Lotus Heart

Hai saw Jori waiting at the school gates after the final bell and wondered why.

"I'm waiting for my Mom.

She works at a museum." the girl told her but Hai saw a car pull up with Jade in it but Jackie was with her.

"That girl with Jori...... I can feel a magical aura from her.

She must be the demon child that escaped from the Shadow Realm." Jade thought getting out of the car.

Jori wondered why her Mom just got out of the car.

"Hey honey who's your friend?" she asked her.

"This is Hai-Ling.

She's new and has magic like Uncle." Jori answered. Hai saw an odd look in Jade's eyes as she looked at her.

"I-I have to go." the girl said running off.

"I have to go after her.

Get in the car with Uncle Jackie and stay at the shop, okay?

I'll be back later." Jade told her daughter as she left.

Jori wondered what was going on as she got in the car as Uncle Jackie drove off to the antique shop.

"Something's not right here.

I wonder what and why it involves Hai." Jori thought doing her homework.

Hai-Ling was nervous as she hid in an alleyway but heard laughter as somebody showed up.

It was Drago.

"H-How did you get out of the Shadow Realm?" she asked nervously.

"By using my magic to create a portal.

You're not the only one to do it." he answered laughing.

But then he was hit by a blast of magic which sent him off his feet as Jade showed up.

"Hello Drago miss me?" she said as the dragon like demon growled.

"No I didn't.

I see you're trying to protect this little loser of a demon from me but you can have her.

She's useless." he told her as he left.

Hai had tears in her eyes seeing Jade.

"P-Please don't hurt me or send me back!" she begged.

"I won't hurt you or send you back to the Shadow Realm.

I can tell you're harmless.

Come with me, I'll take you somewhere safe." Jade said reaching out her hand for the demon girl to take. Hai was nervous but decided to trust her as she took Jade's hand.

She hoped Drago wouldn't hurt her if he came after her again.

Jori was eating a snack while watching TV while her Uncle was researching something with the magic books which she wasn't allowed to touch or use to cast any spells. She knew her Mom wasn't back yet. She hoped she was okay but was worried.

Drago smiled as he was causing chaos down town with his demon chi and laughing at puny humans running in fear from him. He hoped the Chan family wouldn't know he'd came back but didn't really care.

Jade was relieved as the car pulled up at the antique store that belonged to her uncles.

Hai was a little nervous as Jade opened the door.

Jackie was surprised by her but more surprised by the young girl with his niece.

Hai smiled seeing Jori as she joined her.

"What is she doing here?" Jackie asked Jade as they went into the other room.

"Jackie that girl is the demon that escaped from the Shadow Realm but I think she should stay and she's great for Jori." Jade told him.

But Jori was in awe seeing Hai in her demon form.

"H-How come you're not afraid of me like normal humans?" she asked Jori softly.

"Because I know you're just a kid like me and my Mom and uncles have had encounters with demons before but I know you're safe." Jori answered as Hai smiled showing her fangs.

"I need to tell you something else.

Drago is here too.

He escaped from the Shadow Realm too but we have to stop him." Jade said quietly so Jori wouldn't hear them.

Jackie looked worriedly.

"Don't worry.

I'm sure we can stop him." he told him.

Jori wondered where Hai was going to live but her mother told her the girl was coming with them. This made her happy since she and Hai had became fast friends but she wondered what her Mom had whispered to her Uncle Jackie as she changed into pyjamas before climbing into bed.

"I..... know what they were talking about." Hai said softly but she looked scared.

"Who is it?" Jori asked curiously.

"They were talking about Drago.

He's a very powerful demon and Shendu's son who cares about nothing but ruling the world. Your family stopped him and sent him to the Shadow Realm but he got out and it's my fault." she answered.

"No it's not.

You didn't know he would leave the Shadow Realm.

But I know my Uncle can stop him." Jori answered her as she yawned.

"Y-Yeah you're right." Hai replied falling asleep......