Chapter 5: More Than a Feeling

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Lily was dreaming that she was being chased. That wasn't unusual; she was often used as bait for the monsters she and her Mum hunted. She made great bait. In her dream, she was running from people. Normal sane, everyday people who didn't have a clue about the things that went bump in the night. But these weren't…they were anything but—crazed and angry, screaming, growling. And worst, everywhere she ran, she only found more who joined in the chase, their eyes bleeding red-

She gasped as she felt a hand on her shoulder and wakes with a jerk, her foot hitting Dean in the thigh. She lies still for a while, holding her breathe as she took in her surroundings with her eyes and keeping as still as possible. The room was dim as the only source of light, the T.V, sat at the far wall. A large man slept in the bed in front of her and another man sat on the edge of her bed, waiting for her to acknowledge him.

Rule number three: Never make a move until you find how to move.

A basic lesson that was explained to her that by her parents (by momma especially) that sometimes, you had to play possum to know the danger and how to react to it. She couldn't wake up screaming like some damsel or a clueless cheerleader. That's how people get killed. She liked to think that she was like Final Girl because she knew things.

And right now, as she looked up to see the man that saved her, she knew that she was safe. She let out a breath before sitting up. She spotted Yuffie behind her, lying on a pillow. Carefully, she moved Yuffie down so she could be covered by the blanket and tucked her in. When she was done, she rolled over to face the stranger.

"Hi." She said quietly as she gave the man a once over. He had the look of a hunter, the stance and weariness but also the power and strength one got from facing countless monsters and demons. Plus she could see that he wore a charm around his neck. It looked worn but well taken care of. He had short cropped hair, spiked up front and clear hazel eyes that she quickly looked away from. She couldn't look people in the eyes, not without their permission first.

"Hi." Dean said just as quietly as Lily pulled Sam's jacket tighter around her shoulders, like a turtle pulling its limbs inside its shell. "You were having some dream there. I thought I better come and check on you."

"Oh. Thank you." Lily said after a pause. "You're—very kind."

"Well it's what I do." Dean said with a smirk. Lily smiled, the white of her teeth showing. "Are you ok now?"

Lily's smile faded and a sad look came over her face, making Dean feel like such a douche for bringing up her nightmare and quite possibly her kidnapping. She shifted on the bed, rolling to her side so that she was facing him, one arm tucked under her head and her legs curled close. Her curls fell over her face, hiding what the jacket didn't though he could still see the color of her eyes in the dim lighting.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up—"

"I don't know." Lily whispered. "Something is happening and I—I just don't know."

Dean frowned confused and Lily continued. "I know things; a lot of things really even though I don't show it. I have to because I'm going to be a Hunter like Momma and Papa. So I have to know about monsters and the supernatural creatures and how to fight them; how to stop them before they hurt someone else. So I study and I listen and I do what I'm told because we save lives. We're the unsung heroes."

As Lily spoke, her eyes shone brightly. Dean saw how proud she was for what she did. Once upon a time, when he was younger, much younger, he had felt the same way. He loved hunting and everything it brought—the relief on the people's faces when it was all over, the joy on families' faces when they came together again and the peace it brought to those involved.

But he's also seen the sorrow of losing a loved one and the anger on those who didn't have anyone else to blame. He saw the hatred on witches who put hexes on innocent people, saw the blood lust on a predator preying on humans and felt the abject terror of being caught unaware-hunting was a nasty business and he couldn't understand why Lily's parents thought to bring their children into it.

As far as he could figure it, they didn't have any reason for hunting or for bringing their children up into their world. Dean may be a womanizing, cocky, smart ass jerk at times but he was more than protective of kids, especially this young girl who seemed so small as she spoke quietly as if not wanting to disturb the quiet noise in the room.

"Three years ago, we stopped. Momma and Papa stopped looking for cases and we settled down at the house in the Rockies. I actually got to finish a whole semester in the same school and was even invited to a sleepover. It was fun."

