Scene opens in Central Perk. Ross, Monica, and Rachel are sitting on the couch. Chandler is sitting in the armchair. Phoebe and Joey are sitting in the two chairs at the end table. Ross sneezes.

Rachel: God bless you.

Ross: You know, why do people say that? It can be very offensive to some people. What if they don't believe in God? It's a very controversial issue.

A pause. Phoebe sneezes.

Chandler: Gesundheit.

Theme song and title sequence play. Scene opens in Rachel and Ross's apartment. Ross is sitting at the table. Enter Joey.

Ross: Hey, Joey.

Joey: Hi.

Joey grins.

Ross: What-

Joey: Tickle attack!

Joey launches himself at Ross and tickles him.

Ross: Joey! Joe, stop! Joey, quit it! Cut it out!

A black jewelry box falls out of Ross's pocket. Joey stops tickling Ross and picks up the box.

Joey: Aw, when I did it to Chandler, I got two-fifty in quarters.

Ross: Joey, give that back.

Joey: Why? What is it?

Joey moves toward the door. Ross stands up.

Ross: Joey, give it back!

Joey: Not until you tell me what is in this box.

A pause.

Ross: You know you can just open it, right? Wait, don't!

Joey opens the jewelry box to reveal an engagement ring/

Ross: Joey, listen-

Joey You're proposing again?!

Ross: Rachel is still asleep!

Joey: So?

Ross: So, I don't want her to know about this yet.

Joey gasps.

Joey: You're not proposing to Rachel?

Ross: No, it's Rachel; I just don't want her to know yet! I want it to be a surprise.

Joey: Well, it'll be pretty surprising if she wakes up to me yelling it.

Ross: Just don't tell her, okay?

Joey sighs.

Joey: Fine.

Ross: Okay, then.

Ross reaches for the ring box. Joey holds sit out of his reach.

Joey: So, how are you going to do it?

Ross: I'm going to get down on one knee and say, "Will you marry me?" What other way is there to propose?

Joey: Oh, you know, putting it in a cupcake, hiding it under their pillow, putting it around a rose, stuff like that.

Ross: How do you even know all that stuff?

Joey: Look at me, Ross, I've been proposed to a few times.

Ross: Really?

Joey: No. Monica used to make me watch mushy romances while Chandler was in Tulsa.

Ross: So, you think I should do it differently?

Joey: Yeah, but it has to be special. Something that's significant to you and Rachel. Hm… I know! You can have "We were on a break!" inscribed on the ring!

Ross: See, now, Joey, when I ask her to marry me, I want her to say "yes".

Joey: Well, you asked for my advice, and that's it.

Ross: Sorry, but I think I'm going to go a different way.

Joey: Okay, but you'll feel sorry when you're divorced for the seventh time.

Ross: You know, I've only been divorced three times.

Joey: Yeah, we'll see. We'll see.

Exit Joey. Scene ends and opens in Central Perk. Monica and Chandler are sitting on the couch. Phoebe is sitting in the armchair. Enter Joey. Joey sits in the chair at the end table.

Joey: Ross is going to pop the question.

Monica: Oh my god!

Chandler: I didn't know there was even question left to pop.

Phoebe: Ooh, how is he going to do it?

Joey: He said he was just going to get down on one knee and propose.

Phoebe: No, I mean, how is he going to get Rachel to say "yes"? I thought she was in that place where she has a breakdown if she even hears, sees, or thinks about marriage, weddings, spouses and anything remotely related to them.

Monica: Oh, yeah, I got her out of that.

Phoebe: Oh. That's good.

Chandler: So, this is a big step. They're the last ones to get married… and the first.

Joey: Hey, what about me? I'm still single!

Monica: Oh, honey, he meant the last ones of the people in the group who were married and Rachel and Ross.

Joey: Oh, okay. Never mind.

Phoebe: So, hey, do you know where he's going to do it?

Joey: Well, I would guess right in front of Rachel.

Phoebe: Oh, okay, well where will Rachel be then?

Joey: Probably in front of Ross.

Phoebe: Ah.

Scene ends and opens in Chandler and Monica's living room. Chandler is sitting on the couch, holding Jack and Erica. Enter Monica. Monica sits in the couch next to Chandler.

Monica: How long has it been since we got married?

Chandler: The first or the second time?

Monica: The first time.

