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Chapter Five: Darkness in the Valley


He looked out of the cell, the guards remained outside of it. He leaned against the back wall.

He still couldn't believe it. Martha Jones was a double agent and UNIT the bad guys. Plus, Jack, Ianto, Tosh and Gwen had no idea. UNIT could probably kill them all (well, excluding Jack) and he could have warned them, told Tosh to watch her back, tell them Martha was not their friend and tell them about the mysterious "Project Sato".

"Or maybe," He thought. "I still can."

"Oi, you, idiot with the red beret!"

The guards didn't move. Owen smirked.

"I haven't eaten in ages. Your boss doesn't believe in feeding the prisoners." He called again. One of the guards, a young man in his twenties, looked at Owen.

"You don't look like your starving."

"Jonson, don't believe him," The other guard, a woman, said. "he's already dead."

"Still, just because I'm dead doesn't mean you can't feed me." He pushed. This was going to work.

It had to.

For everyone's sake.

Jonson turned around and Owen put on his best sad face. "Please, food is the only thing that reminds me of life." He pleaded, secretly laughing at them in his head. Had UNIT skipped over the "does not eat" fact when they put these guards in charge of him?

"Maybe we can give him a little bit of food, Murray?" Jonson asked the woman. She too looked at Owen. He gave her a sad look.

Murray sighed.

"Maybe just a little, I can't finish this shift with him looking at me like that, and he's not going anywhere, because if you do, we'll break your legs, and then you won't even stand, isn't that right Doctor Harper?"

Owen nodded. Murray turned to Jonson. "Well? Go get some food." She ordered as the young man ran off.

"Murray," A new voice said. The two looked over at the man who now stood in front of the guard. Owen recognized his voice as the one Martha had been speaking with.

"a word, please." He continued as he motioned for Murray to follow him.

Owen smiled.

This was just fantastic.


What's Owen up to? Project Sato? Martha's a villan? And new news, we're one twist away from soap opera status!