James couldn't blame her for what happened, not in the least. Anybody would have been powerless in the situation like that. They had gone to Italy for vacation, just to get away from everything, from the war that was raging. It was peaceful there, away from everything. Nothing had reached them. The newlyweds, as they had only been married for a little over a year, were enjoying their time alone.

It was when they reached Volterra that things started to go awry. They had run into a group of vampires, wondering why they were in their fair city. They had been invited to their leaders 'just to make sure that there is nothing wrong' when Aro, the head of the Volturi, took an unusual interest in Lily. There was little either could do to argue with him. Vampires weren't affected by spells.

She was taken into another part of the building an he didn't see her for three days. At first, he was concerned that they had turned her, as it took three days for the transformation from human to vampire that long. But then she returned, whole and healthy, if not a little shaken and tired, and they were free to leave. They went home that day. When they got home, Lily told him what had happened. He cursed in every language he knew before calming and holding her close to him and told her everything would be alright. A few days later, they found out that Lily was pregnant. What should have been a happy occasion was one of tears and sorrow. The child wasn't James'.


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