Chandler: Well, um-

Monica: You said "um"! You don't care about me! How could you have forgotten that our wedding was four years, two months, eighteen days, four hours, nine minutes, and thirteen seconds ago?

Chandler: Monica-

Monica: Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seven-

Chandler: I know that it was about four years ago, I'm just not crazy enough to be able to answer the exact number f seconds like that!

Monica: Are you calling me crazy?

Chandler: I don't know. That depends.

Monica: On what?

Chandler: How you react when I tell you that I spilled juice on the carpet outside the kitchen.

Monica: What?!

Monica jumps up and exits. Chandler grins. There is a knock on the door. Chandler, still holding Jack and Erica, goes to answer the door. He stands in front of the door. And stares at it, unsure of how to open the door without putting down Jack and Erica. He leans down and uses Jack's hand to unlock the door.

Chandler: Come in!

The door opens. Enter John, a large, muscular man. Chandler backs up.

Chandler: I'm sorry, the puny guy that you could easily beat up is in the next house over.

John: I'm here to see my kids.

Chandler: What?

John points to Jack and Erica.

John: You know that blond girl? Erica? Last seen pregnant? She was my girlfriend.

Chandler: Your girlfriend? She told me there wasn't anybody else!

John: You think you're funny?

A pause.

Chandler: Yes.

John: I don't like funny.

Chandler: No, see, "yes" is… Norwegian for "not at all".

John: You insulting Europeans? My whole family is from Wales.

Chandler: Wales? Oh, that's cool, I speak Wale.

Chandler begins making whale noises.

John: I will break you.

Chandler coughs.

Chandler: No, it's just a nasty cold-

Chandler coughs again.

Chandler: Monica!

Chandler exits to the kitchen. John follows him, closing the door behind him. Scene ends and opens in Central Perk. Phoebe and Mike are sitting on the couch. Rachel is sitting in the armchair. Ross is sitting in one of the chairs at the end table.

Phoebe: I know, I'm happy that I'm having a boy, but I just feel kind of scared.

Mike: What do you mean, Pheebs?

Rachel: Yeah, what's wrong with having a little boy?

Phoebe: I just feel like there's so much that I've never done, and now I only have a few months to do it before he's born.

Rachel laughs.

Rachel: Phoebe, you're having a son, not dying.

Ross: Okay, Rachel, I'm going to stop you right there. You don't have a son. You don't know what it's like.

Rachel: Well, yeah, but it can't be anything like dying.

Ross: Yeah, ask Carol that. Have you ever noticed that I have Ben a lot more than she does? That's not custody, that's her forcing the little monster on me while she struggles at her last attempt to have a life.

Enter Ben, running, from the door leading to the apartment building.

Ben: Hi, Dad!

Ross: Hey, little dude! Why don't you go back upstairs?

Ben: Okay!

Exit Ben.

Ross: See? He's a nightmare!

Rachel: Ross, I think you're exaggerating.

Reenter Ben.

Ben: Aunt Rachel?

Rachel whips her head away from Ben, towards the counter.

Rachel: I'm not here, I'm not here, I'm not here, I'm not here.

Ross: Ben, why don't you go upstairs? Aunt Rachel will talk to you later?

Ben: Later when?

Ross: When you can lick your elbow.

Ben: Okay!

Ben exits, struggling to bend his neck towards his elbow.

Rachel: See, Phoebe, you're going to love your little kid.

Phoebe: I'm not ready for that! I'm scared! How could I think I was ready to be a mom?

Mike: Phoebe, relax. You'll make a great mom.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, you've got work. I can't escape! I've got stupid maternity leave!

Mike: I promise that I'll be around whenever you need me.

Phoebe: Really?

Mike: Of course, Phoebe.

Rachel: He's lying, Phoebe, don't believe him.

Mike: What? How did you know that I was lying?

Phoebe: You were lying?

Mike: Uh-

Rachel: Guys always lie.

Ross: That's not true!

Rachel: See! There it is again!

Ross: Rachel, everybody lies sometimes.

Rachel: Not… not… crap, who doesn't lie?

Phoebe: Robots!

Rachel: Phoebe, that's not true, didn't you see iRobot?

Ross: So you did like it!

Rachel: That doesn't matter! Come on, there's gotta be somebody who doesn't lie. Oh! God! God doesn't lie!

Ross (sarcastically): Yeah, okay, you win.

