Author's note; I don't own The Legend of Zelda or its characters. This story depicts graphic imagery; if you don't like it-don't read it, I cannot be more clear. So I have re-written, again and again. I would love to keep tweaking with this story until I am fully satisfied. Comments and critics, welcome. Thank you, enjoy.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Demise

Deep within the dark, cold and unholy terror rightfully named 'Ganon's Castle' stood two fierce men; one good, one bad, both trapped in the endless dance of combat. The Hero of Time, only a boy of seventeen, with the Master sword in his left hand and his Hyrulean Shield in the right hand, was standing face to face with the most evil, bitter soul that ever walked the earth, Ganondorf Dragmire, King of the Gerudo Thieves.

My most beautiful blonde foe, 'Link', was standing before me, in the middle of one of my many great halls, waiting respectively for me. His sapphire gaze beckoned me, to say words, to move, anything really. They studied me as I studied him. It had been seven years since the last time I saw him; my, how he had changed. I could tell was ready for anything I could throw at him-I was sure of that. Of course he was; he was the destined Hero of Time! Within his grasp he held firmly the hilt of the legendary blade the Master Sword; the boy meant business. I admired his bold stupidity momentarily.

As I studied my young enemy intently I noted his thick blonde hair, those stunning blue eyes that shimmered with triumph, as if he had a chance in hell of winning; 'heh'. His fair skin was bronzed by the vibrant sun and his face may as well been carved by the Gods; it was almost unfair to kill such a pretty thing. His jaw line was strong, his plump rosy lips hung slightly ajar. His nose was not as prominent as the Gerudos, but still nicely shaped. Those damn eyes... they burned with passion. Although, I myself, was still a young handsome man by Gerudo terms, as our race can live for many centuries without age ever touching us. I am quite tall, very tanned, with luscious fiery red hair that was thick and wavy. Just like the rest of the Gerudos; after all we do pride ourselves with beauty and personal appearance. I am proud to call the Gerudo my people, to have bountiful beautiful woman at my feet, adoring me. Even so, there was something about the Hylian boy that captured my eye; I suppose he was exotic to me, he was a different kind of beautiful. My eyes hungrily devoured his body. Those long legs connected to muscled thighs, curved hips met with a toned torso, then connected to a barrelled chest and broad shoulders. Don't even get me started on that damn face, again!

Even I was aware my thoughts were wrong; me, the King of Evil. I was a little disturbed by my own train of thought, here we were, about to commence in battle, a battle that would decide the entire outcome of the Kingdom and later the rest of the world. And I'm thinking about how attractive this young man is? If I did not win then how could I possibly rule over everything? I must vanquish these damned thoughts! I looked back towards him; he was already in fighting stance obviously waiting for me to do the same. I followed his example and instinctually took my stance. My muscles flexed with excitement and tension underneath my thick leather armour. My mind raced with questions and ambition; my body screamed and begged for me to win and tear my opponent to pieces. A sadistic smile graced my hard features as my molten gold eyes glittered with malice. The boy shivered with unease and I fucking loved it.

Neither of us had said a thing although we didn't really need to. We were born enemies, as our fates were sealed by the Goddesses we should always be enemies and yet for some unseen reason, I had become slightly physically attracted to him. It had been a long seven years ruling Hyrule without interruption, until he appeared again. How glorious those years were how I moulded my perfect utopia; filled to the brim with fear and chaos for those who did not loyally worship my Godly being and now I face that little brat again but he isn't some little kid anymore. I can't just wipe him from existence, oh no... now he's a challenge. Now we face down each other and I am attracted to the young man who I have sworn to kill. In the name of the Goddesses we were meant to kill one another for the sake of history books and long forgotten stories to be passed down until no one can remember our names. That is our fate-so why can't it be so simple?

