Author Notes: Recently came across a (long dead) Naruto drabble fest over on LJ, and was extremely interested in the idea. So here is a collection of drabbles, all 50 words or less, rated between G and R. :) This collection includes all sorts of pairings, including everything from het to slash/femslash to Hyuugacest, so if any of those upset you or don't catch your interest, feel free to skip over them. The pairings are various, and some are just gen, but if you're looking for my KakaSaku drabbles, those are all included my other collection "Springtime & Temptation" and will not be included here. That's about it, so enjoy! ^_^

Baby Blue Eyes
[Kushina, Naruto, G]

Kushina smiles down at the bundle in her arms. She is exhausted, still in pain, and quite a bit pissed at Minato for being a man and putting her through this. But her little boy, her Naruto, wipes all of this from her mind, and she is happy.