Warning: Strong language, possibly disturbing imagery, Bookverse spoilers
Disclaimer: I don't own Watchmen or anything recognizable contained here

Notes: This will be the only one from an OC perspective. Chapter two starts two years after the epilogue of Watchmen.

Chapter 1: Picking Up The Pieces

I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you
I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you

Eenie meenie minie mo
catch a tiger burning bright

M. Start with M.

I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you

Middle. Media. Milk. Madness.

Flip it. W.

White Walls Watch... Wistfully? Wrong.

Start again.

I is for iteration.

R. Begin with R. Rabid. Reach. Reality.

White Walls Watch. Who Watches the Watch-

Middle. Milk. Meringue. Murder. Mirror.

See it in the mirror. Behind their eyes. Liars. Shiny new world. Utopia.

S is for screaming.

I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you

PMS. Post Menstrual Syndrome. Perfectly Melded Symmetry. People Murdered Spontaneously? Simultaneously.

Month. Another gone.

R. No, P. Prison. Pickle. Pretty. Psychic.

What goes up, must come down. Symmetry. Millions murdered. Mask. Man? Monster?

T is for tentacles writhing rapidly.

I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you
I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you

D? D? Descent, decay, death, devastation. Decadent doctors still shake. DDSS? Wrong, SSDD. Right but still wrong. L M N O P up above the world so high-

Shill. Sham. Murder? Murders. Madness? Yes. Stark. Stake. Silhouette in the doorway. No no no. Wrong! Raving. Ripped. Racing. Medical Examiner.

B is for building. B is for butchery. B is for... Blake? Yes. B is for blood and birth and biting.

Why won't it stop hurting?

I don't want- Shut up! Sing somewhere safe.

T is for Thorazine. Sedative.


M. M. M. M. Make it stop. E is for Echoes. Party Moral Standards. Murdered millions. Madness. Maine! Flap flap flap. Fragile flames fluoresce faster. Main? No. Maine. S is for salvation? Sanitarium. Minuteman? Mask? No. Near. Nigh. The End is Nigh. Neighbor.

Memory. Whose? Who watches the Wa- Whores and politicians. What? Not. Knot. Knot-top. Mason. Someone screamed.

Dead drunk. Death devastated. Drooling. Dribbling. Where? Maine. Where swear aware bear.

S is for shit. Goddamn sedatives! God damn sedatives. B is for blame. Best. Better. Make it stop. Make it better. Tentacles writhe rapidly behind their eyes. Bodies.

I is for imagination. Mind's Eye. Medical examiner. Morbid expression. Mirthful energy. Poorly Made Sanity. Raving must stop.


I think therefore I am? I am therefore I think? Who am I? Who am I not? Begin again.

What isn't me? Everything else excepted easy earnings. Mask? Man? Monster? Lying leech murdered millions.

P is for pins that hold us down. Us? Utopia. No! Never never never never...

P is for piles of bodies in N for New York. P is for praise. D is for duped. E is for echoes. F... F is for food. No. Wrong. Mashed potatoes again. Unimportant. Baked beans? Mothman.

Mothman is my neighbor. Mothman is my neighbor. Mothman is my neighbor. Mothman is my neighbor.

Movement. Motion. Morality. P is for pattern. I is for inkblot. Never... never... never compromise! Not even in the face of Armageddon. Blood blot. Red snow. Game over.

I don't want to hurt
I don't want to hurt you

Fingers. Feet. Bodies. Speak. Nice figment. Nail funny. Not funny. Damaged. Born broken bleeding burned. Fuck them all.

News? News. Nite Owl. Gun Bunny? Woman in leather. Big gun. Commercial break. Cue screaming.

T is for thorazine.


P is for privileges. R is for revoked. Choke. Joke. Die already. Fragile drunk drooling... fuck. S is for sigh.

B is for black. Blake. Byron. Baked beans. Blue. Manhattan. Gone. F is for facts. Face. They took my face. No, not mine. Tentacles writhe rapidly. Corrupt. White walls don't watch. White coats do. S is for straitjacket.

Must get out.

Motion forward. Circling. Raving. Momentum. Whip? Riding crop. Memory? Yes. Not mine. Tire tread through burst stomach. Dog. Dead dog. Dead dog stares dully. Nothing behind her eyes. Memory? Yes. Mine? Don't know. Stroked dead ears alone in garage. Memory? Yes. Mine? Yes. Not fair. Not fair. Not- New Frontiersman.


R is for request. D is for denied. F is for frustration. Must use words in future.


S is for success. S is for surprise. Eyes wide and white. Not supposed to speak? Sing often. No. Not for a while. Weird. Willows whisper watchfully.

S is for Socialist. C is for communist. H is for hero. M is for man. M is for mask. M is monster. S is for squid. Max Shea. Hira Manish. Back issues. Request denied. Pretty Much Screwed.


Bad day. No biting allowed.


Journal found. S is for smirk. C is for code. S is for shifting daily. Gave it back. Claimed therapeutic technique. Torment. Time. Thesis? Time to go.


Perhaps Many Swans. D is for desperate. How? Must get out. No pain. Spotless gloves.

Blue eyes watch. Brittany. Brittany the husky. Eyes empty. Not fair. Not my fault. Did everything right. Finger bones snapped in the bar. I is for information.

Dan. Dan Dreiberg. Ask neighbor.


T is for troublemaker. E is for enough. D is for disobedience.


D is for door left. E is for escape.