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When Rogue directed him towards the window, the mutant had growled under his breath, moving towards the location she had commanded of him, Remy kept to himself never once meeting the eyes of the other dealers. Did he feel intimidated? Not in the least bit. However if anything happened he didn't want these dealers to know what he was capable of and he knew the color in his eyes would give him away at a moments notice. Controlling his breathing to keep himself calm, Remy watched as she downed the concoction with distaste.

As the scene unfolded before him the look on the Cajun's face was somber and calm. Remy wasn't going to allow his emotions to overcome him, that was when mistakes happened and in this situation, mistakes were were the difference between leaving in a car or leaving in a wooden box. Even the Cajun wasn't a match for a bullet if it just so happened to catch up to him. Moving forward in Rogue's direction slowly, cold steel pressed firmly against the back of his head. "Move 'boyfriend' and you leave in a body bag." Gambit's eyes moved to meet Rogue, this situation was getting somewhat dire but it wasn't all lost. Maybe Rogue would learn her lesson, that was the only thing keeping him from charging the entire building and killing ever single person in the building. With his demon like eyes locked on Rogue's, Remy scowled.

Rogue's drowsy eyes met Gambit's and anger flooded through her. No one aimed a gun at her Swamp rat. She pushed herself up and locked her cold emerald eyes with the guy holding the gun to her head. Using every ounce of strength she possessed she appeared to be normal.
"Let him go or Ah'll kill you" she seethed her body trembling with a mixture of anger and drugs.
"That's enough." The dealer said coldly. Her captor grinned and ran a finger along her chin.
"I'm the one with the gun doll face." A low snarl escaped her lips as she thrust her arm up and to the side knocking his hand away from her face. She twirled and quickly grabbed hold of the gun from the startled inexperienced man. She aimed it at his head and growled. Training in the danger room had been good for something at least.
"Wrong again ya fool. And don't call me doll face." She swayed slightly and backed towards Remy where she aimed the gun at his captor.
"Drop it." She said weakly. She was getting too drowsy. Her eyes half drooped as she swallowed hard to keep focus.
"I said enough! All of you drop your fucking guns!" The dealer shouted as he rose quickly to his feet. The man holding the gun to Remy's head put his gun in the air and backed away reluctantly.
"You've gotten your product now get out. Don't come back here with that man again." He shouted. Rogue swallowed hard, anger filling her to the core. Would he allow her to get the cure again after this? Rogue shook her head and walked out. She leaned heavily against the wall as she descended the stairs. Her eyes wouldn't focus as she reached the main hallway she nearly toppled over. She could tell her powers were gone. She removed her gloves and smiled. She looked back at Remy and even though she felt messed up still she felt at peace. She smiled softly at him. Knowing full well she would get an earful later. Right now it hadn't mattered one bit. She pushed off the wall and quickly walked over to him. As he reached the last stair to the outside alley she leapt up and threw herself into his arms pushing her lips passionately against his. She needed to feel him. She could feel her body molding to fit his perfectly.
"You're the best drug there is sugah." She breathed against his lips. She kept her face mere centimeters from his. Her body was tingling. Rogue was a little out of it yes, but the need for Remy was always there. The desire to have him touch her was almost unbearable.
"Remy..Ah need ya." She panted. She was fighting the drowsy effects of the drug. It was after all slowly beginning to wear off. They stood in the dark beaten down alley of the drug house as she waited eagerly for him to respond to her. She kissed him once more and frowned when he didn't return her affection.

The moment she pulled away from the kiss that she had given him, Remy pressed his fingers onto her shoulders and pushed her backwards. It wasn't hard or meant to hurt her, it was a simply to show that he didn't want to hold her in that moment. The look in his deep eyes was filled with anger. "Damn i' cher'. 'ow can ya' be 'appy after somethin' like tha'." Moving away from her he took a few steps and placed his palms against the brick wall and his forehead rested against the cool wall. " 'ow can ya' be okay af'er wha' jus' happened Rogue?" Hie tone was gruff and it was apparent that he wasn't in the mood for anything.