Rachel smiles.

Rachel: I always win.

Mike: That's because you're his girlfriend!

Phoebe: Mike! It's true, though.

Rachel: Hey! Yeah, you're right.

Ross: So, wait, Phoebe's still not prepared for her little terror!

Phoebe: Yeah, actually, I think anything compared to Ben is going to be okay.

Ross: Hey, he's got some of my genes in him!

Phoebe: Yeah, right. Come on, Ross, he looks exactly like Susan.

Scene ends and opens in Chandler and Monica's kitchen. Monica is standing by the sink. Enter Chandler. He has put the twins in the bassinet.

Chandler: Their dad is here.

Monica: What?

Enter John.

John: Are you the woman that's taking care of my kids?

Chandler runs behind Monica, afraid.

Monica: Who do you think you are? You abandoned those kids like you abandoned Erica! We have loved them and cared for them for the past year! You don't even care about them! Biological history doesn't matter! We are their real parents!

Chandler (whispering): How can you be so brave?

Monica (whispering): I'm not. I just peed a little. That guy is huge!

John: Look, lady, I'm standing right here.

Chandler walks out from behind Monica.

Chandler: Hey, don't talk to my wife that way!

Monica (whispering): Chandler, how can you be so brave?

Chandler: I'm not.

Exit Chandler. Scene ends and opens in Monica and Chandler's dining room. Monica and John are sitting on opposite sides of the table. Enter Chandler. Chandler sits next to Monica. Monica, Chandler, and John each have a bowl of Ramen noodles in front of them.

Chandler (to Monica): Ramen noodles? Aren't you a chef?

Monica (to Chandler): I'm nervous!

Chandler (to Monica): Why?

Monica (to Chandler): He could take Jack and Erica away from us, Chandler. I'm just glad he decided to discuss this over dinner.

John: So, Ramen noodles. Is this the kind of deadly sodium-filled food you feed my kids?

Monica: Not at all! We only serve this kind of food when we have guests, so we can get it out of the house so that they can never eat this kind of stuff.

John: Ah, so you save the crappy food for guests.

Chandler: Yes, we're trying to kill them all off so that there's less a chance of other people coming into our house and bringing foreign diseases.

Monica (to Chandler): Okay, honey, leave the sucking up to me.

Monica's cell phone rings. She takes it out of her pocket and answers it.

Monica (on the phone): Hello? Oh. Okay, I'll be right there.

Chandler: What?!

Monica closes her cell phone, puts it back in her pocket, and stands up.

Monica: I have to work. This is really important to me, but I have to go.

Monica exits to the foyer. Chandler jumps up clumsily and exits, following her. Scene follows him to the foyer.

Chandler: You can't leave! You know how bad I am at talking to people! By the time you're back, he'll have the kids, the house, and probably both of our souls!

Monica: Chandler, you can do this. I believe in you. You'll do find.

Chandler: Really?

Monica: No, but I know a good lawyer. Don't worry.

Chandler: See, you say that, and yet I'm worrying!

Monica: Just talk to him like you talk to Ross and Joey.

Chandler: So, make annoying sarcastic jokes about him and rude remarks about his love life?

Monica: Are you really that mean to your two best friends?

Chandler: Ross has been divorced three times!

Monica: Look, just go back in there and say what you think. With, you know, a filter. Don't you have one of those?

Chandler: I lost it when my parents got divorced, remember?

Monica: Okay, just remember that I love you and I can't see how this can get worse.

Chandler: Thanks.

Monica: Love you.

Chandler: You, too.

Chandler and Monica kiss. Monica exits. Chandler reenters the dining room. Scene follows him there. He sits in front of his bowls of noodles. John wraps the noodles around his fork and takes a bite of them.

Chandler: So… you eat your noodles with a fork. That's… cool. See, I eat them with a spoon, so I can get the broth, and my friend Joey-

John: Shut up.

Chandler: Okay!

A long pause.

John: So, if you guys eat this kind of food, do you have to brush your teeth every hour?

Chandler: Actually, I read that Ramen noodles don't actually leave a lot of plaque, which is good, because plaque gives your teeth discoloration, and you want your teeth to all be the same color-

John: How would you like yours to be invisible?

Chandler: Now, see, that's not really a color, it's more like an absence-

John clenches his fist.

Chandler: But, you know, you can't believe everything you read.