I sighed inwardly as I made the first move. Of course I had to kill him but I still thought it was a shame. Within a few seconds I had covered the ground between us swiftly and was invading his personal space. I blew a breath of hot air into his face as my fist slammed into his gut. Shock over took him for a few seconds but he quickly recovered, as I expected. He did a full back flip and landed on his heels and recovered a distance away before lunging at me with blade in hand. I sideswiped his poor attempt to kill me and let my right hand smack down onto his neck with a thunderous cracking sound. The pathetic boy crashed to the marble floor gasping and heaving up blood, his eyes were glazed over in pain. I watched bemusedly as his mouth hung open much like a fish out of water. As much as I hated the thought I figure I may as well end this match and slammed my steel-plated foot to meet his handsome face; unfortunately I was too slow and he tucked and rolled to my right. Before I had a chance to turn and meet his face I was slashed up my back with that damn blade! I yelped in surprise and searing pain. My eyes saw red and my attitude changed from menacing to blood thirsty rage.

I doubled over panting and growling. My head lifted mechanically as I sent a deadly glare the Hero's way. "So Link," I hissed in absolute hatred. "This is what Hyrule calls a Hero? You and I both know that was a cheap shot!"And silence followed my hollow threat. The young man too dazed to give a proper reply, he only turned his head and spit blood on the floor and returned my steady gaze with his own. We locked passionate eyes for a moment and rested within each other's unbearable presence. My anger boiled over and exploded in violent flashes of black sorcery. I threw every spell my enraged mind could think of; if you could call temper tantrum thinking. "I should let you suffer long and hard for what you did to my back," I whispered hoarsely.

"I'm the Hero remember, Ganon? I will win." Link panted with a tired grin.

"HA! You don't even have the energy to speak boy!" I sneered with satisfaction. With simple words done, I lunged towards him with a deadly spell already forming in the palm of my hand, intent on killing the Great Hero with one swift strike. Link, as tired as he seemed had managed to get out of the deadly spells path of destruction and struck me again with his own deadly blade. Blood spilled once more, onto the floor, on Link's tattered tunic and of course his sword companion but I too, was just as cunning if not more so, than him-within a moment had a hidden dagger in hand and slashed at Links vulnerable left side. I sliced him good right under his ribcage. It was his turn, again, to feel pain. It was definitely him who would leave this place in a body bag today. After all I had a whole world I had to enslave and rule.

"You won't win this one, Hero. I can't ever let you." I reassured myself and threatened him. Of course I would win. I am Ganondorf Dragmire, wielder of the Triforce of Power. I couldn't die... I'm too powerful.

"Had enough Gerudo?" Link managed to spit out. He taunted me with my own rich heritage. My skin boiled and my eyes strained to see past the foul red of bursting blood vessels. I always had a small problem containing my rage and my own body suffered the consequences.

"Bah! So cocky, I'm not dead yet Hero, don't make the mistake of forgetting that." I growled. I seethed and clenched my teeth.

"Yeah, but you look like you're dead anyway. You really shouldn't frown like that…" Link chuckled lightly. "You might get more wrinkles than you already have, if that's even possible!"

"How dare you! Stupid child, how dare you even show your face in the presence of a God like me!" My eyes grew dark as they burned right through him and peered into his soul. "I'll have you know that Gerudos are highly thought of being one of the most beautiful races in the entire world."

"And clearly you did not inherit that beauty." The child mocked me in a playful tone. What was he: a bold and opinionated Hero or a complete incompetent simpleton? There couldn't be a way that someone was so bold or mentally challenged that they did not know better than to insult the likes of me. "Besides…." He started again, flashing a cocky smile, "you're the only male of your race. How can you decide that you are beautiful? When there is no one whom you can compare yourself to?" That's it. I think he's just stupid.

