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Important: Set during Supernatural Season 2's episode "What Is And What Never Should Be".


Eyes flying open, Dean Winchester froze when he realized he was in bed.

What was he doing in bed?

The last thing he remembered was looking for that djinn, some funky light, and then he'd awoken here…in a bedroom he didn't recognize at all. What exactly had happened between the bright light and now?

Someone rolled over in the bed besides him and he felt an arm he hadn't realized was slung over him tightening its hold slightly. "What are you doing awake so early?"

He blinked again.

The voice was definitely female (thank god), and sexily husky from sleep. But he didn't recognize it, didn't remember going to a bar and picking up any girl with a sexy voice, didn't remember going to her home---because this definitely wasn't like any of the crappy motels he'd have taken them to if the destination was left up to him.

"Uh, I---uhm." Dean didn't know what to do. He'd never spent the night with a chick before. Sure, he'd bedded a lot of them, but he'd never felt secure enough to be asleep and vulnerable in front of them, no matter how drunk he'd been at the time.

The laughter was sweet and caused downstairs to throb at attention immediately. "You're as eloquent as always, I see." There was a yawn and then the blanket was pushed away slightly, revealing the sleepy face of the most beautiful woman Dean had ever seen in his life.

Blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders, messy from sleep, and green eyes glinted mischievously at him as she leaned all her bodyweight onto her elbows. "You know, you shouldn't ogle me so much, we're always late in the mornings thanks to that."

He really didn't hear a word she'd said.

This woman was heaven. How could he have been so drunk as to forget her?

It was wrong.

How could he have held that beautiful creature, have touched her, entered her, and yet not remember?

I have to remedy that…

A smirk appeared on his lips as he leaned towards her, only to be met with a finger to his forehead and a giggle.

"Not this morning, Dean. I'm not feeling up to it." Shaking her head at him, giggling in amusement, the female pulled the blanket off the rest of her body and turned to try and get out of bed.

Dean froze, eyes wide when he saw the huge stomach. "You're pregnant!" He squeaked, jumping out of the bed as if it'd burnt him.

Who in the world had he picked up last night? And where?

"Yes, thank you, I'd noticed that all on my own." She snarked, trying to push herself up from the bed yet unable to. A sigh of annoyance escaped her as she turned to him. "Can you give me a hand?"

"You're pregnant!" Was all he could think as he continued to stare at her.

By now the amusement was fading to confusion and worry in her green eyes as she observed him warily. "Yes, I'm pregnant. Something you so very helpfully pointed out when you found my pregnancy test in the waste bin."

"Huh?" What was she talking about? What pregnancy test?

"Honey? Are you feeling okay?" She asked, worry coloring her every feature. "I know you hit your head hard last night, but you're acting odder than usual this morning."

"I---I'm fine." He ran his hand over his short hair before suddenly realizing that he was naked and grabbed the blanket, covering and thus hiding his painfully hard member from the beautiful, yet crazy pregnant chick.

She was silent for a moment before smiling. "I'm glad. Johnny and I were worried."

"Johnny?" He asked. Don't tell me her husband brought me here to screw his pregnant wife so he could get some sort of sick thrill while watching? Anger built in him as his hazel gaze raked over the beauty before him. If he were her husband he'd never let any other man look at her, much less-.

"Yes, Johnny, also known as your son." She snorted, shaking her head at him.

And Dean Winchester's world froze. "What? Son?" He dropped the blanket in his shock. "Now see here lady, I just met you last night after getting myself ass-drunk at some bar! There wasn't any time for---I don't have any children and I sure as hell don't---!"

"Dean Winchester!" Her eyes were narrowed, her cheeks red, and she looked both angry and hurt as she glared at him. "I don't know what's gotten into you this morning, but if you think you're being funny, well, you're not! You jerk! You know that this pregnancy has me more moody than---someone really moody!"

And once again Dean froze at the sign of tears in her eyes.


He was going to make the gorgeous, pregnant, and possibly insane chick cry.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

She tore her gaze from his and somehow managed to push herself off of the bed, hand on her stomach, stuffing her feet into some pink, fluffy house shoes.

"Cristo." He announced on instinct.

The woman turned to him and glared. "Are you cursing at me now?"

Shit. Ok. So she wasn't possessed.

Just extremely pissed.

Wait, wait.

His eyes narrowed as he suddenly realized something. "How did you know my name?"

She looked at him incredulously, the anger seeming to grow, causing a flush of red to crawl up her neck. It was tantalizing. Dean just wanted to cool off her skin with his mouth.

