Arthur Llewellyn Weasley

Fred Rhisiart Weasley

Arthur & his slightly younger twin Fred were conceived at the Burrow, a few short weeks after their parents were married.

Arthur was born at 12:01 a.m. Oct. 31, 1998. Fred was born at 12:15 a.m.

Both boys had dark auburn hair, with curls just like their mother. Their birth was unremarkably normal, for twins. Soon after moving in to the new house at Mole Hill, Annie began noticing odd things happening. Once, when the babies were a few months old, she walked into the nursery to see all the stuffed animals spinning and tumbling in midair as if they were part of an invisible carousel, and the boys squealing with delight. She called out for George to stop messing around, and George swore it wasn't him. The only explanation left: the twins not only had a generous amount of magical talent, but also unheard-of control of said talent.

An interesting coincidence: unbeknownst to Annie, she is a very distant descendant of a Welsh witch who lived hundreds of years ago and gave up witchcraft to marry a muggle. There is a dozen-generation-long, unbroken line of single-daughter families connecting this ancient witch to Meredith, then Carys, then Angharad. Arthur and Fred Weasley are the first males to be born in this line for nearly 300 years. Molly had it right all along.

George and the twins' grandparents focused their efforts on trying to teach the boys self control of their magical gifts during the early years. There was no need for teaching them magical skills: it all just seemed to come to them effortlessly. They were not only magical prodigies, but had genius-level intellects too. Annie was able to teach them to read at three years old, and from that time on they were voracious readers of both magical and muggle technical texts. Arthur in particular enjoyed books about mechanical engineering, while Fred enjoyed potion books especially.

But don't forget, they're Weasleys after all, and George's and Annie's sons. They have quite a mischievous streak, sense of humor and appetite for fun. One of their favorite childhood activities was puttering around with Grandpa Arthur in his workshop, constructing muggle machines and appliances, then endowing them with wonderful magic properties.

During the summer of 2005, George visited the Hogwarts Headmistress to petition that his sons be allowed to enter school before they turned eleven. Professor McGonagall was quite leery of the idea of a new set of Weasley twins (George's sons, no less) running wild in the halls. She had heard the rumors about their abilities however, and agreed to meet with the boys. How could she be anything but astounded? So, it was agreed that they could and indeed should begin school immediately at Hogwarts, but at only six years old (almost seven), Annie argued (and Minerva agreed) they were far too young for a boarding school. George and Annie decided to move the Wheezes business headquarters to Hogsmeade. George would bring the boys to school each day while they could still live with the family back home.

Everything about their years at Hogwarts was extraordinary. They were not Sorted into a house their first year, since they were still living at home. They aced every class, often working on independent projects with their professors. Third year, they added four classes to their core subjects (Runes, Arithmancy, Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies) and of course excelled. Fifth year they were finally Sorted into a house and lived at school since they would turn eleven that October. George was a bit miffed they wound up in Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor; the first Weasleys in a long time to not be in Gryffindor! OWLs that year were nothing less than spectacular, the boys getting full credit for every question on every exam (not unlike like acing the SAT, in the US) and they had an article written about them in the Daily Prophet. NEWTs were no different. They officially finished regular studies at Hogwarts at age thirteen, but stayed on as sort of "graduate" students for four more years, continuing to work on independent projects with several of the professors while commuting to school from home once more, until they reached legal age.

After they turned seventeen, the twins rented a house together in Hogsmeade for several years. Fred never really lived there much, since he was mostly traveling in the course of his studies.

Arthur focused his studies on charms, arithmancy and transfiguration, becoming a scholar of magical theory, using his talents to invent new spells and magical tools. He shared a fascination (and gift) for tinkering with things with his grandfather and father. He was an especially favorite student of Professor Filius Flitwick, the Charms teacher, Ravenclaw head of House, and later Headmaster.