With a vile and twisted grin on my handsome face, I decided I would show him just how truly magnificent I was and what true power looked like. I focused hard and summoned my inner strength, my right hand started to glow; I was awakening the power that lay dormant within, Triforce resonating an eerie light until I was standing before Link revived, well and muscles bulging with unlimited power; unlike the damaged hero. Link could only look on helplessly as I grabbed him by the scruff and brought him to eye level. Once a Great Hero was now a small boy who whimpered in the presence of evil; his scared blue eyes looking for mercy but found none in my cold yellow eyes. The malicious eyes of monstrous King don't offer any kindness. I almost felt sympathy for the boy, almost; after all he was only a foolish child, thrown into a destiny he never wanted, just like me. Link went pale; his skin had the same eerie whiteness of a Zora's complexion, so much for being bronzed I thought casually. I eyed this child analytically, his golden hair fallen in front of his wide eyes; once they were shimmering with confidence and courage were now full of terror and dread. His lithe body trembling in my grasp, I could feel every muscle shudder in anticipation. Perhaps it was all this power consuming my body but I noted that the boy seemed very light, most likely severely underweight from all his travels. I smirked. He thought he could beat me, when he was this undernourished? Pathetic little creature.

He was trembling in my calloused grasp, shaking with fear, exhaustion, cold and defeat, his face displayed whatever panicked thought I might presume was going through his head. I bet this wasn't part of his plan, I chuckled quietly. He was looking at me with pleading eyes, I'm sure that he found no sympathy. As I gazed at this hero, whimpering and softly weeping to himself, I realized that I had won this battle. I was the victor and future ruler of Hyrule and soon to be the entire world! Still I felt something deep inside my withered soul…perhaps, was it sympathy? Was I, for the first time in my entire life, feeling 'emotions' for another living soul? If so why did it just happen to be my sworn enemy? Great, just great; of all the rotten tricks the Gods had played on the mortal world this had, had to have been the worst of them.

I momentarily dropped my young captive on the floor and paced the room. Goddesses, what shall I do now? Could I kill the one who's plagued my triumph after all these years? How would I kill him? Of course I had always fancied having the Hero suffer…but now a quick death might be less…painful. I flinched with uncomfortable thoughts. What was this? A twinge of something felt deep in my gut begged me to spare the boy.

I, the newly appointed permanent King of everything scowled to nothing in particular as I walked the length of the vast hall, what were these feelings surfacing from within? I felt a fire arise from the very bottom of my gut and my cock twitched with yearning. What in the Nayru's name was happening? I glanced at the boy from the corners of my eyes and the feeling arose all the more; my skin was set ablaze with unbearable heat as my mouth foamed with desire. I thought cautiously and carefully on these feelings, perhaps they were not emotions of sympathy but rather something else I pondered; like lusting after a beautiful woman. Non-sense! I told myself. I cannot be with a man, no less my enemy. In the back of my head I played with the growing fantasy of taking him as a trophy rather than taking his life as I initially planned.

I turned to observe the boy. Link was worn down to bone, he looked tired and gravely injured, and he was helpless. My breath caught in my throat, Goddesses, he looks so helpless. Just the way I like my toys. When he realized I had placed him on the floor he looked up, probably expecting anything but what he saw. Me, the Great Sorcerer was pacing and deep in thought, with a rather confused look placed upon my face. Link merely looked on with doe eyes, confusion and curiosity replacing any and all previous thoughts, feelings and etc.

"Gerudo, if you mean to finish me then be quick about it!" Link hissed, curled up defensively on the floor like a scared kitten. If it was in my mind-set, I might have mused with the idea of him being, 'cute'.

I only stopped momentarily to stare down my little captive then returned to my disturbed thoughts. I was rather focused, weighing the pros and cons of my dilemma. 'Could I really sink so low as to steal the flesh of another man? Goddess' leave me from your tests of restraint!' I begged silently.

"Ganondorf Dragmire! King of Thieves! I call you out!" Link shrieked impatiently. It was strange hearing my full name, I only ever recall having my full named shouted when I was young and in the midst of being scorned. This time I came to a sudden halt. I did not tolerate people who had no patience-I hated being interrupted. I walked towards the Hero I made sure to stomp hard onto the marble floor for emphasis. I wanted him good and scared the time I reached his side I glared down at the boy with a piercing golden eyes gaze, my lips parted.

"Well boy, you've got my attention," I spoke casually.

"What do you plan to do with me?" His eyes swelled with hatred. I was surprised with his boldness. I had already defeated him and he had yet to bow down as my subordinate.

