OCC: This was done totally spur of the moment in response to reading writer reddwarfadict's poem 'Dear Mr Dalek' where a certain female companion sent a letter to the Daleks asking them not to attack anywhere as the Doctor was not well - I would strongly suggest reading that first. In any case, this is a response by the Dalek Supreme to the aforementioned letter and sent back to the Faithful Companion. This is my first Doctor Who Poem, so please be gentle. Also there's the odd reference to past Dalek strategies which can be considered slightly spoilery, but theres not hordes of them. :)

Dear Miss Companion

Dear Miss Companion thing,
This is the Dalek Supreme.
We do not care how you beg or sing,
We don't regret the DOC-TOR is so green.

You thought we would be there,
To wish the DOC-TOR better?
Daleks have no concept of care,
We titter at your futile letter.

You wish that we show more concern?
You want us to show PI-TY?
If anything of the Daleks you should learn,
Watch as we destroy your city!

The Emperor laughs at your yarn,
Sec thinks the infection is 'Bleh!'
As to the thoughts of Mad Old Caan,
He simply says 'Neh neh neh!'

Of course it means that Earth is mine,
We have waited for so long.
To have the DOC-TOR out of time
Might almost make us Daleks burst into song.

Right now our creator Davros bold
Conducts a subtle Master Plan,
To leave your feeble UNIT in the cold
And toss Torchwood into a giant frying pan.

The Valiant's attacks we shall endure
With hordes of Dalek fire.
Then we'll mine out your planet's core,
As we go and dig up half of Bedfordshire.

As your Time-Lord sweats away,
The Dalek Empire will expand by ten.
We'll hold Earth in our suckers like clay,
And turn your frail species into Robomen.

So we raise communications girl, and employ
to Earth our great Fleet of Hate.
We conclude to say – Daleks will Conquer and Destroy,
and of course; EX-TER-MIN-ATE!

Yours emotionlessly,

The Dalek Supreme