Arthur married Roxanne Jordan, on whom he had had a crush since he was fifteen, in 2023. Fred lived with them in their house in Hogsmeade a few weeks a year between collecting trips, until he married three years later and moved into the house next door. Art and Roxy had three boys: George Darius II (born 2024), Jordan Filius (2026), and Arthur Septimus II (2028).

By the time he was in his mid-thirties, Art was offered a job as Charms professor at Hogwarts when Flitwick assumed the job of Headmaster, which he accepted. He bought the house he had been renting for years, rather than moving into the school with his family. He became Head of Ravenclaw house after his children left school, and was offered the position of Headmaster but turned it down in order to devote his time to teaching, working with the Ravenclaw children, and pursuing his research.

Art and Roxy's son George grew up to become Head of the Auror Department after Harry Potter retired. Jordan became the Muggle Studies professor and eventually Hogwarts Headmaster, finally accepting the position his father had been offered and declined. Little Arthur became a teacher of younger children at his grandmother's school, and moved into Mole Hill with his family after George and Annie died, which according to their will was to serve as the residence of the school's director upon their deaths. He took over the school in Devon when his Aunt Merrie retired, soon afterward. All three of Art and Roxy's children inherited musical talent from their Jordan ancestors, and little Arthur went so far as to found a band in his spare time called "The Wandless Wonders," whose claim to fame was that they exclusively used non-magical, electronic muggle instruments.

Art's twin brother Fred, on the other hand, focused his studies on magical creatures, potions and herbology, becoming a scholar of magical matter and living things. In particular, he idolized his Herbology professor, none other than Neville Longbottom. He spent so much time with the Longbottoms that it was merely a formality when he officially became a member of the family upon marrying Neville's daughter Alice (who is the same age as his sister Janie) in 2026. They had two children: Hannah Augusta (2030) and Frank Rhisiart (2034). Hannah became a dragon researcher like her Great Uncle Charlie, but spends her time in South America studying the dragon species of the Andes. Frank became an author and writes about his world travels, similar to the travel guidebooks of the muggle world. "The Wandering Wizard: Traveling and Living Undetected Amongst Muggles" is the running title of his most popular book series.

Fred spent his life scouring the globe for new plants, animals, and identifying their magical properties, often partnering with Professor Longbottom, sending his collected specimens back for documentation and jointly publishing papers. The house next to Art and Roxy's in Hogsmeade merely served as a home base of sorts for the globe-trotting family: they did not occupy it much. He would bring along his little family whenever and wherever he went (that is, until the children started school at Hogwarts), so they became quite world-wise. George and Annie would often make a point of meeting up with them in exotic locations… it was nearly their only chance to see their grandchildren, after all!

Fred was offered several teaching positions at Hogwarts, but couldn't bear to be stuck in one place so turned them down every time.

Molly Meredith Weasley Murphy

Conceived in Tenerife, Canary Islands when her parents were on holiday with Jordans, March 2000. It was the honeymoon George and Annie never had.

Born 1/1/01 at 1:11 a.m., delivered in the Ottery St. Catchpole hospital by Dr. Andy Walsh in the ER.

Merrie (her nickname) was always a cheerful, happy child. She loved jokes and was always eager to laugh. She was also a kind girl, very sensitive to the feelings of others. Never moody or quick to anger, she always ran on an even keel. She personified the kind of child Annie would have been like, if she had grown up with a normal childhood, unpersecuted by the town gossips.

She grew up idolizing her older twin brothers, who doted on her in return. They had just turned two before she was born, but because they were a bit ahead of the curve developmentally, they took an eager interest in her immediately. There was never any jealousy of her, because they had never known a period of time when they weren't equally sharing their mother's attention with each other already. And there was always Granny and Grandpa to play with, whenever she was busy....

Merrie was a bit taller than average height, with brown eyes, freckles, and long, wavy auburn hair. As a young girl, her mother kept her hair braided in pigtails. She grew up more tomboy than girlish; her preferred clothing was denim overalls, which her father used to grab from behind and carry her around by like she was luggage. She loved it.

