What if Jacob had found out about Bella and Edward's engagement in a different way? This is my idea of what might have happened. Cute, one-shot.

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Jacob is a fricken beast
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to Renesmee he sticks like glue
He's a half man of super stature
With friends on either side
No he's not a animal found on a pasture
But with the vamps he'll glide
Stephenie Meyer owns everything he sees
even to our dislike
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she even owns poor old Mike

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I sat in the passenger seat of my rusty red truck. Edward was driving at human speed, for my sake, while rubbing soft circles on arm trying to calm my nerves. Today was the day.

No, not the day you would think of that a newly engaged couple would be attending to. Today was the day we told Jacob of our intentions for the future. We were telling Jacob of our engagement.

The day before had gone pretty darn well to my judgment. We, meaning Edward and I, told Charlie about our plans of-----holy matrimony. Mar….. gosh, I still can't say the dang word. Anyways, Charlie was less than thrilled by our news. Overall though, I think I should give him karma chips for not shooting Edward. Charlie and I both knew he wanted to. In the end he gave us his blessing, but practically threatened Edward into a hug. I'm not really sure what that was about………

After this little encounter, I had called Renee. Looking past my shaking hands, Edward had handed me the phone. Renee, Renee, Renee. What am I going to do with her?


Ring. Ring. Ring.

After the third ring, she picked up.

"Hello? Bella, is this you?" she questioned.

"Yes mom, it's me." I replied shakily, after hearing my voice crack at least twice.

"Hon, is something wrong? You sound upset. Is that gorgeous boyfriend of yours okay? What about Charlie? What about Billy, Jacob,……." she started to list off people all the people I knew in a panicked, yet motherly tone of voice.

I cut her off. "No mom calm down. Everyone is fine. Edward is right here next to me and Charlie is watching some game on ESPN. Its just, well, umm….. Edward and I have some good news for you."

I looked over at my Greek god sitting at the dining room table. He smiled that crooked smile of his at me, and I heard my heart speed up.

I was interrupted by the sound of my mother's now calm voice. "Oh, well that's just peachy. Now what was your announcement?" she said with a hint of suspicion ruining her mask.

"I um…" I started to say, but was cut off my mothers now concerned voice.

"Are you pregnant???? So help me if you are, but I will come over there a shoot Edward with Charlie's gun!" she practically yelled through the phone. Oh great! Now I have two people out to get my fiancé with the same weapon.

"MOM! Of course not! You know I am much more rational than that! Its just that, well I am marrying Edward." I yelled back at her, the last part said in quite a blur. By this point, Edward was standing next to me, a concerned look across his angelic face. I held out my hand, signaling him to wait.

"Oh. Okay. That is much better," she said calmly, much to my relief.

*End Flashback*

I swear my mom has some sort of a multiple personality disorder. One second she was yelling at me, and the next she was as calm as someone sitting in the same room as Jasper.

"Bella? Bella love? Are you okay?" a look of worry crossed Edward's beautiful expression before it transformed into a wide smile, as I snapped out of my apparent trance.

"Yea. I was just reflecting on yesterday's events," I said quickly with a small smile. He chuckled softly, taking my hand in his.

"Don't worry love. Everything will be alright in the end," he commented, turning his glaze back to the road.


We were just turning onto the final road before the boundary line, separating vampire territory from that of werewolf. The line not only seemed to keep apart two types of people, well one half-person and another of living dead status, but it separated two sides of Bella. With me she was always so shy and loving, but practical and opening to my entire family. With Jacob, it seemed she was more playful yet resigned about her feelings with that dog.

I just hoped she was making the right choice---choosing me. I wanted this more than anything, for myself, for Bella. I was the most selfish person to walk to face of the Earth. I'd known this since that glorious day in our meadow. The day our strings of fate crossed paths, and twisted together, creating one fairly strong beautiful golden rope. The only imperfection found was where I had broken said rope, lost her trust and Jacob had been there to fill void, leaving a few small russet-brown color fibers in his place. Ah, Jacob. I was interrupted as the sound of his thoughts filled my head.

This better be important. I don't willingly meet and risk my life with leeches. Gosh, why did Bella have to ask to see me with her and that bloodsucker? She knows I can't say no to her…..well, except for when I went off to battle that red-headed vampire….

