Author's Note; This chapter has been updated as of July 2014. I haven't been on this site for a long while but I hate to leave things unfinished. Here goes nothing.

This head-rush Blurred the Hylian's vision, reality was distorted and unreal to him. Was this truly happening? Yes. And he loved every minute of this unspeakable taboo. For one second Link met eyes with those of the Evil King and they both knew what was to happen next; with lust burning deep within their eyes, Link was flipped onto his stomach. His knees pulled up, his upper body was forced down onto the support of his elbows, his arms stretched out in front of him, hands grasping at the bed sheets in anticipation. A pair of rough calloused hands grabbed the him by the waist; Ganondorf was steadying himself behind the Hylian Hero. Link could feel Ganon's organ graze his backside, ready to penetrate him at any moment. Link tensed in excitement, fear and lust.

"I hope you know what you're in for Link," I growled in his pointed ear. Without thinking on it I nibbled his ear and was rewarded with a small mewling whine.

"…I can take it." Link replied. Stubborn pet.

"Yeah let's hope so," I half smirked "or else you're in for a world of hurt, my boy!" I started to lube myself in preparation for the oncoming fuckfest.

Link furrowed his brow; he was about to say something, when I had begun to thrust into the tight, young, Hero of Time; how strange it felt, emotionally, mentally and physically. I was mesmerized by the sight of the head of my cock slowly (at first) sinking into the boy's puckered pink hole. Link couldn't help but moan loudly but at the same time the young lad couldn't help but feel guilt I'm sure of it. After all I was his sworn enemy and here we are…fucking like animals but it was amazing so far which soon drowned all guilt and non-sex related thoughts. 'Uhg- He's so damn tight! His insides are so hot!' I purred internally.

I was without mercy, ramming myself into the poor boy hard; crazed with what seemed to be an unquenchable lust for the warmth of the Hero's flesh. I grinned when I could hear the blonde angel moan loudly underneath my weight, his back arched willingly for me as I plunged into him. The young blonde slut was now screaming with ecstasy, the sweet-spot deep within him was now throbbing as I hit the sensitive bundle of nerves inside him. I made a quick decent with my left hand to reach for the Hero's cock and started to stroke the little angel. As I continued arousing the blonde beauty, I could feel the little Hylian beneath me climax; Link's seed covering the bed sheets and my right hand but I wasn't finished, I continued to ram myself forcefully into my young pet, hearing Link gasping and moaning loudly kept me going; a grin plastered sinisterly on my face as I watched Link curl his fingers into the soiled sheets. It was all the more pleasure watching the Hero squirm and breakdown into nothing more than a dirty whore-screaming and moaning profanity, such as "Fuck me! Fuck me, oh please Goddesses FUCK MEEEE!" How could I say no to such an obedient little fuck toy like him?

The great Hero of Time soon regained his strength; his arousal peeking once more as his formal erection was renewed. Pure pleasure went coursing through the depths of our bodies together, our souls ripping from ourselves; becoming an unearthly experience, if only for a moment.

I smiled as a wicked thought crossed my mind; looking down to the boy's exposed neck I instinctively leaned in. With white shining teeth bared, I hunched over and caught my pet with a deadly clamp of my jaw. Animal instinct took over; I imagine we looked like two dogs furiously humping. Slowly, at first, I sucked and nibbled on the back of Link's neck, causing him to shout in pleasure. The excitement was amplified and soon the I practically was chewing the poor Hylian's neck raw; Link didn't seem to mind or notice. My blood heated and my cock screaming, begging for me to rip my consort in two. I felt no need to be gentle with my little Hero, I already assumed that Link was enjoying himself anyways; not that I would entirely care. Fuck it, I was having a goddamn riot.

"Does it hurt?" I questioned with curiosity, rather than concern; hoping to the Goddesses above secretly that it did in fact hurt, to my sick sadistic pleasure.

" did….at first," Link moaned out each syllable "…now it feeeeeeels…ahhh... oh...lovely!"

I loved hearing him struggle to find words. Gods I've never enjoyed seeing someone's fuck face this much before. I could feel my climax near as me hips bucked into Link's body one last time and finished with a mighty roar. I saw white stars as I felt a violent convulsion pushing out hot-thick semen into my blue-eyed fuck, I closed my eyes focusing on the sensation of my balls squeezing out every last drop; my plentiful seed seeping from Link's rectum as I withdrew from his warmth. My body tingled and burned with pleasure momentarily-I felt every muscle in my body quiver with exhaustion. Without much consideration I collapsed at the side of my blonde companion finally separating myself from the Hero slut, sighing and wheezing deeply. Link doing the same, except still on his stomach. I closed my tired eyes and felt shift of weight-Link sit up on the soiled bed, I could feel the boy inch closer; until I felt Link's smaller hands placed on my inner thigh. I lazily opened my eyes and saw the young Hero gazing down at me; that look in his eyes…what was it?

"What are you doing, pet?" I whispered tiredly.

"…" Link continued to stare, his lips slightly parted he gently said, "you're dirty."

"What?" I looked down and saw what he meant. My nether regions were covered in my own sticky, cream colored mess. "Never mind that, I'll clean up later" I yawned, "after a nap of course." Crossing my arms behind my head, I begun to close my eyes in hopes of sleeping.

Within mere seconds my eyes shot open, I gasped in shock only to look down to see an odd sight; little Link, with his face buried in my loins once more. I propped myself up on my elbows staring at the strange lad, amusement curved sculpted lips into a sly smirk before I returned to lying down once more. Link, with his soft pink tongue, had begun to wipe away the tears of my weeping arousal. Although the Hero was exhausted most likely, he continued to clean his master and of course he probably enjoyed the taste too much to stop; 'goddamn whores' I thought to myself. It wasn't until every drop of seed was gone that Link collapsed into the crimson bed beside me. 'Good boy, clean your Master', I muttered to myself quietly.