"Such big words for a small boy", I stated flatly "…I'm not sure yet." I turned away and paced the hall again. Poor pretty little thing had confusion written all over his face, I watched as he started to shake as I am sure he thought of what terrors I had in store just for him. It was more than plausible that Link fancied the idea himself, that if he ever got the chance he would bring harm to me. I can see it; Link would make me suffer unspeakable tortures for the crimes I have committed against his kingdom. So it was presumable to think that Link thought the same of me, that I would torture him, if I ever got the chance. Although at first I had very much planned so but now, now I was at a loss for what to do with him. My new play thing, I chuckled darkly, what should I do with him?

There I was still pacing, still confused, still at a loss as to what to do with my beautiful blonde captive. I took another look at him once more; Link was drained of all energy and looked very sickly just sitting there on the floor; fading fast from heavy bleeding. This was so obvious a part of me thought, I should kill Link, but... I couldn't just kill him like that. Link had to be different, for some unseen reason I knew I could not kill Link, yet.

He silently watched me pace the bloodstained hall; I imagine he was delirious from blood loss. Slipping in and out of consciousness it was an easy observation to see that Link's breathing was getting shallower with each quivering breath; I watched the blood pouring down his face, red and sticky. Before he was aware of it I had strode back to his side, when he finally was aware of my return, his faced looked a little stunned but was quickly replaced with the hesitant acceptance of his death. If only it was that simple. I watched him squirm and shuffle trying to put as much space as possible between us. Too bad I placed him against the wall. He finally stopped struggling and looked up into my eyes.

I reached down with one hand and pulled Link to his feet then with little effort-lifted him above the ground and to eye level once more. Our eyes met again, his baby blue eyes glittered with tears as I intently studied his features. Then I let my sharp yellow gaze travel slowly up and down Link's mangled body, inspecting. The boy looked on in terror awaiting pain, then death, and finally bliss, but this was not the path I intended to follow. I held a firm grasp on the leather hilt of my silver dagger in my right hand; letting the blade's razor tip drag lazily across Link's inner left thigh and move agonizingly slow up towards the boy's chest and then his neck. Link cringed at the touch of the blade; it sent shivers of excitement down my spine watching him flinch. I could smell his sweet scent, Goddesses, he smelled like a hot forest day. I closed my eyes and was taken to that forest; I was surrounded wild flowers and basked in a green glow of trees. The smell of fresh tree sap filled my nostrils.

"Ganon," Link whispered pleadingly.

No reply. I could hear my own breathing became heavy and uneven; my left hand let the boy loose as it worked its way into Link's golden locks. I admit, I enjoyed Link's company a little too much right now, smelling him, touching him, looking at those beautiful blue eyes of his. I lusted for him badly.

"What are you doing?" Link panted. His eyes half-lidded, his face puffy and delirious looking.

"Hmm. Nothing of any particular interest…" I evaded his questioning smoothly.

Link raised a questioning eyebrow. Curiosity had gotten the better of him this time. Besides, the poor boy was weak, tired, and supposed this curious option was far better than death. It was not like Link hadn't noticed the beauty of men before. Of course he did, it was some years ago he realized his own orientation. What did he have to lose? Although morals and ethnicity might portray a problem, after all they were supposed to be 'sworn enemies' but so far nothing of the sort arose from Link's hazed sense of judgement.

I took the sharp dagger and menacingly cut Link's gaudy green tunic, slowly the blade tore through the old fabric and left his right shoulder completely exposed to me. I let the dagger leave a small incision just at the nape of Link's neck. He moaned softly with pain and I grinned with smug satisfaction. Sighing inwardly I could feel my own length start to twitch with excitement, my breath let out in husky gasps and inhaled deeply devouring the Hero's scent.

"Ganondorf," Link mewed breathlessly, "…this isn't right."

"Perhaps…. But, would you rather suffer an agonizing torture instead?" I eyed Link carefully. I watched his eyes glazed over with re-ignited fear; I saw his face contort in confusion as he weighed his options. His eyes focused on mine as he silently agreed to continue this exploration. This was the point of no return. "I make the rules now, boy." I hissed into my pet's ear lustfully, hotly licking the shell of his pointed elf ear.