I flinched internally at the thought of Victoria. I squeezed Bella's hand a bit, and she replied with a breath-taking smile. Gosh, how I love that silly girl of mine. She was so clumsy, yet so flawless with her sparkling chocolate brown eyes, set like gemstones in her beautiful face. She was loving, kind, selfless, and overall beautiful on the inside and out. If only she could see her own perfection, staring back at her in the mirror.

Anyways, all had been settled with Victoria. She and her army of newborns were long dead, well, however it is we go off the Earth, and I had stayed behind with Bella during the fighting. The talk with Jacob the night before had certainly been interesting, if not painful as it brought up unwanted memories. Curse this photographic memory of mine. The only flaw to our plan had been that Victoria had attacked Bella and I with her little friend Riley, but Seth and I had taken care of them.

Then, again there was her little stunt with the rock shard, and the happenings of Bree, not to mention Jacob's injuries, but he was all better now and quite upset over the prospect of using crutches to cover up his fast healing rate. I could tell he was despising this from the tone of his voice.

As we reached the line, I deftly pulled her old deathtrap of a truck over to the side of the road, and at vampire speed I got out of the car and opened the door for Bella. She had gotten used to the gesture, and then put her hand in mine as I pulled here down to the ground below.

Ah good. I see Bella is still human. Wow. She looks great. Jacob thought.

I pulled Bella closer to my side, wrapping my arm around her waist as a soft growl escaped my chest.

"Play nice," she noted, smiling at the ever-waiting Jacob, pacing just yards away from us.


We abruptly stopped. I guess this was due to the fact I had about no idea where the imaginary line was. Jacob turned to look at us, staring us down, noticing my shaking posture. The silence was so great, that you could have heard an oven timer beeping a mile away. Well, Edward and Jacob might actually haven been able to. Ugh. Stupid hearing sensitive immortals…

I broke the quiet after it began too much for me to handle. "Hey Jacob," I said, my voice barely above a whisper. I knew both of the men around me heard. I looked up at Edward, his expression a perfect poker face.

I smiled up at him, and said quietly, "I'm okay. Stay here, got it?"

"Yes ma'm," he replied, obviously understanding my intentions, and with my quick peck on my lips he let me go. I could hear my heart speed up. Even the slightest sign of affection of his had my heart fluttering.

I walked away from him, my left hand in my jacket pocket, and with atypical skill continued towards my best friend.


I leaned against the hood of Bella's truck, as I watched Bella saunter over towards that dog. She loved him too much for her own good. I mean he could literally kill her. Well so could I so I guess I couldn't use that one against him…

I decided to block Jacob out of my head, knowing would probably like that better, but it was really for Bella's sake of course. I knew she liked others being able to answer for themselves, and to have their privacy. I watched as Jacob dropped his crutches, as Bella closed in on him.

"Hey Jacob!" I heard my love say, as Jacob pulled her in for a massive hug. "Can't breathe…" she whispered, and I growled out of anger, my hands clenching into fists, and my expression becoming flat as I turned to glare at the mongrel. It was like seeing Emmett again after a long day for her.

"Ooops. Sorry Bells. Its great to see you again," he said, though his gaze had met mine at the moment.

I heard Bella's heart beat speed up, and knew she was going to tell him the news soon. I took a deep breath, and thanked God that I wasn't Jasper at the moment.


I felt my face turn a soft pink, and I looked down, as I thought about what I had planned to say next. I couldn't do it, I couldn't hurt Jacob that way, but I must. I shuffled through my thoughts, deciding how I would say this. I still couldn't decide, and I knew he was getting impatient at my lack of response. I took in a deep gulp of air, and I slowly, I lifted by left hand out of my pocket, and towards the sky. My ring seemed to shimmer, even in the overcast light. I heard Jacob gasp as he caught sight of the band around my finger.

I looked up to see Jacob's face, as my cheeks continued to turn a darker shade of red. I could see the shock apparent on his features, and it hurt me to see him in such a state. I could only imagine what Edward's was hearing from him right now. Jacob opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off putting my finger over his lips.

"I'm sorry," I cooed, "goodbye Jacob," was my last words to him, as I reached up and softly kissed his cheek. With that I left his hold, and turn to walk shakily past the boundary line. When I reached Edward, I just about broke down into tears. My eyes were stinging, and I could scarcely keep them open any longer without water spilling from the rims of them.

Edward pulled me into his arms gently, and I sobbed into his shirt. He quietly pulled my into the passenger seat, and got into the driver side at inhuman speed. I wept softly as we continued to drive as fast as possible, through the little town of Forks.

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