Scene ends and opens in Monica's car. She is talking on the cell phone while driving.

Monica (on the phone): Rachel?

Scene cuts to Rachel, sitting in Central Perk, talking on her cell phone.

Rachel: What's up, Monica?

Scene returns to Monica, talking on the phone.

Monica (on the phone): Jack and Erica's biological father showed up and he's talking to Chandler!

Rachel (over the phone): Oh my god!

Monica (on the phone): I know!

Scene cuts to Rachel, talking on the phone.

Rachel (laughing): No, it's not that, Gunther just tripped and got a face-full of coffee.

Scene returns to Monica, talking on the phone.

Monica (on the phone): Rachel, I'm freaking out! What if he takes Jack and Erica away from us?

Scene cuts to Rachel, talking on the phone.

Rachel (on the phone): Please, he wouldn't do that. You guys are their legal parents. Besides, you're like… like parent-children soul-mates… or something.

Scene returns to Monica, talking on the phone.

Monica (on the phone): You think so?

Scene cuts to Rachel talking on the phone.

Rachel (on the phone): Oh, definitely. He can't take them away from you. Everything's going to be fine.

Scene returns to Monica, talking on the phone.

Monica (on the phone): Yeah, I hope so. Chandler's talking to him right now.

From over the phone, Rachel laughs hysterically.

Monica (on the phone): Did Gunther trip again?

Rachel (over the phone): Um, yeah. That's what happened.

Monica (on the phone): Do you think I should worry?

Rachel (over the phone): No, everything will be fine, don't worry. Okay, I have to go.

Monica (on the phone): Why?

Scene cuts to Rachel, talking on the phone. Joey is sitting next to her on the couch.

Rachel (on the phone): Joey, just got here, I want to tell him about… you and Chandler. Okay, bye.

Rachel ends her call and puts her cell phone in her pocket.

Joey: What's going on with Chandler and Monica?

Rachel: What? Oh, never mind, it's not important. No, I wanted to tell you that Gunther tripped and got coffee all over him!

Joey and Rachel laugh.

Joey: Oh yeah! I know something that you don't know.

Rachel: What is it?

Joey: I can't tell you.

Rachel: What? Why not?

Joey: I just can't.

Rachel: I'll tell you what's going on with Chandler and Monica.

Joey: Oh, no, unless Chandler is proposing to her again, my thing is way bigger than yours.

Rachel: Proposing?

Joey (nervously): No! I said… Maposing! That's the new movie I'm in!

Rachel: Joey, what are you talking about?

Joey: Ross is going to propose to you!

A pause.

Rachel: W-what?

Joey: Oh, come on, I already blew it once, I'm not going to give it away again.

Rachel: Ross is proposing to me?

Joey: Sure, keep saying it, it's not like he can kill me any more than once. Or can he?

Rachel: Joey!

Joey: What?

Rachel: Is he- how long have you- when did- why do you- how is he- does… I need a coffee.

Gunther eagerly swerves towards Rachel with the cup of coffee he had been carrying to a table. He trips and gets coffee all over him. Joey laughs. Scene ends and opens in Monica and Chandler's house. Chandler is talking on the phone.

Chandler (on the phone): Monica, he's gone. He decided we were good parents after all!

Scene cuts to Monica, standing outside Javu, talking on her cell phone.

Monica (on the phone): Really?

Scene returns to Chandler, talking on the phone.

Chandler (on the phone): No, the kids are gone. Seriously, why would I joke about something like that?

Scene cuts to Monica, talking on the phone.

Monica (on the phone): I don't know. You tried to make a joke about it when my aunt died.

Scene returns to Chandler, talking on the phone.

Chandler (on the phone): Which one? Because I know that when one of them died, I made a really lame joke, but then your other aunt died, and I made a really funny joke.

Monica (over the phone): Chandler!

Chandler (on the phone): Never mind. Listen, I am taking you out to a movie tonight, to celebrate us being such good parents.

Scene cuts to Monica, talking on the phone.

Monica (on the phone): Okay, but what about Jack and Erica?

Scene returns to Chandler, talking on the phone.

Chandler (on the phone): Oh, we can leave them at home, it's not like anyone's going to break in.

Scene ends and opens in Central Perk. Rachel is sitting on the couch. Enter Ross. Ross sits on the couch next to Rachel.

Ross: Hey, Rache.

