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Chapter Four


Harry yawned, watching the three older males with drowsy eyes as they sat: Constantine drinking coffee, Balthazar pouting--oh, wait. He doesn't pout. He glowers. Harry snickered behind his cup of hot cocoa. Phil was just... Phil. He just sat there next to Harry, who was still holding his hand, and watched the other two coolly. They were playing poker. Harry got to deal the cards, on Constantine's insistence, so that no one would cheat. He didn't really get the game... but it was funny, watching Balthazar fold time and time again.

"Someone's cheating," the half-demon finally declared as he had to fold his sixth round. He sat back, scowling. Which really looked ridiculous with all the decorations Harry had given him. Harry giggled tiredly.

"Oh, yes," Phil drawled, lifting an eyebrow (Which made Harry wonder how he lifted it, seeing as how he didn't have one, and how he didn't have any muscles that could lift it, if he'd had one in the first place, which he didn't, but still... Oh no. Out of hot cocoa...) "Because you know a six-year-old knows how to cheat at poker." Balthazar glowed at him, and gestured at his appearance.

"Just like a six-year-old couldn't have done this?" he said snidely, glowering (pouting) as Constantine snickered and drank more of his coffee.

"'M outta hot cocoa..." Harry muttered, yawning hugely. Phil glanced at him, frowning slightly.

"Bed, little human," the demon Lieutenant ordered; Harry pouted.

"Only if you tell me a story." The demon rolled his eyes (How did he do that, either?), before picking the six-year-old up and leaving the room, as Constantine and Balthazar started up a game of Go Fish. Laying the little boy down, the demon carefully tucked him in and settled down on the floor next to him, wondering what story he should tell the child. He felt... Odd, whenever he thought about the boy. Sort of like he thought that Harry was his son, or something. It messed with his mind. One half of him wanted nothing more then to kill the Exorcist in the other room and torture the half-breed for being near the little boy, for posing a threat, however minor. The other half knew that doing so would hurt Harry, because the little boy saw them has his friends. It was all so terribly confusing...

"Tell me about Lucifer," Harry said sleepily, cuddling a black cat with white spots closer. Phil absently rubbed the cat behind the ears, making it purr happily.

"Very well," he said, and launched into Lucifers life story, starting after the Battle. He told the little boy of Gabriel's fall from Heaven, and how the Angel had tried to bring Lucifer's son into the world to reign. Harry was fascinated, even as he fell asleep and Balthazar and Phil left, Constantine sleeping on the recliner. Harry's dreams were filled with mayhem and bloodshed and evil, and he'd never felt more rested then when he woke up the next morning.

Yawning, Harry opened his eyes, peering out from under the pile of cats and snakes... and saw a crab. He stared at it; it stared back. He blinked and it clicked its claws. It was sitting... right... in front... of ...his... face... With a shriek, he erupted from the couch and was half-way across the room before Constantine jerked awake, surging to his feet.

"What?" he snarled, still half asleep, looking around. Harry pressed his back to the wall, wheezing.

"Big... Ugly... Bug-like... Thingy... By... My... Face..." he managed to wheeze out, clutching his chest and shuddering. Constantine looked over at the couch. The crab waved it's pincers in the air, as if it was doing a victory dance or something... Until a cat pounced on the three inch thing and smooshed it, before eating it happily.

"Ri-ight..." The Exorcist said, eying the crab-killing-kitty for a few seconds, before shaking his head. Harry, now calm, started getting ready for school. Constantine muttered, stalking into the kitchen and making coffee.

"Bye!" Harry shouted ten minutes later, hurrying out the door. Constantine grunted, drinking his third cup of coffee.

Harry hummed all the way to school. He'd never felt so happy and content before. He was even relaxed enough to wave and smile at Ms. Gentry before going straight to his table farthest away from everyone else, his back turned to everyone, as he always sat. Immediately, he set about drawing another picture of Phil, only with Balthazar and Constantine in it as well, with him in the middle, in front of the bugs-and-bits demon. As an afterthought, he also drew Ms. Julie in the background, smiling that half-blind smile of hers, as well as a bunch of cats and snakes crawling around on the ground at their feet.

"That's a very... Nice picture, Harry," Ms. Gentry said hesitantly from his side, and he turned a cheerful smile on her.

"Thank you, Ms. Gentry," he smiled down at the picture. "This is my family," he explained, pointing everyone out. "That's Phil, those two are Balthazar and Constantine--they're new. And that's Ms. Julie. She's the lady I live with. She's nice but kinda weird. Constantine likes coffee and is suffering from nicotine withdrawal, Balthazar is a sore loser when it comes to poker, and Phil is a great story teller. I especially like the ones about Lucifer and Hell and such," he added, turning sparkling green eyes up to his teachers face. "Thank you for calling Constantine, by the way. I haven't had this much fun in ages..."

"Er, right..." the half-angel said hesitantly, unnerved. What kind of child was she dealing with?

The rest of the day was the same as usual. Harry ate alone, played alone, read alone, and went home alone. And still, he couldn't have been happier, knowing one of his 'family' would be at home waiting for him. Harry ignored the odd looks the other bus riders gave him as he started singing 'I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts' cheerfully as he got off at his stop. He was distracted by someone walking by him.

The man was tall, lank, and yet had that soft look most women had. He had short reddish-gold hair, dull gray eyes, and was wearing a business suit with a white tie and a light blue undershirt. What got Harry's albeit tenuous attention, though, were the wing stubs on his back. They were charred, as if someone had... burned off his wings.

"Excuse me?" Harry called, running up to the man who paused and looked at him. "Would you like a cookie?" The six-year-old asked, holding up one of the ones Ms. Julie had set out for him that morning. The man hesitated, but Harry smiled up at him innocently, and he took one.

"Thank you, little one," the man said in a melodious tenor that made Harry smile wider.

"My names Harry," he said, happily grabbing hold of the mans hand and walking a little ways with him. He had nothing to fear, after all. He was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. He had, after all, strung Balthazar up by his feet and painted him pink.

"My name's Gabriel," the man answered softly, holding Harry's hand as if it comforted him in some way. Harry's smile widened.

"Like the Angel?" He asked; he felt the other man tense.

"Yes, Harry," he said softly with a sad smile. "Like the Angel." Harry nodded, as if it was some great secret he knew.

"I like Angels, and Demons, and Humans, and..." the six-year-old trailed off, frowning slightly. "I don't think I don't like anybody. I like everybody, no matter what, I guess," he mused, eating another cookie and sitting down on a bench with Gabriel. "How'd you loose your wings?" the six-year-old asked, even though he already knew. Gabriel froze, staring at him, but Harry just gave him big, green, innocently curious eyes and offered him another cookie. Gabriel stared into his eyes, and knew he'd lost.

With a long-suffering sigh, the one-time-Angel told Harry how he'd lost his wings. He explained it all as best he could, forgetting Harry was a six-year-old and instead talking to him as if he was another adult. Harry didn't correct the mistake, though, easily figuring out most of the harder parts of the story.

"So..." He said when the one-time-Angel finished. "You felt obligated to give Lucifer's son a chance on Earth, because God's don had a chance?" He was being deliberately innocent with the man, knowing it would loosen him up. Before the Angel could answer, though, a man jumped off the roof of the building across the street from them. Harry watched, wide-eyed, as the man fell from ten stories, towards the concrete.

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