Merrie was smart and talented and athletic. While Merrie's cleverness and magical abilities were always eclipsed by that of the twins', her athletic talent surpassed theirs. Not that she was ever jealous of their accomplishments, but this gave her a chance to shine on her own. George recognized she had a gift for flying as early as when she got her first toy broom. He encouraged this, sneaking her onto his own old broom at the old orchard paddock, regularly practicing with her and her sisters as they got older.

Merrie was four when her twin brothers started going to day school at Hogwarts. She was eight when they left for school to live. She was almost exactly two years older than Janie, and four years older than Joey. They were as close as sisters usually are, especially considering how different she and Janie are in temperament. But within the family, she was probably closest to the twins.

Merrie developed close friendships with Roxanne Jordan (Angelina and Lee's only child) and her cousin Dominique Weasley (Bill and Fleur's daughter), largely due to their proximity in age as well as being raised together in Annie's daycare/school. The three of them formed a tightly-knit pack, exploring the woods around Merrie's home in Devon. They even re-discovered the tree fort, restored it, and used it as their own base of operations.

Merrie was eleven when she started Hogwarts, and Sorted into Gryffindor in September 2012. Her older brothers were then thirteen and had just finished with their seven regular years of school, but continued their "graduate" studies until they reached seventeen. Her brothers wound up being around at school almost the whole time she was, a fact which she was for the most part thrilled about.

All three girls (Merrie, Roxy and Domi) started Hogwarts in the same year, all three in Gryffindor. The three girls were talented athletes, eventually joining the quidditch team, starting a years-long monopoly of the Gryffindor team by the Weasley children. These three in particular formed a nearly unbeatable chaser trio, and Merrie was chosen team captain in her fifth year (Dominique was chosen prefect for the house the same year).

In her sixth year, Merrie fell in love with another sixth year Gryffindor boy from Ireland (and fellow teammate), Ryan Murphy. She finished school in June 2018, with a respectable five NEWT levels (Charms, DADA, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggle Studies – a mandatory course of study for all George and Annie's children). Soon after graduation, Merrie and Ryan got engaged, and in 2020 were married – they were only nineteen, just like her parents and grandparents before her. The couple settled in Devon, not far from her parents, while Ryan took a job at the Ministry as a magical sports liaison, helping to coordinate Triwizard Tournaments.

Merrie's first children were twin boys, following the family tradition. Ruari Iestyn and Liam Ivor Murphy were born in 2022, followed by Maureen Angharad (Mo) in 2024, by Margaret Meredith (Meg) in 2027, and by Mairie Catrin in 2029. All had the Weasley family's trademark red hair and Murphy blue eyes. In addition to five children, Merrie always kept a house full of pets, both magical and non-magical, having always had a soft spot in her heart for all kinds of creatures.

Ruari and Liam ultimately purchased Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes from their grandfather and spend their lives running and expanding the family business. Maureen became an author of children's books, many of which shared a common theme of tolerance for all people, regardless of their differences. She also published a biography of her grandparent's remarkable lives, after their deaths. Meg lived a quiet life in Godric's Hollow and had a magical plant shop there. Mairie Catrin became a Healer. She lived in the Burrow with her young family while taking care of Molly and Arthur in their old age.

Merrie followed in her mother's footsteps in many ways: she married young, had an identical family, and found her calling in education. She worked in the school Annie started, ultimately expanding it greatly, even opening more sister schools in several locations elsewhere in Britain.

Harriet Jane Weasley-Baldwin

Conceived in Kauai, Hawaii, when George brought Annie along on a business trip scouting ingredients/import opportunities, as foretold by a Hawaiian witch.

Born on 12/08/2002, in the midst of a blizzard. George had to blast their way through ice and snowdrifts to get to the hospital.

Janie (her nickname, since Harriet only shortens to Harry, which made her namesake uncle uncomfortable) was a spitfire. Like her older siblings, she was smart and talented magically. Like her twin brothers, she had a strong mischievous streak, although her sense of humor leaned more toward wicked than theirs ever did. She delighted in teasing people, especially anyone in authority. Like Merrie, she had a good deal of athletic talent. And like her mother, she had a temper to be reckoned with.

