It was nightime in Britan and Seras was walking around the Hellsing mansion getting some cigars for Integra.

The full moom shown beautifully this night and Seras decided to take a moment to admire it. Yet as she looked out the window she saw what looked like an army of girls

"Ah!" she screamed in terror and dropped the box of Intgeras cigars

"What are you screaming about Police Girl?" Alucard said as he suddenly appeared next to her

"L-l-look!" She said pointing to the hundreds of girls outside

Alucard looked down at the girl and they all immediatly started cheering

"Are they gouls master?" Seras asked

"No, worse," Alucard said "They're fangirls!"

"Fangirls?" Seras asked

"Yes fangirls," Integra said as she walked toward the two vampires with Walter walking behind

"Gosh I just hate it when this happens," Walter said looking out the window

"This has happened before!?" Seras said shocked

"Yes. These large masses of crazy women who act like maniacs towards hot anime people. Their's only one thing I can do," Alucard said

"Transform into Gilycard?" Seras asked

"No! That'll cause fanboys to come also. I have to do something much worse," Alucard said

Just then he walked to the enterance of the Hellsing Mansion

"What's he doing?" Seras asked

"Cover you eyes!" Walter said

Just as the fangirls where about to charge at Alucard he removed all his clothes. The hottness of his incredibly buff, sexy, body was to much for any fangirl to handle and the all exploded into pieces because of his really hott bod

"Any girl who looks directly at Alucard when he's nude will exploded from his hottness," Walter said

"Wow," Seras said

"So never bug Alucard when he's taking a shower," Interga said

"But did master really have to kill them all?" Seras said

"They're fangirls, they're already dead inside," Alucard said reappering infront of everyone with his underwear on

This sadly caused Integra and Seras to faint.

Don't worry they'll wake up in a few hours

The End