Summary: Aurora is a girl that knew Hiei because she grew up in the feudal era. But, when they meet years later will their friendship be ruined or will it blossom into something else? Why did she leave? HieiXOC YusukexKagome KuramaxOC

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Chapter 1:

Hiei's Past

"Detectives, Kagome, I have called you here because I need you all to go to a place called Demon High. It's a high school for Youkai/Mikos and other Demons kids. Now normally I don't get very high power levels from the kids there, but lately I've been getting a higher and higher power rating from one kid in particular…a girl Taiyoukai." Koenma said to them.

Kurama looked confused. "Who is she?"

Koenma looked at the fox. "She is a Princess of the Feudal Era…A Princess of all four of the lands in the Maikai. She is Lord Kouga's of the North's niece, Lord Inuyasha of the East's adopted sister, Lord Sesshomaru of the West's adopted sister, and she is the rightful heir to the Southern Lands. She is also one of the most powerful Miko's to ever grace any of the worlds." Koenma said looking at Kagome.

"You mean…" she trailed off sounding excited.

"Yes Kagome. I mean your identical twin sister; Aurora." He replied to her unspoken question. "I need you all to go there and try and get her to come back to the Ningenkai. There is something that is about to happen that we will need her help on."

Botan walked into the room and looked at them. "I'll have a portal ready for you all soon. So you should probably go to Kagome's house and talk about this mission some more." she said as she made a portal for them to Kagome's house.

They had all returned to Kagome's house to talk about the mission. Kurama turned to Kagome who was sitting next to him. "So who is your sister?" he asked not really understanding how she was connected to any of this.

Kagome sighed and looked at them all. Kurama was sitting next to her on the couch, Yusuke was sitting on the chair with his feet on the coffee table, Kuwabara was on the floor staring out the window thinking and Hiei was sitting in the window sill.

"I guess I should tell you all that I am not really from the modern era at all." She said looking at the ceiling.

Yusuke looked at her. "What do you mean Kags?" he asked her. They were all looking at her now, even Hiei who knew where this was going.

"She means she is from the Feudal Era. Her sister is a native to that Era as well." He said with a far off look in his crimson eyes.

"How would you know shorty?" Kuwabara asked the demon.

"I have met her sister on several occasions, and the rest is none of your business baka-ningen." Hiei said storming out of the room.

"What's with him?" Yusuke asked looking at the fuming demon that was running towards the goshenboku.

"He and my sister…well let's just say it's a sore spot on both sides." Kagome sighed.

"You mean they dated?" asked an incredulous Kurama who had remained silent during the explanation.

Kagome nodded shocking everyone in the room. "He was always happy around her and the same went for her. She's a forbidden child as well…only she has every element under the sky in her veins. I only inherited the Miko blood from my mother but…anyway after a while something happened between them and the Dragon of Darkness almost killed her…so she left hoping not to hurt him again. And before you ask it was a misunderstanding and the Dragon acted to protect him and he felt guilty that she got hurt in the process…her Dragon's of the Elements went crazy and almost killed him as well." She said all this with sadness in her eyes. "Later I found out from him that the Dragon had marked her…" she didn't finish because she felt Hiei's eyes boring into her skull.

"So the squirt felt guilty and angry that she left him?" Yusuke said now sitting next to Kagome who was almost on the verge of tears. Kagome nodded again.

"But if you want to know anything else you'll have to ask Hiei about it…I don't want to go into it without him knowing." She said taking in a deep breath.

"That's why he didn't seem surprised when we met you…he already knew you from his time in the Feudal Era." Kuwabara stated. Again Kagome nodded.

"I don't think he'll mind me telling you this but…she changed him when they met. Sure at first they fought a lot. And I mean A LOT. But over time they learned that they were relative equals and," she shrugged. "they started to get along. I thought it was weird at first but Sesshomaru noticed it too and would tease them a lot about it until they got together." She giggled. "I remember that Inuyasha was jealous because he had a crush on her, even though by this time Sesshomaru had made us his adopted sister's, but every time he would spar with her, he would lose horribly…and their fights only lasted a few minutes. When Hiei and Aurora would spar…it would go on for days without either of them breaking a sweat." She said with a smile on her face which slowly turned to a frown. "And then my triplet brother showed his sorry face." She growled her eyes turning a fierce red.

"Who is your brother?" Yusuke asked placing a hand on her shoulder to try and calm the demon/miko down.

"His name is Flash. He's a Water Neko demon. He's the reason Aurora left." She sighed. "Again you'll have to ask Hiei about the rest. But I doubt he'll want to tell you anything." She said getting up.

"So why did Sesshomaru make you his sisters? Didn't he hate you?" Kurama asked Yoko was interested to know as well.

Kagome started to laugh. "THAT is one of the biggest lies of all time. Sesshomaru -or should I say fluffy-sama- was like an older brother to me, and he still is. He saw that me, Aurora and Corona had potential and started to train us in all weapon arts. It was hard at first but then again this is Sesshomaru we are talking about. But as we learned from him we learned that we were stronger than we originally thought. Aurora helped me out with learning about my Miko powers since she is more advanced in that area then I will ever be, and I helped her control her Dragons of the Elements that she had taken upon herself to tame and learn to use their powers so she could progress further in strength and power." she said smiling at the memory. "Sessomaru used to say that she would someday be stronger than him but I never believed it, until the day that I saw her beat him with my own two eyes." she giggled. "His ego had taken a big blow that day, but he smiled at her and told her that there was nothing more that he could teach her. Then they both helped me in my training and one day I beat him and he said the same thing. I was sent back to the Modern Era and that's when I lost my sister." she frowned. "Flash really is a jerk."

Yusuke had put his hand on her back. "So the great Lord Sesshomaru has a soft spot for you and your sisters? That's new. And I never thought anyone could beat him." he said smiling.

"If he found out I told you one of his many nicknames he wouldn't hessitate to kill me... or at least hurt me really badly. He also has a soft spot for his mate Rin. She was twelve when he met her and when the Shikon No Tama was finished I made several wishes on it. That Kikiyo could find peace in the afterlife, that Rin could be with Sess, and that..."she stopped.

"What Kags? What was your last wish?" Kuwabara asked looking at her.

"That Aurora and Hiei could both come to terms with their past and get over it." she said with a sigh. "It'll never happen though."

"Why not?" Kurama asked.

"Because they both have way too much pride to admit either was wrong and to get over it. And Hiei may growl at me for saying this but, pride shouldn't have gotten in the way of their relationship." she said just loud enough so that Hiei could hear her. "We gonna go?" she said walking towards the portal that had appeared in her living room.

They all looked at each other and nodded. Hiei had joined them right as the portal to Demon High opened. Kagome looked at Hiei. 'You okay?' she asked him through her mind link.

'Why wouldn't I be? It's just another mission.' He replied as they stepped through the portal that would take them not only to Demon High, but to a part of Hiei's past that he was reluctant to revisit.