Rachel (nervously): Ross! Oh my god! Ross! It's Ross! Hi, Ross! What's up? What's going on?

Ross: Not much. I think my girlfriend is smoking something, though…

Rachel laughs too loudly, nervous.

Rachel: That's funny!

Ross: Rachel, what's wrong?

Rachel: Wrong? Nothing's wrong! Everything's perfect! It's so great! It's a nice day! The sun is out! I'm so happy! You know what we should do?

Ross: Go to the hospital?

Rachel: No, silly! We should go on a date!

Ross: That's okay.

Rachel: No, we should! I mean, we haven't gone out to dinner in… in… a certain period of time!

Ross: Well, okay, if you're sane by this evening, maybe it would be nice if we went to the museum again.

Rachel: But you don't work there anymore.

Ross: Not true! I'm on SABBATICAL!

Rachel: Ross, you work at NYU.

Ross: I can have two jobs! You know what, it doesn't matter. Tonight, we'll go to the museum after all of the little annoying kids are gone, and we can just walk around. I'll leave the door unlocked, you can meet me in the planetarium.

Rachel: Okay. See you tonight.

Ross stands and begins to exit.

Ross: Only if you're sane, though!

Rachel: Okay!

Ross: Alright, bye! Love you!

Rachel: Yeah, okay, bye, Ross!

Ross exits. Joey enters from the bathroom.

Rachel: Oh my god!

Joey: I'm sorry, the stalls were full when I got there!

Rachel: Joey, he told me we're going to the museum tonight!

Joey: To…ask you?

Rachel: Yes.

A pause.

Joey: Will you get me something from the gift shop?

Scene ends and opens in Central Perk. Ross is sitting in the armchair. Enter Phoebe, with a thick book tucked under her arm.

Phoebe: Oh, hi, Ross!

Ross: Phoebe! You're still sane- I mean, the way you were yesterday!

Phoebe: Wrong. Yesterday, I was not freaking out about this parasite growing inside of me!

Ross: Baby, Phoebe. Bouncing baby boy. Not tapeworm, boy.

Phoebe: Yeah, that's what everybody says.

Ross: What are you reading?

Phoebe: Gone With The Wind. I figured I should read it, you know, before it's… too late.

Ross: for the last time, you are not dying! You're just pregnant!

A man standing near the bar turns around.

Man: Hey, dude, watch out. I said that to my wife, and now we're divorced.

Ross: Oh, no, we're not married.

Man: Can't say I'm surprised.

Man exits.

Ross: Anyway, you're going to have time to read Gone With The Wind. And why do you want to read it in the first place?

Phoebe: 'Cause it's something that I've never done and won't get another chance to do.

Ross: So, are you going to… lick a frozen pole for that same reason?

Phoebe: No, because licking a frozen pole isn't something that I've never done.

Ross: Really?

Phoebe: Yeah, I made like fifty- you know what, it doesn't matter. You're right, I don't really want to read Gone With The Wind. But I am worried about having this kid.

Ross: Don't be. Look, Pheebs, you and Mike are going to make great parents. You two are perfect.

Phoebe: Really? Perfect? I mean, we're pretty good at conceiving the kid, but-

Ross: Alright, stop talking to me, please stop talking to me.

Scene ends and opens in Rachel and Ross's apartment. Rachel is sitting at the table. Enter Monica.

Monica: Hi!

Rachel: Hello…

Monica: What's- You know what? I'm not going to meddle this time. I'm an adult, I can keep out of other people's business.

Monica exits. A pause. Enter Monica running.

Monica: Did Joey tell you? What happened? Did Ross propose? Did you break up? Are you going to get married? Do you have a ring? Did he run away? Are you going to run away? Is your ring as big as mine?

Rachel: Joey told me, Ross hasn't asked me yet, we're still together, I don't know, not yet, no, no, and that's kind of irrelevant.

Monica: Okay, I really hope you answered my questions in the order that I asked them, because otherwise I'm lost.

Rachel: Look, he doesn't know that I know.

Monica: How do you know that he doesn't know that you know?

Rachel: Hey, you quit it. So, he talked to me, and I freaked out.

Monica: Why? Are you not ready?

Rachel: No! I'm totally ready! I love Ross, I'm ready to tell him "yes" if he proposes, but I feel… weird.

Monica: Scared weird?

