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Chapter 1 : Close Encounters

"Hello, Sasuke-kun!" squealed Ino as she gave him a tight bear hug.

Sasuke groaned. This was the sort of thing that he had to endure everyday. Ever since he was a child, girls have been frolicking to him. He was the Legendary Hearthrob of Konoha, as other jealous guys nicknamed him. Not that he cared however.

"INO-PIG! Get your filthy hands off of Sasuke-kun right this instant." commanded Haruno Sakura. "Sasuke-kun's mine." she added. Ino guffawed. "In your dreams, billboard brow. Sasuke'll choose me any day over you."

As the two girls started bickering, Sasuke quietly slid away from them. Wow, now all the girls in Konoha are part of your fanclub, he muttered. What's so great about girls anyway. He was in such a bad mood that he didn't realize where he was going until it was too late.

"G-gomen, Sasuke-kun." said the heiress to the Hyuuga clan, Hyuuga Hinata.

Sasuke blinked. She seemed different than the others, somehow. The way she composed herself had changed. She had a floral scent to add to her delicate skin. Why have I never met her properly before?The Uchiha felt his cheeks get redder and redder by the second. What's happening to me? he thought.

Even though all this was going in Sasuke's head, his face remained his usual poker-like self. "What's up, Hinata? How's your training going?" he asked.

Hinata blinked. Sasuke-kun barely knows me. Why's he asking about my training all of a sudden? she thought. The mere mention of training made the kunoichi's face turn all somber. "Not really good. I seem to be getting worse, and I really need to keep up with Kiba-kun and Shino-kun." Suddenly her eyes turned bright. "Do you know anyone who's an expert at hand-eye coordination?"

"umm... Me?" Sasuke said awkwardly.

"You are? I th-thought you were g-good at anticipat-ting movements." said Hinata skeptically.

Sasuke smiled. "Well, you need good hand-eye coordination in able to be good at that, Hinata-chan. I could help you in your training, if you want..."

Hinata-chan, he thought. That has a nice ring to it.

D-did Sasuke-kun just smile? Thoughts raced through Hinata's head. Then she realized that Sasuke-kun would be an excellent aid for her training. Plus he's supposedly a prodigy.

Hinata grinned. "Of course. I ac-ccept."


Ding Dong! Rang the doorbell of Sasuke's apartment.

Ugh, what time is it? WHO COULD BE RINGING AT 4 in the MORNING! He thought as he raced to open the door.

"H-Hinata?" he nearly shouted.

Hinata was grinning, rain-soaked and wearing sweats. Sasuke was suddenly very aware of what he was wearing. Frick. She's seeing me with just a shirt and shorts.

Meanwhile, Hinata seemed very impressed. But in a much different way. Wow! Sasuke-kun must've trained a lot. I really need to get stronger. "You said you'd help me with training."

Sasuke spluttered. "H-Hinata, it's the crack of dawn."

"I know. My whole family's awake already. Plus, they say it's the best time to train, because you get the rest of the day to yourself. You coming?" And with that, she grabbed his hand and dashed off.

"Wait. I need to lock my apartment. Wait for me outside." I don't think it'd be that bad, waking this early. Plus, I'm not really tired anymore. And with that, he went down the stairs, two at a time.

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THE ELSINATR STRIKES AGAIN! (everyone sweat-drops)