"That was kinda one of the requisites to marrying you, you asshole." She snapped, wriggling her fingers mad at him, an engagement ring and wedding band sparkling accusingly at him.

On instinct Dean's gaze went down to his own hand, and he found a matching wedding band. Hazel eyes widened as he raised the hand for inspection and then jerked the ring off, heart skipping a beat when he realized that the skin under it was a lighter shade than the rest, proving that he'd been wearing this ring for a while. He put it back on. "What the fuck?"

"That's what I want to know." The woman announced. "And stop cursing in front of our unborn baby you uncivilized, insensitive bastard."

Dean wanted to point out that she wasn't using the cleanest language, but he'd faced many dangers, and his gut instinct was telling him to not piss this tiny yet fierce looking woman more than she was already. In fact, something deep inside of himself was going 'Shit, shit, shit! Calm her! Calm her!'.

Considering that not a lot of situations made his insides panic this way, Dean tried his best to think of something to placate her, but really wasn't coming up with anything.

The door swung open, and Dean turned towards it, his eyes widening as a tiny version of himself bounded into the room, grinning brightly. "Mama! Papa! Are we leaving yet? When's unca Sam coming? He said he'd be there!"

The woman grinned. "Johnny, you might want to bathe and change out of your pajamas before we go over to see your Grammy Mary."

Dean's head jerked up at the sound of his mother's name. "Are we going to her grave today?" He was trying to understand what was going on, trying to piece everything together, but couldn't understand anything.

Everything pointed to the fact that this beautiful, pregnant and criminally angry woman was his wife, but it just didn't add up. How---.

The sound of sniffles brought his attention back to the kid, Johnny, who looked ready to cry. "Did grammy die?"

"No." The woman shook her head, sending Dean a glance that made him gulp and take a careful step backwards. "Honey, your daddy's just confused. Remember he tripped on your toys last night and hit his head hard last night. But he'll be fine in a minute or two."

"Oh. Okay." The tyke, who couldn't be more than five, smiled suddenly. "I'm going to go bathe." And with that he ran out of the room.

And the woman turned on him. "What the hell is up your ass this morning, Winchester?" She was seething, and Dean was sure she wouldn't he happy with the fact that downstairs was twitching with appreciation at the view. "First you act like you don't know me, then you say our children aren't yours, and then you go and tell Johnny that Mary's dead?"

"She is!" He snapped, a jolt of pain entering his heart.

"No she's not and you know it! Why would you say something like that?" She grew silent, worried once more. "Maybe you hit your head too hard. Maybe, maybe I should call Sam."

"Yes! Sam! Call Sam!" Dean latched onto the idea immediately. If there was anyone who could find the truth of this situation, it was his baby brother. "He'll tell you that mom's dead. That she died in a fire when he was six months old and---."

"What?" The woman brought a hand to her heart, looking scared now. "Baby, your mom was never in a fire." She looked at him nervously, as if he'd snapped. "There was a fire in your house when Sam was six months old and the place burnt to the ground, but you were all out when it happened. Afterwards you all moved to Smallville---that's how we met."

"Smallville?" He asked, confused. "Lady, see, there are way too many discrepancies in this story of yours. One, I'm an orphan. My mom died when I was young and my dad died a little while back. And about this place? Smallville? I've never been there in my whole life. If you're going to try and trick someone, make sure that you investigate and---."

"You're 'there' now. We live in Smallville." She pressed, yet kept the distance between them. "I'm calling Sam. Something's not right."

"I'll call Sam." Dean looked around him. "Where's my phone?"

"You know Sam won't answer if you call him from your cell." She whispered, shaking her head, before going to the bedside table. Pressing the speaker button on the phone, Dean watched as she dialed Sam's number (noting that it was indeed the correct number) and they both listened to the ringtone until suddenly Sam picked up.


The woman smiled slightly at the sound of his voice, seeming comforted already.

Dean didn't understand the stark jealousy he felt at that moment. He didn't know the insane, stalker (and possibly obsessed kidnapper) of a woman, but the fact that she seemed so comforted by just Sammy's voice didn't sit well with him. He felt jealous instead of relieved to hear his little brother's voice.

"Sam, it's me, Chloe." The woman announced, running her fingers through her hair. "You're on speakerphone, Dean's here in the room with me."

"Oh." Came the quiet answer. "Why am I on speakerphone?"

The woman, Chloe, opened her mouth.

"Sammy." Dean cut in, coming towards her and the phone and forgetting all about the fact that he was naked and ready. "Can you tell this woman that I'm not married and don't have two children? Can you tell her mom and dad are dead? And--?"