I gingerly released Link from my tight grasp. The boy was much too weak to stand on his own and crumbled to his knees. I took hold of him again, letting the beautiful boy rest his head on my armoured chest. Link looked up at his me with heated eyes; he took in a sharp breath and wrapped his arms around my neck. I was impressed with his sudden boldness; I was quite pleased with the alternative twist in fate.

"What now, Gerudo King?" Link cooed as his fingers caressed the metal plates of my armour sensually. I could feel my excitement grow with his delicate touches; I could not wait to take him as my whore.

I, the King of Evil only offered chuckle for Link's question. I was very pleased with how young and eager he was, although Link was a destined Hero he still had much to learn about the ways of life. It was very much apparent to me that the boy had little or no sexual experience; he was relying fully on generations of imbedded sexual instincts. It was then I had realized we still inhabited the blood-stained hall, I decided that I did not care for this bloodied room I…we needed to go elsewhere; and I knew the perfect place. I walked towards a north wall and removed a painting to reveal a secret compartment. Without much conscious thought my hand quickly turned the dial: left, then right, then left again, click, and open! I opened the small door and slid my hand into the small cramped space retrieving a hidden potion, a red-potion, to be more specific. Turning back to my broken new toy, I handed him the life-saving red potion.

"Drink only half", I commanded "you'll need the rest for later." My eyes glittered with lust and anticipation. My mouth went dry as my mind went wild with perverted thoughts and sick fantasies. I longed for his lithe body slithering against mine as we tangled limbs under the bed sheets; I felt a shiver of excitement envelope my entire being.

Link blinked at me, feigning innocence as small smile curved his lips and his eyes glittered with mischief. He took the small bottle and drank only half, as he was instructed to do so. I watched as he gulped the thick and syrupy sweet, substance. I was slightly disgusted; I did not have a taste for potions. Link soon found his strength and rose once more. He sweetly walked up to me, the young Hero only barely as tall my shoulder. I smirked at the obvious height difference. Goddesses, I could feel my loins tingle with heated urgency, thinking about how Link would fit perfectly onto my lap as I fucked him raw.

"Well then, we must leave this bloody place behind us," I spoke hoarsely.

My blue-eyed whore merely nodded and followed me to the spiralling staircase in the highest tower of the castle; I sighed inwardly at the gaudy cliché, of course my chambers were in the highest tower. I watched observantly as Link would occasionally peer out one of the many windows, realizing how high up we were, then he would look to the sky. Most likely to estimate the time of day, unfortunately being the King of Evil has its downside of never being fully able to peer out into direct light and besides this is a place of unholy terror. I wanted storm clouds to fill my black sky to destroy any sense of peace. Everything around me was shrouded in darkness much to Link's dismay and so he had no concept of time in this awful place. Lightning flashed all about, lighting up the gloomy castle, I could tell that Link was admiring the paintings on the walls and the fine fabrics draping from the ceiling, gracefully billowing all the way to the floors. I can't say he enjoyed my statues though; I had placed grotesque statues of naked demon women all about the castle for I adored their beauty but the boy was unsettled by their watching, unmoving, and ever-changing eyes. I was quite amused when one of the statues began to grin obviously frightening the boy who had no idea I had enchanted them so they could frighten any passerby's.

Finally, we had reached my door; it was a large old oak door with beautiful scenery carved deep into the wood. Link reached out a hand to touch the carvings, studying it closely he could make out a meadow with the three Goddesses all swirling about a sacred fountain, dipping their hands in the plentiful water. I gave the young lad some time to gaze at the fine woodwork before my lust had bested myself and I opened the door and revealed my bedchamber.