Rogue took a few step back, hurt flickering in her eyes as she stared at his back.
"How can Ah not? Remy Lebeau y' can sit there and talk ta me all ya like about ya being with me no matter what..." She started firmly. "But ya cannot even phantom what it's like ta not be able ta touch." She said venomously through clenched jaws. "Ta have people call ya 'poison touch' ta have them mock ya ta ya face, to back against the wall when ya walk by, whispering how ya might kill them. They sometimes talk about me like Ah choose to be this way. Ah didn't choose this. Ah didn't." Her voice softened began to quiver as tears built in her emerald eyes. Her hands closed tightly into fists at her side as she began to shake. She swallowed hard, closing her eyes as tears rolled down her flushed cheeks. Rogue couldn't even put it into words correctly.

"To not be able to get close to anyone in fear of killing them. The one's in my head fight constantly. Some of them hate me, some fight the voices that say bad things about me. A constant fight in mah, and Ah'm tired Remy." Her breathing hitched as she fought back the sob threatening to strangle her. She was tired of being so weak, but as of late it felt like everything in the world was pressing down on her, threatening to crush her to death."So tired." She whispered. She felt like a broken record, but damn it she just couldn't make him see. He just wouldn't, no couldn't get it unless he had her powers. The curse fate had so coldly bestowed on her. She took a few more steps back clenching her jaw tightly. "This cure, no matter how bad it hurts wearin' off, no matter what the risk, well Remy beside y' it's the only thing that makes me want ta keep going. Ta watch everyone find someone ta be with, someone who can hold them after a bad dream, ta kiss, ta marry or ta start a family with..." Her breathing hitched as she spoke. "It's killin me Remy. Ta know Ah won't ever have that. No matter how much ya might want to give it ta me Remy, without this cure Ah can't have that." She stepped into the alley entrance ignoring people passing her by.

'Ah might as well have died the day that my wretched powers activated. The day Ah met ya Remy was both the best and worst day of mah life." She said firmly. Shaking her head left to right violently eyes shut tight trying to hold in the tears she couldn't help but fall. "Ah met the perfect man. Someone not afraid of me, Someone who has a good heart, even if he is rough around the edges and less than a saint. Someone who showed me how good it can feel to have someone ta care about me the way only y' can." She let out a choked sob. "And at the same time Remy Ah'm scared out of mah mind. Ah don't know what Ah'd do if Ah lost you. Ah'm afraid y' will resent me. Find some pretty girl and run off, or worse feel..obligated ta stay with me when ya find someone else. Ah don't want ya to ever feel that Remy. Please don't ever hate me. If ya can't do this, if ya ever want to leave please just leave. Just don't ever hate me. Ah don't think Ah can handle bein' a regret." She cried as she held herself a few feet away from him. A loud clap of thunder overhead made her jump slightly. She watched his back as he faced the wall, not saying a word through her rant.
"Please say something..." She sniffled. As if the sky opened up cold rain began to pour down on them. Her exposed flesh being assaulted by the cold water pouring down. She sat unmoving, shivering. Her heart sank into her stomach as he remained silent for a moment. She turned her back to the alley, unable to face what she was sure was going to be his rejection. She had pushed him away she could feel it.
Remy had heard her words as clear as day, but he dare not speak as she spoke. Through out her entire speech the anger inside of him began to rise. How could she say something like that, that he would or even could resent her, that he didn't understand? Slamming his fist harshly against the wall, an echo pounding off the brick walls and bouncing through out the alley. She turned around to look at him. Once she was finished speaking, Remy turned to look her directly into the eyes, his own filled with anger and hurt. She saw hurt flicker through his eyes and instantly wished she hadn't been the cause of it. She wanted to kiss him silly. "Stop it Rogue! Jus' stop it now." Through his anger his accent was minimal and almost unnoticeable. She flinched ever so slightly as his fists came upon the wall. " 'ow could you even say that to meh chere?" As the rain began to soak his clothes and body, a pink aura began to glow around his entire person. The glow faint and almost invisible to the naked eye at first. "Ya' honestly t'ink I don' understan' Rouge! I may be able to touch people, bu' I know wha' it's like ta be treated like a freak chere!" His eyes fell upon her's but slowly drifted to her feet. Gambit was hurt, she had dealt a blow to his heart that hurt more than he could have imagined. "I remember 'ow my eyes used ta scare people...'ow they called me 'La Diable Blanc'....the white devil." Her eyes grew cold at the mention of his pain and alienation. She wished she could take his pain into her body and keep him from it