Janie looked a great deal like her older sister Merrie, only a bit slimmer, almost wirey. She too had dark brown eyes, freckles (though more so than Merrie), and wavy auburn hair which was usually pulled back in a severe braid.

She spent much of her early childhood tagging along after her older sister's pack of friends. Merrie (being the sensitive type) would always try to include her but Janie would usually manage to piss the other two off with her smart mouth or pranks and be driven away eventually. Later, once Louis (Bill and Fleur's son, who was four months younger) and Joey (two years younger) were born, she appointed herself leader of the 'little' kids. She loved her older twin brothers, but was always a bit intimidated by them – they were four years older than she in age, but even more so maturity-wise. She was two when they started day school at Hogwarts, six when they left to live there, and nine when Merrie left for school.

Janie idolized her father as a little girl, never tiring of hearing tales of his heroic deeds with the Order of the Phoenix during the Second War. He further endeared himself to her by always laughing at her sarcastic comments, even when they were directed at himself. He called her his 'Little Annie' whenever she sassed off or threw a tantrum. One day, when she was eight, she found out the real reason why. He told her the story of her muggle mother, how they became friends as little children even though it broke the rules, how her mother had a brave history of her own. This discussion was a life-altering one for Janie: she now began to look up to both her parents.

When Janie turned eleven, she was Sorted into Gryffindor. It was at that moment that her career as a professional firebrand and crusader began. She took it upon herself to expose the slightest discrimination against non-pureblood wizards and non-wizard kind, going so far as to form a student group promoting equality for and acceptance of them (her favorite shirt at the time splashed "Half-Blood Pride" across the chest). She led demonstrations, sit-ins, and any other form of protest that was likely to cause the professors at Hogwarts grief.

Like Merrie, she was talented at quidditch, and joined the team as keeper - though she would have preferred to be a beater. She would often rush an oncoming opponent, intimidating them or fouling them as necessary to either prevent the goal or punish the scorer. She broke a school record for accumulating the most penalties for an individual player in a single season.

She was an excellent student, and finished school in June 2021 with six NEWTs (Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, Potions, Muggle Studies, History of Magic)with distinction for high marks. She had several family connections at the Ministry, and got a position thanks to Uncle Percy with International Magical Law Dept. That lasted a little more than a year before she burned enough bridges to nearly get fired. As a last resort, she was transferred to work under her Aunt Hermione (Janie's favorite relative, next to her parents, due to her muggle-born status) in the Dept. of Magical Law Enforcement. Together they made a perfectly matched team and worked to end pro-pureblood laws. Eventually, after many years, Janie was appointed to the Wizengamot. Professionally, she was known as Harriet Weasley (and ultimately Harriet Weasley-Baldwin), but to her family she was always Janie.

Janie met a dashing young American wizard named Elliot Baldwin during her brief stint at an overseas embassy with the International Magical Law Dept. They kept up a long distance relationship for several years before he finally made the move to England, where they got married after a short engagement in 2027. She kept her maiden name, so proud was she of being the descendant of a glorious war hero and blood-traitor father and muggle mother.

Janie and Elliot had two daughters, Angharad (2029) and Meredith (2030). Angharad became a Healer like her father, and Meredith pursued a political career similar to her mother's: she became a Special Prosecutor for wizard crimes against muggles, a part of Magical Law Enforcement office (similar to an American muggle DA).

Georgeanna Muriel Weasley Wood

Conceived during George and Annie's trip to Tahiti in June 2004 and born 2/3/2005 in Ottery St. Catchpole.

Baby Joey was forever the darling of the family. The traumatic events leading up to and following her birth led her parents to tend to coddle her somewhat. Her siblings would have none of that, however, and treated her the same as anyone else, for which she was glad.