Of course Link immediately knew what room this was; hesitantly he stepped in and walked around the great chamber, noting that the room was scarcely furnished. The walls were not covered in beautiful pieces of artwork like the halls of the castle, but instead they were plain. In the middle of the room was a king-sized bed covered in fine red silks, everything on the bed seemed to be some shade of crimson made only from the finest fabrics. Above the bed Link gazed at a self-portrait of me, Ganondorf Dragmire, how commanding it seemed I thought to myself: I looked to see the great hero slightly shudder in its presence. To the left of the bedroom was a balcony with royal blue silk curtains dancing in the soft cold wind. Link stepped out onto the balcony and he gazed down upon all of Hyrule, the land was dark, lifeless with black clouds brooding up above threatening to spill rain. Lightening flashed off in the distance; Link felt guilty, I could see it in his face. I feared momentarily that I might lose him to inner turmoil but I would not let that happen, not when I have him in my chambers. I stood beside him and saw the uneasiness in those beautiful blue eyes. 'No, I must have him! I can't let him slip from my grasp, not after I've come this far!' I frowned on the inside. I would win the Great Hero over; he would be my prize for conquering this land.

"Link" I whispered hoarsely, "Come back inside…."

"Ganondorf…." Link's voice trailed off. His eyes full of hurt and sorrow, the dried blood on his face was beginning to liquefy once more as salty tears streamed down his face. My urges grew more as I watched the Hero pathetically swallow his sobs and guilt before I should see his shame; 'too late', I snickered.

I sighed and took in a long, deep breath and looked down at my young companion. There was nothing to be said about the unspeakable crimes I have committed against Hyrule and its people. How could I say I was sorry, when in fact I couldn't give a fuck if my life depended on it? Instead I took Link by the hand and lead him back inside like a dog on a leash, I only released my grip when we were back inside and I sat on the bed wrapped in a thin crimson cocoon; I watched Link with a steady gaze-drinking in his supple body and delicious flesh.

The boy had clumsily plopped himself on the floor, right in the middle of my very expensive and very beautiful wolfos-skin rug and had begun taking off his boots, how hopeless Link looked as he tried so eagerly to rip the heavy boots from his feet. I watched on in amusement, delighted even-I mused with the idea that this boy was sent here to kill me and yet he is undressing in my chambers instead. Link's eyes grew wide with realization when he noted that he was still covered in blood, dirt and sweat; I watched as he stood up, bootless, and scanned his torn tunic. The tunic that was once a fine forest green was now tainted with blood splatters and grim, 'disgusting', I grimaced. It was easy to tell that Link was slightly embarrassed treading into this great chamber covered in blood, how un-presentable, not that it really mattered. So once again my pet was on the floor, he pulled and tugged at his torn clothes in hopes of making a rag so he could clean himself up. Link ripped at his cream-colored undershirt and tore off a small piece, sucking in his cheeks gingerly he swirled the saliva in his mouth only to spit blood on the cloth to no avail. My Link was pouting on my very expensive rug and I can't take him while he's moody, there's no fun to be had.

"Link…" I chuckled casually, "I'm also drenched in blood, see? It will not matter whether or not you are too."

Link looked me up and down observing my presence, my armour was blood stained, my face was still bleeding a little and my once majestic (and specially tailored) cape was now ugly torn fabric hanging loosely from my broad shoulders. I saw the lust glitter in the Hero's eyes as his face grew flush in longing for me, I smiled on the inside knowing I would claim him. The 'Great Hero' smiled sweetly and crawled over to my bedside on his hands and knees, cutely resembling perhaps some sort of sex nymph waiting to used and fucked senseless. Link placed his chin on my knee and looked up childishly and giggled. I smiled down on him and ran my hand threw his hair; it was soft, I could not wait to touch his lips.

Link's unruly yellow hair; it was messy and wild. How seductive he looked. Without his Kokiri's hat Link had a more adult look to him, his face was much more mature in appearance and his eyes grew fierce and yet they still shimmered with kindness; fucking gross, I thought momentarily. My eyes were filled with a piercing yellow lust, my mouth watered with greed and my hands trembled with the intense need to touch the boy's body.

This was it…Link looked deep into my eyes never breaking eye-contact, slowly climbed into my lap, putting his legs on either side of myself, straddling me. I put his hands on Link's elbows to give him support and gazed into one another's soul. Our lips got closer and closer. I could taste his breath. There was a small pause before I put his my on Links face and pulled him into a lustful kiss. Pure bliss; the kiss tasted sweet, warm, blood drenched and rough, filled with passion and lust, all rolled into one simple little kiss.

