Chapter 17: Warning: Talk of blood.

Last Chapter:

Barbra met me outside the classroom. She opened her mouth to speak, but I just waved the rescued phone in front of her eyes before returning it to its rightful place in my pocket; stopping her apology in its tracks.

"Come on." I said cheerfully. "Not too long till we go home." We made our way to our last class. "Do you know what the meeting's about?" I glanced at her and she pulled a face.

"No idea."

I shrugged. I guess we'll find out.


Unknown POV:


I looked up from my desk with boredom.

"You've got a phone call, Sir."

Without another word I picked up my desk phone, "Speak to me."

"We have at least three targets moving in west due north." I spun to my computer and brought up our data. "Genders are as a whole, unknown. One of them is a Halfling. Our sources tell us that he is in a leadership position. One female seems to be closely related to him."

I typed furiously on the keyboard to bring up the satellite feed. "Do you know their current co-ordinates?"

"The encrypted co-ordinates are being sent you now."

The computer beeped and the sound echoed in the large room. "Co-ordinates received. Good call Mr Red."

"Pleasure doing business with you, Mr Green."

I hung up the secure phone and snapped my fingers twice.


"Get the choppers ready." I decoded the co-ordinates and fed them into the satellite network. Within seconds a green landscape came up on the large computer screen. With a click of the mouse, I zoomed in. Forks, eh? Good. There won't be too much bloody carnage in a small town.

Bella POV:

"I hereby call this meeting to order!" Lex stood on his soap box waving his arms around. His sister Barbra rolled her eyes next to me as she leaned on my punching bag. This was the great meeting I was sacrificing my time to? I could be doing my lovely home work, but nooo.

"Hey, I've got a question!" I raised my hand to speak. At his nod I continued. "Where is Snappy? Has he bailed already?" I mentally patted myself on the back. Good call, Bells. I sure scared him away this time.

"No. He's gathering research in Russia."

"Why Russia?"

"Because that's where James made his last Jumper kill."

The room went silent. Talk of any Jumper's death, whether we knew them or not, made us sombre. Lex continued, "Apparently the style of killing is strange. We don't know much, but that's why he's researching."

I frowned. "What? He's researching what our deaths are going to be like?"

"No. Just yours." Barbra stated dryly. "He shouldn't know we're here, remember?"

"And it's not about that. If we can find out how James prefers to murder his victims, we can predict when he will strike and in what conditions. That way we can be more prepared."

Lex's phone beeped. He glanced at it and sent a quick text. Seconds later there was the sound of someone completing a Jump and Snappy was standing right in front of us.

"I've got something."

He crouched on the floor – I didn't have a table down here – and we formed a circle around him. I looked down at the documents he was displaying as I crossed my legs. Death reports.

"This one here." Snappy pointed to the first one. "Is the Jumper that was killed. Eric Moses. He was found in an apartment with his neck split open. Home robbery." He rolled his eyes. "The reports say that he died of blood loss." He flipped open the file and I wanted to throw up. There was a bird's eye view picture of the body lying on purple carpet. The body was surrounded by black blood. I bit my lip to keep in any sound. "The thing is…" Snaps pointed to the blood. "The blood around the body isn't that much. If I were to guess I would say that it's only about two litres." Barbra frowned and Lex made a fist. "And how much blood was in the body? According to reports, none. Now. Let's do the math. There is on average five point six litres of blood in a full grown body. So where is the missing three point six litres of blood?"

Snappy sat back as we pondered this.

Blood doesn't just go missing. It can't evaporate. The photo was taken at the scene of the crime and the pale lifeless figure certainly looked like it was completely empty of blood.

"Did… Does this mean that James collects Jumper's blood?" Barbra whispered. She looked like she was sick. That was when I noticed that she was gripping my hand and that I was gripping hers just as tightly.

"I don't know." Snappy replied. He wasn't being very snappy. A surge of gilt went through me for naming him that after he had gone through all this to get this odd and sobering information.

He cleared his throat. "That's not all." He gestured to the two other files. "There were two other deaths in the month before Eric was found dead. Both bodies were found on opposite sides of the town in dumpsters, their bodies deprived of blood." We looked at each other. "Well… we can assume that the second had no blood; it was found in a burning dumpster and was pretty much burnt to a crisp."

I spoke up. "Were they Jumpers, too?"

"No." He shuffled some papers around. "Anne was a full time mom; she had lived in Russia all her life, and Daniel was a full time college student who had moved into the country with his family three years before."

"No constant holidays? No disappearing for long amounts of time? Dressing for summer when it's winter?" Barbra asked. She sounded panicked and I understood why. Killing Jumpers because Zealots believed that they had no place on their God's earth was one thing. But killing innocent people and dumping the bodies in the trash?

"No. There is no doubt that they were normal. They didn't even have any contact with Eric."

"But are the murders really related?"

"All three bodies missing blood? Defiantly. But the way the James left Eric's body out in the open and not in a dumpster… It could be just to throw off the police."

"Or any Jumpers looking into it." We all looked to Lex. "The police wouldn't know that the Jumper was any different to the other two people. The only factor that's different is that Eric was a Jumper and James purposely tried to make it look like a home robbery. Anyone looking into James' Jumper kills wouldn't think to look at the other bodies because they weren't Jumpers and they were found in dumpsters."

I shook my head. "So what is James hiding? What is he using blood for?"

I looked around at everyone. Lex stood between his sister and I and wrapped an arm around us. "I don't know, Bella. But we won't let him get yours."

Edward's POV (in the woods outside Bella's house):


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