It was only perhaps a few minutes afterwards that both Hero and Villain had fallen victim to a deep slumber; with satisfaction planted sweetly on each face they slept in harmony. Breathing silent and even, with the exception of: snorts, sniffs, and murmurings, which were few. The Savoir of Hyrule lay curled up into a ball, his back nuzzled into the Desert Lord's chest, he murmured in his sleep. The powerful Tyrant lay stretched out on his back, breathing deeply as his sculpted chest rose and dropped, releasing heavy sighs.

An eerie darkness enshrouded them in the soiled chamber; commonly called 'night time', it did not feel like that familiar darkness tonight. There was no moonlight and the brooding clouds above did not permit such a thing, the only source of light was two candles dimly lit in a far off corner of the room. The atmosphere: quiet, relaxed, warm, and darkened. The only atmosphere expected after such a heated beginning.

…It was late. The sun had not yet risen, but was closer to rising than setting. I awoke first, my golden eyes only slivers in darkness; I turned and thoughtfully gazed at the sleeping Hero, how beautifully he slept in peace. I studied his calm expression, his golden hair brushing his eye lids faintly; I reached down and moved them from the blue-eyed slut's face. Absorbing every soft murmur that escaped the sleeping boy; memorizing every little sound: every smell, every face, every color, and everything that pulled on my withered heart-strings and loins Letting out a sigh I embraced my young consort, I pulled Link into a gentle kiss; then rolled back over and left Link to his dreams…momentarily.

Next to the crimson bed was a small night stand, made of oak as well, every detail perfect and polished, the Desert King opened the little drawer and started to feel around for his required object. Yes. He soon found it. The silver dagger, encrusted with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Ganondorf caressed the dagger in his hand as if it was a child, before looking to the sleeping Hylian boy in his bed and then back to the dagger. Again he sighed, although he sighed more heavily this time. The King of Evil watched as Link rolled onto his back in his dreaming slumber, slightly drooling; how adorable, this boy, this Hero of Time. Regaining his thoughts, Ganondorf put the dagger centimetres away from Link's naval. The Evil King gave Link one more thoughtful-longing stare before harshly plunging the bejewelled dagger into Link's body, starting at his naval and gruesomely moving up to the poor boy's breast bone; steaming blood gurgled from his wounds. The steam rising from the poor hero's open naval; entrails entangled with the knife as Ganondorf used brute force to cuts through: skin, muscle, guts, and even bits of bone.

Link's eyes shot open, he tried to scream but no sound came from his lips. Only silent screams escaped his eyes. The frightened Hero looked up into Ganondorf's golden gaze; the King of Evil cradled him in his arms.

I looked down into Link's shimmering blue eyes, they questioned me, they screamed and begged for an answer to his questioning expression; WHY?! Those beautiful eyes shrieked and demanded an answer from me, I leaned in close to his face and in the softest voice I've ever heard come from my being spilled out only for Link's ears. Maybe it was because the fallen Hero was dying that my voice faltered into sympathy or maybe the recent fuck was distorting his frame of mind.

"You knew, as well as I," I started "...that only one of us could live through this. I am the Villain. You are the Hero…it cannot be any different." I twisted the knife inside the Hero to use as emphasis and a the Blue-eyed angel shuddered in pain. Unable to make a sound, he grabbed at my arms and squeezed me tightly. He wasn't trying to attack me, no-he was scared. He needed someone to hold onto as death took him to the underworld. I closed my eyes. My pet's body was convulsing in my tight grasp, but I refused to let go...'not until it's over', I told myself. Link looked past me and onto the little nightstand; there still placed on the table was the life reviving 'Red Potion'.

'I can't reach it, I can't drink it, I can't live...' Link thought hopelessly. A few minutes later the Great and Powerful King of Evil opened his eyes to meet the boy's stare but Link's eyes were dull and glazed, hurt and tears streamed down his face silently as he closed his eyes... They did not open again. His body stopped fighting in Ganon's grasp, but instead lay as if Link still slept silently, peacefully.

I let go of him, letting the limp body fall into the bed; lifeless. I sat up staring back at Link, there was nothing left, save for his corpse. My golden eyes fixed on the body for some time, sparkling in the endless darkness that enshrouded me and my soul. I stood and gracefully walked out to the balcony; a breeze soothing my tight heart-strings, as I calmly brushed aside the royal blue silk curtains. I watched as my blood-stained hands brushed against the fine silk curtain, tainting their glory. Leaning against the balcony guard rail the blood that dripped from my body soon grew cold and sticky, the wind drying it quickly and flaked away as if the blood was never there to begin with.

"…Good night Hero…" I scarcely whispered to the winds. "May the Goddesses, see you to heaven…."

There I stood on that balcony for what seemed like a thousand eternities, overlooking Hyrule; MY new kingdom. Once or twice looking over my shoulder to the bed and there still lay the lifeless corpse of Link, The Great Hero of Time.

Yes. I had won.

So the ending was uhmm, tragic BUT being realistic, would you actually want both to be alive to see next morning; sitting at the breakfast table, having an extremely awkward coffee together? NO! You wouldn't! And I don't like anything more than two or maybe four chapters, I like quick and to the point stories. But hey, that's just my preference. Anyhow I hope you liked it very much. Please feel free to review; good or bad.