I do not own any of the Disney characters named herein, nor the story concept so well portrayed by J. O'Barr, and not so capably by a host of copycats following the late Brandon Lee's iconic film. I am just borrowing characters and concepts to tell my own humble story meant for entertainment purposes only.

Kim Possible: Lost Souls

A Kim Possible/Crow Crossover

By LJ58


The woman walked slowly, her dark coat flapping in the wind as gray clouds hung over the sky like dark cotton. It wasn't raining yet, but it would soon. The woman sniffed as she paused before a particular grave. A larger than life angelic figure in familiar mission gear stood a sentinel's watch over the sleeping dead. It was a scaled down copy of the statue in the nearby park that served as a memorial to the bravest, most selfless girl the woman had ever known.

Her daughter.

Ann Possible wiped a tear away, and simply stared at her child's name on that lifeless stone. She had died so young. Too young. Her and Ron both had so much ahead of them. They were going to marry. Have a family of their own. Knowing them, they'd both raise those children to be as daring and adventurous as themselves.

Instead, they were both dead, and were now but dimly remembered martyrs to a Justice that barely even remembered their names just a year after their deaths. She watched the news. No one talked about them any longer. They were too obsessed with new politicians, new celebrities, and the host of villains that were running amok as even the best law enforcement agencies were hard-pressed to stop, or even slow the efforts of criminals Kim used to stop with an almost preternatural ease.

She glanced to Kim's right.

To Ron's grave.

It had just seemed right to bury them together. It was right to give them an eternity they should have known in this world. She couldn't wipe away the tears fast enough to clear her eyes as she almost tripped when finally turned away from the lonely graves. Only a few flowers rested on the two isolated plots, proving a few people still remembered her precious child. She remembered when the entire cemetery had been filled with mourners, and well-wishers.

Not that it mattered.

"Come on, sweetheart," a gruff voice guided her from the graves as the first cold, fat drops of rain finally began to fall. It seemed to always rain when she came here.

As if the world itself shared her grief.

"Let's get you in the car before it starts raining," her husband said quietly as he led her away from the graves where her dearest treasure lay.

Behind them, the sky tore open as lightning flashed, and the rain began to fall in earnest.

Unnoticed, one of the graves abruptly split open as a clenched fist smashed through hardened earth, and then reached toward the stormy sky.

To Be Continued…