"What the hell? Dean?" Sam's voice was surprisingly harsh, but it was also confused. "What are you talking about? Mom dead? Mom's not dead."

Dean froze, his heart spinning. "She's not---what are you saying?"

"Chloe?" Sam seemed to have ignored his question, worried now. "How are you feeling? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me." She smiled tiredly, placing a hand over her stomach. "It's Dean I'm worried about. Last night he tripped over the toys you bought Johnny and hit his head really badly, and now he's calling me 'lady' and he's like this."

"Maybe you should get out of the house. He seems a little unstable. I don't want him accidentally hurting you."

"Hey!" Dean exclaimed, angered at that. "I heard that!"

"I know." Sam responded curtly, before sighing. "What's your problem this time, Dean? Are you drunk again? Is that it? Are you looking for a little attention?"

Dean was rooted to the spot, not sure what to do or why Sammy was talking to him like this. He couldn't understand anything that was going on.

"Or is this just another one of your games? Huh?" Sam sounded so annoyed. "Don't you think you're a little too old for this? Don't you think Chloe's put up with enough of your crap these last seven years?"

"Sam…" Chloe whispered.

"No, Chlo, you're in a delicate situation right now in that pregnancy and you know the doctor told you not to get upset. And what does this dumbass you married do? He upsets you." Sam took in a deep breath. "Well, let me play this game, Dean, that you obviously want me to play. Meet Chloe Sullivan-Winchester. Your wife. And you're damned lucky too that she loves you for some unexplainable reason, so stop fucking around and get your head on straight for once." There was a sigh. "I—I'll see you at mom's in an hour or two. Bye Chloe."

"Bye Sam." She responded before hanging up the call and turning to Dean. "Are you happy now? I do my best to try and get you two reconciled and all my best efforts are for nothing."

"Reconciled?" The eldest Winchester brother asked, sitting down on the bed, so confused. "But we were just on the road together last night. We were going to have a beer when I got back and----."

"On the road?" Chloe looked like she wanted to sit next to him but was too worried about not being able to get back up if she did. "Honey, you haven't had a decent conversation with your brother in years. You stopped talking altogether during the time he was in Stanford and even though he graduated and is living in Metropolis you two always find excuses not to be in the same place at the same time."

"That----can't----be true." Dean whispered, head bowed, heart racing.

What was this?

What had happened?

This wasn't the life he knew, the one he was used to. This was like some alternate universe or some----.

Hazel eyes widened.

That had to be it!

He was in some alternate universe in which Mary Winchester hadn't died and----. His body went cold, and then he turned to the woman who'd seemed to decide that he needed her comfort enough for her to brave sitting down next to him.

He must seem so insane right now to her.

But at least now he'd figured out what'd happened.

Somehow, he'd switched places with the Dean of another alternate reality. Which meant that this was his wife, his family, and his mother---.

Tears sprung to his eyes. "Mom's not dead."

Chloe Sullivan-Winchester's expression went tender in an instance, and she smiled at him, placing her arms around him and bringing her softly towards him in a hug that was comforting and oh so sweet. "Of course she's not dead, silly. You were just a little disoriented, that's all."

Dean wanted to feel awkward, but he found himself melting in her embrace, taking in the scent of her skin, and closing his eyes at the ambrosia. "I'm sorry, I, I was confused, I---."

"Don't worry, you hit your head hard." She whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his head as if emphasizing that point. "All that matters is that you're okay now."

Well, he didn't know if he was okay, but at least he did know a little of what was going on. All he had to do was figure out what had caused him to switch with the other Dean, and how to switch back.

"So, Johnny, huh?" He asked, pulling away, giving the woman—his wife—what he hoped was an innocent smile. "So, whose idea was it again to name him after dad?"

"Mine of course," she announced with a smile. "You would never have been clever enough to come up with that thought."


She giggled at his mock-outrage, and the sound was beautiful. "And anyway, John had passed away in his sleep just a couple of months before, so it helped Mary."

Another jolt of pain pierced Dean's heart. So this universe's Dean had lost his dad. "Oh. Right." The sensation of a hand caressing his cheek was so foreign it hurt, and Dean found himself pressing his face into that intimate touch before he realized what he was doing.

"I miss him too." Chloe whispered, smile sad. "But I know that he'd have been proud of the way you've taken over Winchester Mechanics. The place has thrived these last five years."

Dean grinned. He had his own mechanic shop?

"That's my boy." Chloe grinned, leaning forwards and pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Thank god this little missy is going to be a girl. I can barely keep up with you and Johnny, I don't know how I'd survive it if our baby would have been another male."