The little blonde boy's head was spinning his thoughts raced and danced all about his head, how it hurt emotionally in the most pleasurable ways. His body melted on top of mine, every muscle was at ease, his bones turned to dust and everything about Link became one with me in that kiss. There was no way that Link nor the Goddesses nor any other creature could know how good that simple contact felt; 'It confounds me, but still, this is so much more pleasurable than tasting a woman in all her splendid glory'. I thought blissfully in my deranged broken mind.

I savored this taste of sweat and blood. I almost considered making time stand still to preserve this moment always. Link's body and my own body were fused into one tender, lusting, yearning mass of thrusting flesh. Soon I pulled Link and myself down to the bed, with Link still straddling me waist I let my blue-eyed pet search every inch of my mouth and body. This was ecstasy.

The little slut swirled his tongue inside my mouth, I memorized his taste, and our tongues collided and danced furiously with one another battling for dominance and control. Link soon gave into me, the more experienced mouth; I smiled into the kiss, as I knew yet again that I had won.

Soon I became tired of Link's mouth and stopped momentarily only to grab him by the hair and lift his head back to reveal the boy's exposed neck. I latched on with full force and began to suck hard and bite the young man's neck. Link groaned in pain or something. His salty sweat covered skin tasted better than fine wine and I wanted so much more from the Great Hero.

"Ahhh!" Link hissed.

"Enjoying yourself?" I said in between kisses up and down Link's neck.

"…Goddesses…yes…" Link sighed deeply. His fingers clawed at my scalp, tugging my hair gently.

The Great Hero's breathing became rapid, his neck moist with saliva and sweat, he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled himself up and removed a hidden dagger from his belt. I looked up with bemusedly eyes. A wicked little grin crossed Link's pretty face as he hastily started to cut away at my black armor, ripping apart my previously beautiful crimson cape and plates of metal that protected me so well in battle. Pieces of clothing and weaponry lay everywhere, thrown here and there about the bedchamber without care or shame. Finally my pet had found his target, my God-like torso. I believe he finally understood then considered himself a God; I was powerful, intelligent, and overall very beautiful with a tight muscular physique. The boy merely eyed me, his newfound lover and drank in every small detail, every muscle, and every chest hair, everything Link could see that was now available to him in this moment he savoured. The little slut was aroused and growing all the more urgent and heated with every little step we took in this new sex-crazed adventure; I was curious pondering would it be the same excitement with a woman? Link shyly thought to himself privately about how he had never bedded a woman and was amazed that he would sooner bed with a man and of all things, his sworn enemy.

I lay patiently underneath him, his head tilted back and his eyes closed. I took in a deep breath and waited for Link to continue his exploration of my physique. The only clothing left on me was my impossibly tight black-leather pants, which left little to the imagination, 'not that imagination was required anyway'. I was lost in thought and dreamed of what was to come and pass in this great chamber, I thought of Link and our soft skin that kept us divided. How the young lad would lavish my body with great pleasures although it was clear to me the boy was in fact a virgin or so I greatly suspected. It made this victory all the sweeter knowing that I would take the Great Hero and steal away his innocence, dignity and reputation.

Slowly Link kissed my chin…neck…chest. With a soft pink tongue, Link played with my left nipple, he nibbled and sucked until he managed to make moan involuntarily and then continued downwards. He nipped at my hip and made me flinch in surprise; the Hero smiled in amusement and then started to bite at the button on my pants. Soon Link moved on and started to kiss around my nether region and chuckled as he could feel my urgency growing through the black-leather pants. His hand slowly, teasingly twisting the right nub on my chiselled chest.

"St-stop teasing…me!" I groaned, "Just do it already…."

"Do what Ganny?" Link said calmly.

"Don't call me Ganny. It's weird!" I shuddered in disgust and was unconsciously writhing, sighing deeply underneath my pet.

"But I don't know what you're talking about?" Link giggled into a kiss.

