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Be My Biggest Fan

Chapter One
One Night Stand

Be my biggest fan,
Scream as loud as you can,
'Cause you know it's just a one night stand.
- Hinder

I smirked to myself when she looked at me with a shy smile. Her cheeks turned a beautiful pink shade as she looked down to the floor. Even through the darkness of the bar, I could still tell the blush on her cheeks was sticking. She must think I'm cute.

"Jasper, this is my friend Bella," Amy introduced me to the blushing beauty with the fitting name as she hung off my friend and fellow band member Jared.

I didn't even bother looking at the two of them, knowing they were already all over each other. I wasn't a fan of public displays of... foreplay myself. That's what hotel rooms were for. But whatever.

Instead, I looked at Bella, the sweet and pretty brunette with deep brown eyes. I gave her another smile and her own grew winder. She looked back down once more, her long hair falling around her face as she tried to hide it.

"Okay, so umm, we're going to go," Jared laughed, "You'll look after Bella, right Jazz?" Jared asked me.

I nodded, "Don't worry." I assured.

"Are you sure, Bella?" Amy asked Bella, hardly at all convincing that she would stay if Bella asked her to.

"Yes, I'll be fine," she responded.

Amy handed Bella a set of kets. "Take my care."

Bella nodded and took the keys without another word spoken.

Jared and Amy hurried off, both in giggles as they left the bar.

Bella and I looked back at one another at the same time. The smiles stuck.

"So, are you a fan of mine, Bella?" I asked, checking out her smoking hot little body.

She was wearing a tight black shirt, her breasts popping out the top slightly and an impossibly tight blue mini skirt. It came down low on her hips and high up her thighs, showing off her stunning legs. The black high heels really did it for me too.

"Umm," she bit on her lip, "actually, this is the first I've heard you guys play," she admitted with a cute shrug.

"Oh," my ego took just a little blow.

"Yeah... Amy dragged me here," she admitted. Hurt ego or not, I liked her honesty.

"You guys were great though," she added, making me feel better.

I was, yet again, touring with my band. This was our last night back home in Texas and as a favor to our friend we played at his bar. We weren't as big as we were going to be, but we had also grown a great deal in the last two months. We had gained a large number fans across the country as well as in Europe and Australia.

All our friends were here tonight, showing their support, and it was nice to see them again considering we'd been so busy lately.

But even with all my friends and being home, the best part was standing here, with the sexiest girl in the room.

I watched her as her teeth attacked her plump lips and ran her hand through her thick hair, as if waiting for me to say something so this wouldn't be awkward.

"You don't sound like you're from Texas, Bella," I stated it as fact, but I meant it to be a question; to get her talking.

"Oh, I'm not, I'm just here on vacation for a week - visiting Amy. She's here for school and I'm at NYU. We take turns visiting and it was mine, so... yeah," she told me.

I didn't really care much, but I wanted to at least make her a little comfortable around me before I fucked her.

She must have known that's all I wanted. I was a guitarist on the road with my band. My nights were all blurs of one night stands and she'd be my most recent come morning. I wouldn't even remember her name.

Without fear of rejection I held my hand out to her and watched as she bit harder into her lip, gently placing her small hand into mine.

"Well," I smiled, pulling her over to me. She gasp in surprise, placing her free hand onto my chest. We were so close now that I could feel her warm breath against my neck. "Hopefully I can make this vacation one for you to remember."

She gave me that shy smile again, looking down and avoiding my eyes.

I knew she wanted me though. I knew it by the way she pressed herself up against me and the way both of her hands moved to my chest now, feeling it.

I leaned down to her hight so my lips were close to her ear. I could smell her sweet hair this way, it filled my senses in the best way.

"Will you let me try?" I asked.

She pulled back and looked up at me with a quick nod.

And so, without another word, I led her out of the bar and into the hot night air. There was a hotel right next to the bar and our manager had already booked each of us our own rooms. I wasn't the only one getting lucky tonight, maybe even the last one come to think of it.

I interlocked our fingers as we made our way up to my room.

"Jasper?" she asked and I turned to face her while pushing the door all the way open.

"Yes, darlin'?"

"Isn't this where you're from? Why do you have a hotel room?"

I extended my hand, motioning for her to step inside. She did, looking around and avoiding my stare again. I closed the door with a soft push.

"You already know the answer," I smiled, thinking she was cute, "I'm not gonna take a girl back home to my momma's house. That would just be awkward to all those involved." I explained.

She didn't say anything, just nodded.

I took the chance to step closer and wrap my arm around her slender waist. My free hand came up into her hair, pushing it back before touching her face. Her skin was soft and she was flawless as she looked up at me with heavy lids.