Dean knew that technically this wasn't his wife, or his child, but yet he felt a little shock of awareness. This creature growing in her stomach, it was his. He'd put it there---even if not exactly him.

"You're going to keep mommy from going insane, right Ree?" Chloe asked her stomach, rubbing it.

"Ree." Dean hoped to god that there was more to the name than that.

"Well, you didn't like me calling her Sassy, said that it was just asking for her to come out with as much mouth and attitude as me, remember?" Chloe asked, grinning at him. "So I thought, Ree is a good nickname for Risa Winchester."

He was silent as he watched her laughing and talking. Sure, he was confused and didn't really know what she was talking about most of the time, knew that this really wasn't his wife and family, but he didn't think it could hurt to just pretend it was---for a little bit.

He---he wanted to see his mother.

Hazel eyes closed as the texture of Chloe's voice washed over him, calming him.

His mother was alive…and he was going to see her.

In two hours, if this universe's Sam was correct.

"Help me up, I gotta bathe." Chloe smiled at him. "Then we're going to have breakfast over at Mary's like we do every year at her birthday."

He froze. Birthday? Today was her birthday? "R-right." As a reflex he stood and helped her carefully to her feet, not knowing exactly what to do as she gave his hand a grateful little squeeze before beginning to waddle towards what he could only assume was the bathroom.

Now that he was alone he took the opportunity to get a better view of the room, looking from the pastel-painted walls, to the large bed he'd been sleeping on, and then he went to the mantel, where he could see picture frames.

One of the pictures had his mom and dad grinning at their anniversary party, one was of a much younger version of himself, Sam, and Chloe standing together, laughing and very dirty, another was of his and Chloe's wedding.

She looked really young in that white dress.

Noticing those large frames that held like 21 different pictures in it hanging on the wall, Dean went towards it and stared at the many different pictures. There were pictures of Chloe with a tall brunette girl who looked somewhat like her, a shorter, darker haired brunette, a black boy, and a tall, muscular mountain of a boy. Another picture had a picture of her and Dean observing a baby that he somehow knew was Johnny.

Back In Black rang loudly in the room, cluing Dean that his phone was in here somewhere.

"At least this version of me still has good taste in music." He murmured to himself as he followed the sound of the ACDC song, smiling when he finally found his cellular, frowning when he saw Sam's name on the caller I.D. He'd thought that this version of him and Sam didn't get along well? "Sammy?"

"Cut the 'Sammy' crap, Dean." Sam announced, sounding annoyed. "Is Chloe there?"

"No, she's bathing." Dean replied honestly, trying to get a grip with what was happening, and wondering why Sam was calling him if he obviously disliked him. And why did Sammy dislike him so much? What had this Dean done to his Sam?

"Good, I don't want her to get nervous." Sam replied, taking in a deep breath. "Dean, you know she nearly lost the baby. You said you would change, that you were serious about this. But if you aren't, if something happens to Chloe and that child because of you----."

"She almost had a miscarriage?" Dean's eyes narrowed in worry. He hadn't realized that when Sam had said that she had a difficult pregnancy he'd meant that.

"Cut the crap Dean!" Sam growled. "You know very well why she nearly lost the baby!"

No. He did not. But he wouldn't be able to convince Sam of the contrary and he doubted it was a good idea to ask Chloe.

"Look, just, get your act together. You're a grown man for fuckssake." And with that he hung up.

Dean frowned, leaning against the wall before turning his head to look at the pictures once more. He then looked down at the background for his cellular's screen, frowning slightly when he saw a picture of the other Dean hugging a very pregnant Chloe and little Johnny.

"What did you do to fuck it up so much with your brother?" He asked the picture of the other Dean. "And what can I do to undo it?"

Not that he planned on being here for much longer, but, well, it just wasn't right for any Sam and Dean to hate each other the way these two seemed to.

Maybe that's why I switched places with him. To straighten out his relationship with Sammy. He better not ruin MY relationship with MY Sammy though.

He blinked as he suddenly realized that.

If the Dean from this universe had switched with him, then that meant he was in his universe.

This is great! The eldest Winchester smiled. Sammy will realize the difference between us, realize what happened, and he'll get us switched back in no time!

Chloe began to sing, the sound mixing with the falling water of the shower.

Dean turned at the sound and smiled.

He must be missing her.

Shaking his head as he realized what a sappy thought that'd been, Dean took in a deep breath and nodded, determined.

He was going to enjoy this time here as his 'normal guy' alternate version, see what life with a wife and kids was like, see his mother, and fix his relationship with his brother.

It would be great.


Because really.

How much could Sammy hate him?


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