The pink glow around his body began to intensify as Remy approached her, the droplets falling around his body vaporizing due to the kinetic energy. "I unda'stand, but I won' allow ya ta keep hurting ya'self chere." His hands were gripping her shoulders now and he was looking into her eyes, the kinetic energy flowing through his body rubbing off onto her like a small electric sensation. She shivered involuntarily as he walked to her. His large hands were warm on her person as the cold rain beat down on them. Her skin tingled with his presence, a feeling to which she relished. "I won' allow ya to hur' ya'self anymore, not while ya with me...." Gambit's voice began to break as he spoke fighting back tears. "If you wan' ta keep takin' it t'en ya can forget about meh." Dropping his head and turning away from her, the glow emitting from his body clear as day and pulsing with intensity. "I unda'stand as clear as day chere...otha'wise I wouldn' love ya...." It was the first time he had said it and he said it so low that it was almost impossible to catch over the rain, but Remy was sure she had heard it. As soon as the words exited his lips, he began walking to the exit of the alleyway. Not being able to hold his emotions anymore tears began to streak his cheeks mixing with the rain falling from above. The glow beginning to die down until it was completely gone.
Watching him walk away from her a panic struck deep into her chest. The cure or Remy. The ultimatum was disheartening for her. Touch or Remy. Both things she wanted with her whole heart. As the word she had been fighting against in her head to describe how she felt about him tumbled from his lips her heart clenched.

She never thought she would hear those sweet words come from his mouth. Though when she heard them she knew he was telling the truth. She ran to close the distance. She grabbed his arm swinging him around. She jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist and assaulted his face with kisses, her hands holding his handsome face tightly between her bare palms. She kissed his jaw, nose, eyebrows and cheeks before finally pushing her lips firmly to his. "It's you Remy. Ah want ya, Ah couldn't forget about ya if Ah wanted. If ya are makin me choose then Ah choose ya. Maybe Hank can get some of the cure out of mah blood if we hurry and maybe Hank will be able to create a safe version of it. Until then Remy Ah won't take anymore. Because...Oh because Ah love ya Swamp rat!" She whispered before pressing her lips firmly to his once more. She pulled back her body shaking from the cold but that didn't matter. Her hair clung to her face as she looked at him blinking a few times to rid her eyes of the rain. "Ya may be the devil Remy, but ya my devil, and Ah wouldn't have ya any other way." She said as she traced his jawline with her hands, her legs still firmly wrapped around his waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck in a fierce hug. "Ah love ya so much Remy Lebeau." She whispered her lips close to his ear. Her teeth began to chatter softly.
"Let's get ta Hank see if he can't pull the cure from my body and fix it so it ain't dangerous. Ah'm not gonna give up the search for the cure Remy, but for ya, Ah'll wait for a safe version. If anyone can find it it'd be Beast."
Remy was hesitant when she wrapped her arms around him. It would be a lie if he said that he didn't enjoy touching her, it was intoxicating, however no matter how much he or she enjoyed it, Remy wouldn't allow it if it caused her to put herself in harms way, let alone letting her go through the side effects that she was going through. Remy and Logan may have had their differences, many differences. They did happen to have one thing in common though and that was that they both cared about Rogue's safety, even if Logan had a strange way of showing it sometimes. Remy couldn't say anything about that though because he didn't exactly always make it very presentable either.

