Our first crossover and multichapter fic! This is a joint story, by DeeplyShallow and Inkhandedlady so we are going to write alternate chapters and one will start where the other left off. I understand this will make the story a bit hectic and the writing style may change, but we've done this kind of thing before and it's great fun, we hope you enjoy it too.

This chapter is by me (DeeplyShallow) and the next will be by Inkhandedlady.

The weekend was finally here, Fiyero was taking a walk around Shiz's extensive grounds with Boq and Avaric. He grinned as he saw Galinda, Elphaba and Nessa reading under a tree, his grin widened as he realised they were all reading the same book.

"Galinda is it true? I didn't think you read anything other than magazines. And Miss Elphaba, I'm surprised at you, weren't you only the other day saying you didn't read the junk Galinda reads?"

"Actually, Galinda does occasionally have good taste," she said looking up lazily, "besides I've read the whole series before, I recommended it to her, unlike someone she has the mental capacity to read them."

"Ouch," said Avaric, he and Boq, coming up at Fiyero's rear. Fiyero scowled, why did Elphaba have to turn everything she said to him into an insult, and why did Avaric find it so funny? He refrained from asking her why she was reading a book again, the fact she could resist his charms already showed that she was a madwoman, and turned to Galinda.

"So you actually like this book?"

Galinda, whose head had uncharacteristically been buried in a book – making her look surprisingly like Elphaba, looked up.

"I think I'm going to dump you," she said instantly turning back to the book.

"What? Why?" gasped Fiyero taken aback, this had never happened before, he was also slightly annoyed to find that both Boq and Avaric suddenly looked very hopeful.

"Real men sparkle in the sun."

For a moment all three boys were speechless, while Elphaba and Nessa giggled behind their books.

"What is this book?" spluttered Avaric, snatching Elphaba's copy, "Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer," he read aloud.

For once ignoring Avaric's rudeness, Elphaba smirked before replying, "It's about this girl called Bella who falls in love with a vampire called Edward…"

"Wait," said Boq confused, "don't vampires burn in the sunlight, not sparkle?"

"Not in this story," said Nessa eager to speak now Boq was, "they also are inhumanly beautiful have golden eyes and…"

"Like to eat people?" Suggested Fiyero, "seriously Galinda he may (and I highly doubt it) be better looking than me, but surely you don't want him to suck your blood?"

Galinda simply rolled her eyes, "He wouldn't eat me, he's a vegetarian vampire Fiyero."

Avaric and Boq, unable to keep it in, burst out laughing, "vegetarian vampire?" snickered Avaric, "is this for real?"

"Yes," said Elphaba, "the entire series consists of us being told how good-looking Bella thinks Edward is and occasionally some evil vampire comes to try and kill Bella."

"So Edward's good-looking," commented Avaric, "what does Bella look like?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes, "I knew we'd get onto this eventually, got bored of the Shiz girls have you Avaric, did your girlfriend dump you or something?"

"One of them might of," Avaric said nonchalantly, "I don't really keep track. Just tell me what she looks like greenie."

"Greenie, how very original, it must have taken you hours to think up that one. Bella always describes herself as plain but everyone else says she's pretty and judging by the fact about five different boys constantly ask her out…"

"Sounds like my kinda girl, does it say what she looks like naked?"

"Please Avaric they don't even have sex until they're married…"

"Poor girl, I wish I could meet her, I could make her feel better…"

"Shut up Avaric, we don't want to hear your fantasies, Boq stop blushing it's not that embarrassing."

Boq, of course turned even more red prompting Nessa to squawk, "Elphaba stop being so mean to him."

Boq, now mortified quickly changed the topic, "Nessa I'm fine, what kind of names are Bella and Edward anyway?"

Elphaba's brow furrowed, "I know they are a bit strange, I think the author must have made them up," she looked curiously at the book, "but then again has anyone ever heard of the name Stephenie?" The rest of the group shook their heads.

"It's not even the strangest one either," Elphaba continued, "what kind of person would call their child Angela or Alice…"

She was interrupted by a shrill scream, Galinda almost forgotten by the others (except Boq), had now dropped the book as if it was on fire, "it burns, it burns!"

The others only had time to stare at the now red-hot book for a second before they were sucked inside. For a while they lost all orientation as they whirled around inside the pages, but before they had a chance to get used to this their feet were on solid ground again.

Galinda was the first one to speak, "Elphie," she said looking at the strange buildings around her, "I've got a feeling we're not in Oz anymore."

It didn't take Elphaba long to regain her sarcasm, "You don't say," she said pointing at a sign clearly reading 'Fork's High School'.

Galinda gasped, "Wait, we're in Twilight?"

"It would appear so," said Elphaba more quietly than usual.

"Wait, wait," said Fiyero, "Where exactly is this place, I mean is it somewhere near Oz?"

"I don't know," Elphaba confessed, "It's set in this country called America, I think the author just made it up."

"Well wherever it is I like it here," said Avaric, winking at some girls whom Elphaba recognised as Lauren and Jessica, they giggled as he approached.

Elphaba rolled her eyes "I bet we'll get home if we all separate like this," but decided not to make a fuss; she didn't know what these people would make of her green skin.

"So what do we do?" asked Boq.

"I don't know," Elphaba replied, "I suppose we just…"

"Oh. My. Oz." Squealed Galinda, "It's Edward Cullen!"