WARNING RATED M FOR MATURE! There are violent scenes some scenes contain mild to moderate sexual content. Even sexual violence, please read at your own risk!



Rogue gripped the handle tightly. She needed to get out of here. She suddenly felt as if she couldn't breathe the walls were beginning to close in on her. She opened the door just as Logan came behind her.

"Hey where ya off to darlin?" His gruff voice came as he looked at her suspiciously.

"Ah'll be back lata sugah, Ah gotta go for a walk." She muttered softly as she walked out the door with out looking back. She rubbed her arms as she went towards the gate to the mansion. She needed to get out of here, to go somewhere. She felt like she was suffocating. Her combat boots clicked loudly as she began to walk faster. Her white gloved hands hid themselves beneath a long sleeved navy blue sweater, the sleeves going past her hands to conceal them away.

She just wanted to feel normal for a little while. She stuffed her hands into her dark blue jeans and sighed as a few of the other mutants glanced in her direction then went back to what they were doing. She couldn't stand it. She watched as a few of the younger kids played tag. She was acutely aware of their hands coming into contact with bare shoulders or arms. It pained her to watch them. She began running towards the gate, the desire to get out growing more intense.

Soon she was running as hard as she could to the gate, fighting the tears that came. She got to the bus stop just as the bus pulled in. She got on and paid her fare then proceeded to the back of the bus. She sat by herself and pulled her legs up into her chest. She put her head down unable to fight the tears that leaked from her eyes. After a few minutes the bus pulled away. She lifted her head and rested it on the bus window. She watched couples walking down the street hand in hand. Her eyes targeted their hands tightly woven together, skin on skin contact. Her heart pained even more.

She was completely alone in a world full of people. She wiped her eyes and sat up straighter as the bus came to a stop. She got up and ignored the stares as she got off the bus. She started walking down random streets intent on finding a coffee shop or something to do. She passed a darkened alley when suddenly her upper arm was grabbed tightly and a gloved hand was slapped over her mouth. She was pulled into the alley unnoticed by other people. The fear of accidentally having this person's skin touch hers scared her so much she forgot to be worried that she was being kidnapped and pulled into a dark alley. The man slammed her up against the alley wall roughly and stepped back a step as more men came from the darkness.

"My, my, what do we have ere' lads? The man said with a slight Scottish accent. Rogue flinched. Her temper was starting to flare.

"Listen mistuh, Ah'm not the person ta be messin with." She said firmly, her green eyes narrowing dangerously on them.

"Such a pretty little lass." He grinned as he reached a gloved hand out to touch her face. Her fists balled tightly, and when he got within distance she swung on him, hard. He stumbled back clenching his jaw tightly. He wiped a bit of blood from his split lip and growled his eyes narrowing on her dangerously.

"Little bitch!" He seethed.

Gambit stood watching people as they passed by, flipping a card between his fingers with practiced ease. He watched people, flipping the card faster until it was almost a blur. He eased himself into the flow of people and began weaving in and out of the general public effortlessly. His hand expertly reached into pockets retrieving wallets with skilled ease. To the untrained eye nothing had happened at all he had simply stuffed his hand into his own pocket. His victims being none the wiser to their loss. He heard voices talking and grinned. 'Potential business' He thought inwardly. He climbed onto a fire escape and onto the roof of the building looking down into the alley it was a rather small building but it suited his purpose.

His red eyes were glowing with curiosity as he grew near. He saw a group of men surrounding a lady. 'My my what has the petite gotten herself inta?' He thought to himself as he clicked his tongue in disapproval. Now he couldn't let that go on now could he? He was never one to let a lady get hurt. He heard her speak, a southern bell huh? A woman after his own heart. He studied her for a moment. She was taking a defensive stand though she looked slightly nervous. He watched closely to see what would happen. As soon as they made their move he would swoop in and save the day. A grin spread through his lips as he thought of her giving him her undying gratitude. This night was growing more and more interesting by the minute. He watched the girl swing on the guy and chuckled. This girl was one hell of a woman. By the looks of it she could throw a pretty mean right hook.

Rogue's eyes shot open as she made a run for the alley entrance to escape. She nearly made it when a hand shot out wrapping itself firmly into her hair and pulling back. Her head snapped back into an odd angle. She was pulled into a larger man who hooked his arms under hers, rendering her arms useless. The leader walked over and back handed her quickly whipping her head to the side. His hand snaked its way into her hair and gripped it tightly snapping her head back and up. She growled and struggled to get free. The fear of him touching her skin sent a wave of panic over her.

"Don't touch mah skin!" She shouted nervously. She didn't want to expose herself as a mutant. No she was determined to live a normal life. She would get herself out of this with out the help of any of her wretched powers.

Remy stiffened when the girl was hit. Now he was angry. No one should be hitting a lady. He stood straight up, his hand moving to the inside of his coat, gripping his extendable bo staff tightly.

"It best ta be listenin ta the lady." He said firmly, his eyes glowing angrily as he stood above them. He removed his staff and snapped it open. He took out a playing card and charged it, the card starting to glow with a bright pink aura around it. He smirked when all the men's attention turned onto him.

"Y' alright petite?" he asked his voice smooth even though gruff.

Rogue took the moment of distraction and freed one of her arms. She thrust her elbow back hard into the man holding her by the arms' face. This forced the man gripping her hair to hold tighter thus pulling at her hair but she didn't care. She got the great satisfaction of the sound of her elbow connecting with the man's face. Almost instantly she swung her fist forward slamming it into the leader, who still held her by the hair's face. He released her as he dropped to the ground unconscious. Rogue narrowed her eyes on the other men who seemed to be torn between the two mutants.

"Ah'm fine thank ya sugah." She said softly as she stared at the other startled men.

Rogue's shoulders dropped in relief as she stood tall her hand going to her head. She grunted as she tenderly rubbed her burning scalp. She smirked as she leaned against the wall facing him.

"Might want ta run while ya can boys." She smirked as she leaned against the wall facing him.

He let out a laugh as the men scattered in fear. Rogue stood with her hand on her hip as it jutted out to the side.

"Mon a mi, Cherie well done." He applauded her as he uncharged the card and put it away. Rogue smiled, her gloved hand rubbing the spot she had been hit softly, not that it hurt but it was still an odd feeling. Remy came down off the roof and walked forward to look her over for injuries. He went to reach out for her face to get a better look and a look of horror spread through her eyes as she quickly stepped back. She obviously didn't want to be touched. Remy just smiled and backed off a few steps.

"My name be Gambit petite what might I call y'?" He asked his thick Cajun accent filling her ears.

"Mah name is Rogue, it's nice ta meet ya Gambit." She said with a smile.