New story peoplez! What happens to Hinata when she gets kidnapped? Who saves her from the darkness afterwards? Warning:Rape, language, and OOC.


Chapter 1:Walking

(Hinata's P.O.V)

"Dear Diary," I thought as I wrote in my journal,"Normal school day today; preps bugging me, teachers having me tutor in class, and Luke not even knowing I exist." I sighed. "Gotta go. Hanabi's back from softball and we gotta take Lucky and Chessy for a walk. Write tomorrow. Bye!"

I closed and locked the little white book and stood on my bed. My hand pushed aside an ocean painting to reveal a small safe. I quickly opened it, put the diary in, closed and covered it, and laid down casually just as Hanabi bursted through the door.

"Come on Hinata. We gotta take the dogs for a walk."she said in her 'I'm a preppy, spoiled brat' voice. I hate that kind of voice! Well -sigh- that's what you get when your father's the CEO of a huge company and spoils his daughters rotten.

"Let's go lazy!"Hanabi called from down the hall.

"I-i'm coming!"I stuttered.


Big breath through nose, gather emotions, breath out through mouth, let emotions get carried with the air.

"And then, I was like,'Oh no you di-in't!' and she was like,'Oh yes I did, slutty-brat!' and then I was like,'Oh no you did not just go there.' And then she said,'Oh yeah I went there! And this time I bought property!' Can you believe the nerve of some people?!"Hanabi ranted.

Yep. Here is a nice, peacefully quiet neighborhood and the silence and peace is broken by her incoherent babbling!

"And she was handing out all this homework. And I mean a lot! Like 20 tons or 1,000.."

"I get it Hanabi! Now will you shut up and enjoy the peace?!"I snapped.

She shut up for a few minutes, looking around. "I don't get why all these trees are still here. That space could be used for something better."she scoffed.

"Like what? And it better be good."I growled.

"A country club or a miniature golf course."she said, completely missing my tone.

"I can not believe you! You would destroy a beautiful area of nature just for another pathetic building of entertainment?!"

"Yep!"she smirked. I hate that smirk. It means she's gonna try talking Dad into doing something she wants and I'll have to come out stronger so he doesn't do it.

"Just shut up for the rest of the way home."I warned, moving slightly ahead with Chessy.

"Hey nee-chan."Hanabi spoke up, walking next to me.

"What?"I sighed.

"Who's the guy that's following us?"

Someone's following us?! I'm the karate/ninja girl and I didn't even sense someone, other than Hanabi, close by. "Ok. Look subtly." I thought. I rolled my head to the left, right, and up. I bent my head back a little further and I saw him.

He was about 17-18. He had long, black hair tied in a low ponytail. His eyes were an obsidian color. Under his eyes were lines, showing he hadn't slept the amount he should.

"What's with his clothes?" I thought. He was wearing a long, high collared cloak. It was black with red clouds. "I've seen that before! It was in one of those rough neighborhoods. There was a really cute red head, a blond, a blue haired girl, and a guy with piercings all over his face! I only caught a glimpse of them but when I looked back...they were gone."

I rolled my head around 'til it was upright. Now that I knew he was there, I could see how strong he is..."Ah!"I gasped quietly. There's no way I stand a chance against him.

"What is it Hinata?"Hanabi asked, grabbing Chessy's leash before she took off.

"N-nothing."I stuttered, shaking my head,"We should hurry home so we can help with dinner."

"Uh...hello?! Where have you been? That's what we have servants for; so we don't have to do it."Hanabi scoffed, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"Well I like to help them."I snapped.

"Whatev. Take the leashes, Chelsea's texting."she ordered.




"Don't move."


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