

Downstairs it was all dark, well that wasn't too strange considering this was a Vampire Mansion, but Kanon did expect to see her mother up in the morning. She went into the little kitchen, but no mother there, just a note on the table.

I went to the Store, Sorry that I didn't wake you up before I left, but seriously a fourteen year old girl should be able to wake up by herself... Kanon looked annoyed at the note, thinking that her mother should blame god for not making her a A person...

Breakfast is in the fridge, just warm it up in the microwave!

And call either me or father, if you... Are experiencing any 'problems'...

Have a good day at School, Karin-Chan!

PS: Fight!

Kanon looked confused at the last word, Fight? What did she mean with that? Her grades weren't bad or anything... They were average...(LIES!) And what was up with that grinning smiley holding a hand in the front of It's mouth. She gave up, and simply shrugged, it was surely not a important matter.

Later that morning, after a lot of running, because klutzy Kanon had forgot the time, again.

When she finally arrived at the School gates, she was gasping after air, certainly she was not build for running at all. The Obvious.

''Morning Kanon! Felling all better? '' Haruka greeted the half dead girl. Kanon tried to greet her back, but she wasn't sure that the words that left her gasping mouth was even words at all. ''Heh, you overslept again?'' Haruka smiled. Kanon just nodded, knowing she wasn't able to speak at the moment. Kanon though where a little surprised that her friend didn't mention the nosebleed nor that she had fangs... Which weren't actually a normal thing.

''Kanon, did you hear? A transfer student from Sapporo, is starting in our class today!'' Haruka said, curiosity filling her eyes. ''Oh? No I didn't know, since I've been absent, remember?'' Kanon grinned. ''Sensei, told us yesterday, I wonder if it's a girl or a guy!'' Haruka said, really interested. Kanon on other hand didn't care much, mostly transfer students were three things, Perverted, an Otaku or a nerd. And the transfer students came and went all the time. They were really never interesting, nor any funny addition to the class.

''What do we have first today? I lost track.'' Kanon grinned. ''Hmm... Math I guess.'' Haruka said. She was really good at school and knew what day, time they had all the different classes, which Kanon of course thought were, well a waste of talent. ''Ehhh? Math!? And I who were in such good mood.'' She sighed, and honestly I feel with her. ''You really hate math don't you?'' Haruka, even that she had known Kanon since elementary school, she was always surprised that Kanon could hate school so much, It wasn't that bad... (IT IS.)

''Well, at least the transfer student, will shorten the class! I hope he have a lot to say! Even though I will read manga the whole time.'' Kanon made a fox like grin and Haruka just covered her face with her palm, Kanon did never change.

When they entered the classroom, everyone was staring at Kanon, which wasn't so strange, considering what had happened to her, and in a school specially in Middle or High school, things like that spread like fire in dry grass.

''OK, everyone, sit down and open you're books at page fifty six...'' The teacher said. Kanon's face dropped, where was her shinning knight in armor which was gonna stretch the time out? She wanted to read manga! Not solving useless equations...

It knocked on the door and the teacher said that he could come in, she was expecting the new transfer student. The door to the classroom opened, and the transfer student stood there, not caring that he was being stared at like some weird animal in a Zoo.

''Ah! You must be Akira-san, please come in and interdruce yourself for the class. The young boy bowed politely and took place beside the teacher. Kanon, which was still deep into her own sorrow, didn't notice the transfer student before he begun to speak, and guess if she got a suprise!

To be Continue