Author's Note: First Torchwood fan fic! be nice, please? no flamers!


Chapter one: Hello There

Ianto Jones entered the hub that morning as he always did. it was silent except for the sound of the clacking of a keyboard.

Ianto sighed. it was probably Jack, but he wished it was Tosh.

She and Owen had died six months ago and the pain still felt fresh. He missed Tosh's shy little smile, he even missed Owen calling him "Tea boy".

The hub had felt dead and empty since they died.

Ianto swallowed his pain. No need to upset everybody in the hub, he thought.

He walked towards Tosh's old computer station. Expecting to see his lover.

"Good morning Jack." He said as he approached the desk.

"I'm not Jack, but good morning, Ianto." A voice answered. Ianto stopped dead in his tracks. Was that- it couldn't be!

"Are you making coffee, because if you are, do you think you can make me a latte?" The voice continued.

Ianto didn't move. His mind was going over all the possibilities of that voice, an old recording, perhaps? Another video?

The owner of the voice leaned out and looked at him.

"Ianto, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." She said.

"That's because I have, Tosh."


Okay, that's chapter one! sorry if it's a little OOC, I haven't seen a lot of Torchwood, we have a serious lack of it in Canada.

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