Hi!! This is my first supernatural fic and I decided to make it comical. A little brother moment lol! Enjoy!

The Winchester brothers were walking down a street, having already done their job. Next to the street was a park with a couple of swings, most of them broken and others not very safe-looking. There was a skating ramp, a slide and a small skating ring. Suddenly, the elder Winchester broke out laughing, leaving the little brother looking at him confused.

"What's so funny dean?" Sam asked.

"Oh my…oh my…" he broke out laughing again, "don't you remember this?!" he pointed towards a trashcan. It had the big lion head as a cover. Sam looked at Dean with disbelief.

"Uh…no. What is it?"

"This brings one of the damn funniest stories back to life!" Dean answered. Sam continued looking clueless. "Look, one day, by miracle, there weren't any jobs and you came up to dad and said: 'dad, I want to go out!' and you were like what? Four years old? So he got all soft with your cute stare and decided to take us to the park…"


The three Winchesters were at the park. Dean spotted a trashcan with a lion head and he wanted nothing but to give a good scare to his baby brother.

"Hey Sammy, look at that!" Dean told his little brother. Sam, scared, cowered behind his dad's leg. John looked at Dean with reproach but decided to let the prank go on. "You know, I once knew about this kid that he told a lie and the lion ate him!" Dean said, emphasizing 'ate' and gave his brother a wide eyed look.

Dean grinned as Sam yelped.

"Have you told a lie Sam?" Dean asked his brother mysteriously, frowning.

"No." he replied shaking.

"I think you have."

"No! No, I haven't!" Sam yelled.

"It also eats whips!" Dean said.

"He has to catch me first!" Sam shouted and took off running while Dean was laughing like crazy by the prank he'd just pulled.

"It took us an hour to find you behind a bush muttering 'it won't catch me.'" Dean told Sam breathless from all the laughing.

"Nice." Sam commented with sarcasm and eyebrows raised. He continued walking, shaking his head.

Dean sighed and followed Sam, chuckling one more time at the big lion-headed trashcan.

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