Joey took after her mother physically: she was very small for her age and remained so throughout her life. She looked just like Annie except with brown eyes and red hair, cropped short like her mother. She was smart and had a good sense of humor, like the rest of them.

But her real claim to fame was that she was a particularly gifted athlete, and born to play quidditch. She had her mother's acrobatic strength and speed on land, coupled with her father's coordination, balance, and determination. She was tiny and lightweight, therefore did little to alter the aerodynamics of whatever racing broom she rode. She became a seeker like her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny before her, whom she idolized especially, being a professional quidditch player herself.

Joey was the youngest in her family, but the oldest of the remaining Weasley cousins (Ron & Ginny's kids). They followed her wherever she led, but she never took advantage of them. James was the closest in age and was an especially good friend and teammate at school, then came Albus and Rose (one year younger), Hugo (two years younger) and Lily (three years younger). Percy's kids never ended up going to the daycare or to Hogwarts, being Cavendish heirs and Weasley in name only.

Joey was just a few months old when her brothers left for day school at Hogwarts. She was four when they left to live at school. She was seven when they "graduated" and Merrie started school. She was a mere few weeks older than her cousin James (Harry & Ginny's first), and they were both Sorted into Gryffindor in 2016. Like her Uncle Harry, she became seeker her first year at school. In that year, the Gryffindor team was comprised of Merrie, Roxy, and Domi (all fifth year chasers), Janie (third year keeper), two fifth year unrelated beaters (one of which was to become her future brother-in-law) and herself.

George's pride in his three daughters was tempered by panic when he realized soon after they began school that the boys of the wizarding world found his daughters highly desirable. They had developed into stunning beauties (of course every father thinks his daughters are lovely, but this was ridiculous!), adept students of magic, and talented athletes. Boys of all ages and houses fell for their many charms, and Headmistress McGonagall had to rein in the would-be Romeos often. Volumes of love notes, love potions, and trinket gifts intended for George's three girls and their cousins were confiscated, while the frequency of boys showing up at the hospital with bruises (and worse) skyrocketed, because none of the Weasley girls put up with any nonsense from them.

Joey almost didn't finish school – she was recruited by several professional quidditch teams during her sixth year. But her parents convinced her to complete her schooling (much to their astonishment) and she finished with five NEWTs (Muggle Studies, Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, DADA) in June 2023. She joined the Chudley Cannons largely in order to please her Weasley uncles and father who had long been supporters of the team. Throughout her long career she was recognized as a brilliant player, leading the Cannons to a miraculous cup victory in 2027 (their first in 135 years) and fourteen more throughout her tenure as player and, when her playing days were over, as coach. All told, as a player and coach Joey spent decades rebuilding the team into the power house it had been in the 1800s. She also played for England six times, captaining the team each time, and making the World Cup finals once (though sadly losing to Ethiopia in a thrilling but ultimately disappointing match).

Joey married Landon Wood, son of Oliver Wood, who had played on the Gryffindor team with her in their school days as a chaser. They dated for what seemed to be an eternity; both were very busy playing for their respective professional teams, although Joey was clearly the star of the two. They finally married right after the Cup season in 2030, and nine months later, Joey gave birth to twin boys: Harry Oliver and Charlie George (2031). Four years later, she had a daughter, Ginevra (2035).

Harry Wood became an Auror, and together with his cousin George Weasley (II) led a colorful life. Harry Wood's son Jason eventually wrote a comic book series, later adapted into a WWN radio serial, about the cousins' adventures and exploits as Aurors, not unlike detective dramas on muggle TV. The catchphrase of the series was: "What would Potter do?" – referring to their illustrious great-uncle - and was what the pair would say whenever they were stumped by a case.

Charlie Wood's claim to fame was that he won a Triwizard Tournament at age seventeen. He later went on to teach at The M.P. Weasley Infant School in London, eventually becoming the Director there.

Ginevra Wood became a quidditch talent scout for Puddlemere United, and was also a member of "The Wandless Wonders" band with her cousin Arthur.