"And then I got a feeling. More than a feeling really I think. I couldn't sleep. It was horrible and everything. I didn't dream anything bad but I just couldn't stay asleep because I kept hearing stuff. In here." She tapped her temple. "Papa was always the one who stayed awake with me. He'd tell me stories or we play games as everyone else slept. He even set up a shed in the backyard so we could hone our hunting skills without awaking anyone. But I could see that he was worried. Momma was crazy worried. She thought that someone was casting hexes on me or that some demon or spirit using me to get to them." Lily's tone turned thoughtful, a finger tapping against the bed. "But it wasn't."

"What was it?"

Lily shook her head. "I can't say. But whoever it was, He had a really voice."

She pulled back with a serious expression. "He used to speak to me before He went away."

"What did he say?" Dean asked carefully, not believing her one bit but decided to humor her since she was the one telling the story. And that's what this was…a story that she started probably to escape the memories of whatever she was dreaming of.

"I'm not sure." Lily said with a shrug. "Well it's true!" she said with a huff when he scoffed not so quietly. On the other bed, Sam stirred, muttering in his sleep before rolling over, smacking his lips as he settled into a deeper sleep before Lily continued, quieter this time. "He spoke to me but I don't know what it was about. I just know that after He left, I was able to sleep again."

"For like three weeks straight. Scared Momma and Papa for sure and I made my brother and sister cry." Lily scowled, her eyes narrowing. "They thought I was a vegetable. Like a carrot or something. But I woke up and everyone was happy."

"When I left the hospital, we went on a road trip. It was like we were hunting again but we didn't do anything like that. We just travelled and camped out, checked all the tourists sights and you know just had fun as a family." There was joy in her voice as she spoke, remembering the nights camped under the dark blue sky, pointing out stars for her brother and sister, roasting marshmallows and letting her hair fly as she stuck her head out the window as they flew down the highway.

A tear slipped from her eye. She quickly wiped it away before burying her head under Sam's jacket, as a sniffle here and there could be heard. Dean didn't say anything, he didn't have any words to say to Lily other than the cliché's "It's okay." or "It's all right, it's all over now." Bobby had said that an accident had claimed more than half her family. This must have been that time.

A short time later, Lily pulled the jacket back, the tears from her eyes gone before she continued. "Now it's just me and Momma. We hunt every once in a while but, it's not the same. I don't think anything will be the same ever again." She frowned before she looked up at Dean, "Did you ever lose something that felt like it was a part of you and that it just hurts to breathe when it's gone?"

Dean felt his eyes shift over to the other bed where Sam slept. "Yeah."

When he looked back at Lily, she was studying Sam as if she were looking for an answer when she spoke, "At least you got him back." She didn't say it but Dean could imagine what her next words would've been. "I never will."

A solemn air had taken over and Dean, desperate to break it asked, "What were their names?"

"Prudence and Jude. Momma and Papa loved the Beatles. It was one of the only things they both liked so they decided to name them after a Beatles song." Lily replied instantly without any hesitation. "I used to sing the songs they were named after whenever they got fussing. Pru, she was the older one, loved to just sit and listen. Jude liked to squirm whenever I sang; it was as if he was dancing."

She paused and looked up at Dean. "His name is Sam right? That guy over there." At Dean's nod, she asked, "Can you tell me about you and him? Until I fall asleep again."

"Yeah no problem." Lily shifted over so that Dean could get a better seat on the bed. "Sam is my little brother even though he doesn't look it. Don't let his Sasquatch size fool you. I've always watched out for him when our Dad was out on a hunt."

Lily listened with rapt attention as Dean spun tales of their youth, of their pranks and travelling town to town or sleeping under the stars or in the backseat of the car. Meeting Bobby the first time and staying the summer weeks with him as he taught them the basics of hunting when Sam was old enough. Or keeping watch with a rifle for the monster that Sam said hid in his closet so he wouldn't be scared.

As the hour went on, Lily giggled, gasped in surprise and smiled as Dean went on and on chasing away the fear and sorrow that had penetrated the room until finally Lily fell back to sleep. Dean yawned in surprise, feeling a wave of sleepiness over him before he walked back to the couch, kicked off his boots and grabbed the blanket and pillow that Sam had given him before he fell asleep.