When Rogue kissed him, Remy recoiled slightly not returning it but allowing her to kiss him. It was apparent that Gambit was still quite annoyed and upset with everything that had happened. Rogue untangled herself from him, standing before him once again. Rogue's face fell slightly when he had recoiled from her touch. She bit down her hurt and settled on the fact that he was still upset. She couldn't' make him less angry, though that would not stop her from tryin. Even though he was upset, he wasn't going to be a dick to her, so the one thing that he did do is once she broke away from him and finished talking, the red eyed mutant placed the back of his hand softly on her cheek and brushed the hair from her face behind her ear. "Perhaps chere, bu' if 'e can't t'is will not 'appen again, is t'at unda'stood?" After he was finished he turned to around and waved his hand which was lingering at his side. When he mentioned it never happening again if she couldn't find a safe version her face fell, though she quickly recovered. She nodded grimly. She loved the man in front of her, and if this cure didn't work..then maybe...just maybe she could find other ways around the powers she was damned with.
"Sure Remy, If beast can't find a safe way, then you and Ah will just have to find another way around it. Ah don't want to lose ya." She said honestly. Her green eyes looked pointedly into the red and black ones she loved so much, hoping he would see the honesty of what she said. She meant every word."We goin' back ta de mansion now, ge' in de car. I'm drivin'." Gambit wasn't about to let her drive while the injection was still as fresh as it was. He had seen the side effects before and he wasn't going to put them in anymore harmful situations today. While they made their way to the car, Gambit slipped behind her and slipped his hand into her pocket removing the keys.

She slipped into the passengers seat slightly down at the cold manor Remy had treated her with when she told him she chose him over the cure and that she loved him, but she couldn't blame him. He cared about her and she put him through hell with this cure. She was determined to make it up to him. She would show him she loved him by honoring his wishes and doing anything she could to prove to him she could be everything he wanted. Well almost everything. Once her powers came back she would only try harder to keep his interest.

Once back at the mansion Rogue walked briskly to the med lab and smiled at Beast who grinned at her as she walked in.
"Why hello Rogue. How are you child?" He asked pleasantly.
"Ah'm doing great!" She beamed at him.
"Can Ah ask ya a favor Beast?" She said quickly. Time was of the essence.
"Sure thing Rogue what would this favor be?" He smiled at her seemingly excited nature. Curious as to what was causing her to grin so happily. She had been quite down for a while until the Cajun had appeared. He managed to quell some of the loneliness he had sensed in the normally strong woman he had come to know over the years. Even when she was smiling and laughing Beast had always been able to see the loneliness and detachment she had hidden so well from most of the others. He was glad when Remy had come along and taken some of that heavy burden off her shoulders. Now the woman in front of him was simply beaming. The loneliness had seemed to disappear to his happiness.
"Ah got the cure again." She started slowly. Beast's eyes grew worried, he full well intended to give her a stern talking to involving the dangers of what she was doing, she however stopped him.
"Ah'm not taking it again, it was stronger this time and it's fresh in my system. We don't have much time, can ya take a blood sample or somethin' and try ta create a safe version of it? With out the danger of where Ah get it, and what ever else they might mix it with, if ya can create a safe version, Ah can take that. Until then Ah promised Remy Ah wouldn't go and get more, seeing as it is unsafe and all." She said in one quick breath. Beast stood dumbfounded. The cajun had convinced her not to take something that would rid her of the powers that rendered her unable to touch, the ones she ignored the risk and painful side effects that were harming her to achieve what she wanted? He was pleasantly surprised. Remy had her best interest at heart and had been able to stop her from making dangerous life threatening decisions. He smiled and looked at her.
"As you wish Rogue. I'm very glad to hear you'll not be taking this cure again until a safe, side effect free version is found. I'll work on it night and day, as it would be a giant leap in medical and scientific studies. Very helpful with people who have a problem managing their powers." He walked over to her a large smile on his face.
"This won't hurt." He said as he pulled out a package removing a sterile needle. He drew the blood quickly, filling a few vials full, in case he needed more to work with.
"There that should be enough. Rogue get some juice and sugar into your system. Take it easy, you might be light headed for a while." He explained as he carried the vials of her cure tainted blood as if they were most precious indeed into the back office to begin testing. He was quite curious as to the way things would turn out.