Rachel: Yeah, I guess. You know what, I'm just scared.

Monica: Well, you have to hide that. Disguise your feelings. Don't show how you really feel. Keep it all bottled up and never let it out.

Rachel: Yeah, no.

Monica: Oh, yeah, that was… a test.

Rachel: I'm brave enough to do this, right?

Monica: You were brave enough to leave Barry and live in the city. You were brave enough to leave your job. And, you know, you were brave enough to marry Ross the first time.

Rachel: Can't you guys just stop bringing that up?!

Monica: Look, you're just trying to make a big deal out of nothing. You can do this.

Rachel: Yeah, I can. I can. Oh my god, he's going to propose to me!

Monica: Yeah.

Rachel: I'm going to get married.

Monica: Uh-huh!

Rachel runs to the door and opens it.

Rachel: I beat you, Joey!

Scene ends and opens in Mike and Phoebe's apartment. Mike is sitting on the couch. Enter Phoebe. Phoebe sits on the couch.

Mike: Okay, are you done freaking out about the kid?

Phoebe: Fine.

Mike: Did you just say the "f- word"?

Phoebe: Oh, no! I'm ready to be a mother, I'm not ready for you to be a dorky father! Augh!

Scene ends and opens in Monica and Chandler's house. The front door opens. Enter Monica and Chandler.

Chandler: You said there were going to be explosions!

Monica: There were!

Chandler: The trailers at the beginning of the movie don't count!

Rachel (from the kitchen): Hey.

Monica: Oh my god!

Chandler: Dah!

A pause.

Monica: "Dah"?

Chandler: Yeah, it's my yelp of surprise. "Dah!"

Monica: Why can't you just say "Augh!" or "Eek!" or something normal?

Chandler: Hey, I thought you knew about this when you married me!

Monica: But-

Rachel (from the kitchen): I'm still here, if it interests you.

Chandler and Monica enter the kitchen. Rachel is sitting at the table with a half-full/half-empty glass of wine.

Monica: Rachel, what are you doing here?

Rachel holds up her glass of wine.

Rachel: I was out of wine.

Monica: You're supposed to be at the museum! Ross is proposing to you tonight!

Rachel: I'm not ready.

A pause.

Rachel: Monica?

Monica shrieks and drags Rachel out of her chair. Chandler backs up against the wall.

Rachel: Monica, what are you doing?!

Monica drags Rachel to the front door, opens it, and tosses her onto the yard.

Rachel: Monica!

Monica: Now, go to the museum and don't come back in here!

Rachel: I can't drive!

A pause.

Monica: Well… then… go stand by the car and don't come back inside!

Monica closes the door and walks to her car. Rachel walks to the passenger side door. Scene ends and opens in the planetarium in the museum. (A/N: If you want the full experience of this episode, now go on Youtube and search "vanilla twilight owl city instrumental". Click the first one and listen to it as you read the next scene.) Ross is standing by the door. The stars are unlit. Ross is holding a bouquet of flowers. He is looking down. Enter Rachel.

Rachel: Hi, Ross.

Ross looks up.

Ross: Rachel?

Rachel: Hey.

Rachel and Ross kiss. Ross gives her the bouquet of flowers.

Ross: I love you.

Rachel: I love you, too.

Ross steps over to the podium and presses the button that makes the stars light up. They spell out, "Will you marry me?" Lilies encircle the room. Rachel gasps.

Ross: Will you?

Ross kneels down on one knee and extends his arm up to her. He opens the black jewelry box to reveal the engagement ring. A pause.

Rachel: Yes, Ross. Ross!

Ross puts the ring on Rachel's finger. Ross stands up and leans toward her. Rachel is examining the ring.

Ross: Rachel?

Rachel: Oh, right!

Rachel and Ross kiss. Credits appear on the screen.


Scene opens in Monica and Chandler's house. Chandler is sitting on the couch. Enter Monica.

Chandler: So, how did it go?

Monica: I don't know. I dropped her off, and drove back. I'm done invading other people's privacy and meddling in other people's business.

Chandler: Okay, but you know that you yelling at Rachel to say "yes" to Ross may have affected her decision.

Monica: You know, you… you are- just- shut up!



A/N: Check for Season 12 on October 29! The first episode will be a Halloween episode! Hope you liked this season, and please look for the next season! Thanks for sticking with this one! See you in a few weeks!