"Ah-ahhh" I panted. 'Maybe he really is a whore' I thought as he worked his magic. My goddamn head was spinning.

Link sat up and looked at me, a tiny grin planted sweetly on his lips. I looked up in disapproval and whined, I wanted Link would continue what he was previously doing. My brow furrowed as I looked up at the Hero of Time, Link blinked at me innocently and stuck out his tongue. I was growing very impatient as my nether regions starting pulsating and throbbing with excitement. Not able to wait any longer I undid my leather pants and unsheathed my impressive organ, standing erect and ready for attention; Link looked at it and gasped. That was a terrible mistake on his part; as soon as the blue-eyed whore gasped I had placed Link's head downwards making him take my cock into his mouth.

It took the Hero a second to absorb his new and current situation but then he soon eased into the heated moment. Link closed his eyes and focused all his energy on pleasing me, I watched in amazement as he took more me into his mouth and thought greedily that he wanted the whole urgency pulsating down his throat. 'My Din! The boy's a natural! I purred to myself. He pondered how the young lad had acquired such a talent? 'He's got to be a fucking whore', I concluded to myself.

This was too much for me, the wielder of Power, power that matched that of the Goddesses themselves, and this boy had brought me to his knees waiting for more pleasure. Or realistically speaking brought him to his back, more like it. My head was pounding; he writhed in rhythmic motions with my body and I ran my fingers through the young lad's hair giving Link encouragement to take more of me in his mouth.

Link was suffering, he needed air badly but wasn't about to stop his actions for such a petty requirement-not that I was about to let him stop either. He travelled down the length of my shaft, little by little taking in more of the pulsating flesh; the smell of heavy musk filled the little our nostrils, making his lower regions tingle with excitement that I could feel. The little Hero was gagging as his teeth grazed me, his tonsils and throat were probably stretched to its limit and still the stubborn boy managed to take it all in. I was very please with him but I couldn't have him die before I get my rocks off.

"L-Li-Link, stop! You're going to choke." I hissed.

I gently grabbed Link by the back of the head and slowly pulled him off of me. Link gasped taking in deep breaths and finally looked down at me, furrowing his brow in confused disappointment. I didn't really want my new whore to choke and die before he was done; there was time for death later but not now. I only smirked as I saw the stubbornness in his little slut's eyes and then pulled Link down to the sheets and got on top of the young lad. My fingers started to emanate a dark purple glow as he used his black magic to make any remaining clothes on the both of them disappear into nothingness. Then with my fingertips still resonating with black magic I had a wicked idea and started to stroke Link's arousal, cupping the young Hero's scrotum tugging and scratching sensually, pumping up and down Link's growing length. He bucked into my hand and moaned loudly and sighed deeply.

"OhMyFarore!" Link whimpered to the ceiling.

"Having fun, little pet?" I growled lustfully.

"…I…I'm…no-t…little," Link panted, "I'm seven-tee-eeeen."

I chuckled. How young, I thought to myself. Slowly my hand, which was cupping my whore's scrotum moved back and smoothly I glided two fingers into the young lad's rectum. Link tensed and arched his back; his toned body rubbing against my muscled torso. Swiftly I inserted another finger and gingerly started to stretch the young man, a soft moan escaped the blonde beauty, giving me more excitement! In my wildest dream or darkest nightmare I would have never thought this possible but here we were.

It tickled. I thought to myself, as Link's fine dusting of golden body hairs lightly rubbed against my own thick crimson body hair. I was startled out of my thoughts when the delicate young lad underneath me wrapped his hands around my neck and proceeded to entwine his fingers in my blood red hair. His blue gaze fixed upon my face whilst I forced three fingers deeper into the Hero. The pained expression on his face only added to my pleasure and a smirk crept onto my kiss-swollen lips.

Ganondorf got a little soft in some parts but I will try to keep him as bad-ass as possible. Link also gets a little 'promiscuous'. I rewrote this chapter in hopes of clearing up some confusion and adding a little more depth to Ganondorf. I know I left a lot of clarity out of this story and had planned to fix it eventually; well that eventually became today so here you go!