Once they had entered the mansion, Remy watched as Rogue ran off to what he assumed was the lab to see Hank. Instead of directly following her, Remy made his way into one of the guest rooms he was keeping his clothes in for the nights he did end up staying at the mansion. Still there were nights he went to see the thief's council. Even though he wasn't as widely accepted there since the incident with Julien Boudreaux, Bella Donna's brother. Gambit was in no way a murderer, when challenged by Julien to a duel though, the mutant had no choice. It was either his life or the life of his brothers and that wasn't a sacrifice that Remy was willing to make. That incident alone destroyed any chance of the Thief's Guild and the Assassin's Guild reconciling. Gambit was the last chance the Thief's had and Bella Donna was the Assassin's and when Gambit killed Julien that all came to end. Still to this day the thief's guild, no matter where he was still held that against him. He was tolerated though only for one reason and that was because in the end he was still Jean-Luc Lebeau's adopted son and in respect for Jean-Luc's after his death, they still tolerated Remy. One of if not the greatest thief's to ever walk through the council's doors and they couldn't look at him with anything other than disappointment.

Peeling his dirtied shirt off his body and throwing it on the bed, he removed a clean white t-shirt from the closet and pulled it over his head. Turning to walk out, Remy's eyes met Kurt's. "Nigh'crawla..." Gambit spoke, his Cajun accent cutting the air in somewhat surprise. "Sorry v'ere Gambit, I did not mean to surprise v'ou." Kurt's tone was quiet and unsure. "Logan told me vhere you v'ere going. How did it go?" Remy sighed and tilted his head back, and answered. "Trut'fully I'm not sure, Kurt. I 'ave to go, I'll come talk ta ya' lata tonight." With that Gambit walked past him and down to the lab.
"Remy, come here Sugah." She asked softly from the medical table. She held her arms out and cast a loving look to him.

Rogue took his large calloused hands in her own and smiled softly at him.
"Ah just wanted to apologize again Remy. Ah've been stupid and a royal pain in the ass and it's not fair to ya." She looked into his eyes, her heart fluttering as she did.
"Ah love ya Remy." She said softly, her tiny hands giving his a light squeeze. Remy stared down at her, his eyes wandering over the face he had memorized so well. His heart fluttered every time the "L" word tumbled from her perfectly plump lips. "Y' know I can't stay mad at y' for long Chere." He sighed, a faint smile gracing his lips. She made it damn hard to stay mad at especially when she was telling him his feelings were being reciprocated.
"Say Sugah what do you say we go have us some dinner and then ya can pic someplace or somethin ta do and we can do it, my treat." She grinned. She stood up feeling slightly dizzy and swayed, nearly stumbling back. She removed on of her hands from his and placed it to her forehead feeling cold all of the sudden.
"Ah just got the chills." She muttered. Remy pulled her into him, his stron arms wrapping around her, warming her body with his own. She smiled up at him.
"Maybe gettin food is a great idea, if ya don't mind swamp rat." She teased him playfully.
"We could go grab some Cajun food..." She baited him with a sly grin. "Chere, y' really know 'ow ta win a man over f'sure." He flashed her his infamous grin and brushed some of her hair from her face gently. She smiled up at him lovingly and closed her eyes against his touch, relishing it while she could. This cure could take a while. "Ah love y' swamp rat." She breathed. "And I love y' river rat." He breathed against her lips causing her to shiver. He pressed his lips to hers softly at first then possessively. He had come close to losing her again and now that his anger was slowly beginning to subside worry began to grip him a bit late. He held her closely as he kissed her urgently. Hank walked in And stood frozen for a moment. "Sorry! Oh I shall come back later." He said as he hurried out of the room slightly embarrassed for walking in on them. Both of them broke into laughter Rogue burying her face in Remy's shoulder.