My fingers traced her jaw, all the way to her chin where I took a hold of it and leaned down, giving her our first kiss.

Her hands moved around me too, grabbing onto the back of my shirt as she moaned softly into my mouth. I moved my hand behind her neck, deepening the kiss.

She tasted so fucking good - like candy even. I wanted more, so I licked her lips and she opened them, allowing our tongues to lock between us, heating the kiss further.

I wanted her so bad. I wanted her body to be mine. I wanted to hear her sweet voice screaming out loud for me to give her more. I wanted...

She pulled back breathlessly.

Oh, no.

I held her waist closer.

"I don't," she began, taking a deep breath, "I don't normally do this... Ever." She told me.

Like I cared?

I just wanted to fuck her. I didn't give a big fat flying fuck if she was a whore or not.

I smiled instead.

"It doesn't matter. This isn't forever. You'll only know me for one night." I repeated the words I had spoken many times before. "It. Doesn't. Matter."

But I knew, somewhere inside me, that it did.

I liked hearing that she went to NYU, meaning she had goals in life. And I liked knowing she didn't do this with guys before me, meaning she wasn't a whore. Usually it was written all over their faces. Bella's was nothing but sweet and pure, so damn sexy and she had no idea.

Seriously, what was going on?

One part of me, the part that I knew of myself, didn't care.

But some new asshole inside me did.

"I know... But I don't want you to think I was planning on this to happen," she pulled even further away and took another deep breath.

Why was she stalling? I wanted to take her. And I wanted to do it now!

I smirked again, closing the space between us once more.

"In this little skirt, darlin'," I mused, putting my fingers into the waistband of it, grabbing tightly so she couldn't get away. "What did you think? That no one would think about fucking you tonight?" I questioned.

She didn't even try pulling away, watching me as I talked.

I pushed her against the wall which was now close behind her. She moaned as I moved down to kiss her neck and shoulder, wrapping my arms around her waist and holding her body closer than before.

She moved her arms up around my shoulders, not stopping my hands once they were on her breasts. They were the perfect size, not small but not huge either.

"Listen to me," I breathed against her ear, making her shiver. "This is sex. I'm not goin' to fall for you after tonight. It doesn't matter what I think about you. It's a one night stand, Bella, I'm leaving in the morning. You wont be here and you wont leave your number... And I won't be callin'." I told her truthfully.

She was adult enough to know this.

Bella nodded in understanding and pushed me back.

Fuck! Why'd I have to say that shit to her? It's not what you say to a girl, you just think it.

She would leave now and I'd never have her. I had to have what I wanted. And I'd never wanted any woman this badly. She was already so different to all the other girls. Girls who actually planned on being my one night stands; wished for it.

A weight was lifted off me when she stepped out of her heels. She wasn't going to leave, yet.

She stripped her skirt off for me, exposing a small black thong.

Fuck yes!

Her body was perfect. Slender yet curvy where it mattered. Her skin pale and milky smooth.

"You're just going to watch me?" she questioned, looking down at my clothes.

I didn't need to be told again. I stripped down to my boxers faster than she had removed her shoes. The thin fabric did a horrible job of hiding my throbbing erection.

I smirked, not really wanting to hid it from her anyway. I wanted the two of them to become very friendly actually.

She was smiling by this point, her eyes moving over my body.

I pushed my boxers down for her, so she'd get to see more. Besides, my dick desperately needed freedom being around her.

Just as I wanted, her eyes moved down to my dick. She was holding her breath, which only made me smile wider. I was proud, knowing I was big, probably bigger than anyone she'd ever had.

"You okay?" I questioned with humor as she quickly broke her stare and nodded. "Take your bra and panties off, baby," I instructed, wanting to see her more than I wanted to see sunlight ever again.

She slowly moved her hands behind her back and her bra soon fell to the floor, giving me a wonderful view of her perky breasts.

She bit on her lip, and I smiled noticing by now that it must have been a nervous habit of hers. It was quite adorable actually.

Next, her fingers slipped into the side of her thong and pulled it down her thighs. She gracefully stepped out of it and stood up straight again, allowing me to view the greatest sight I'd seen in awhile. She was beyond words.

"Fuck, you're so sexy," I told her, not meaning to make her blush, but I did just that with my compliment.

Unable to contain myself I moved towards her, closing the space between us once again and placing my hands on her waist. I kissed her gently.

"Don't worry, darlin', I'll be gentle... At first," I smirked against her lips at the last part.

Bella moaned, closing her eyes and allowing me to deepen the kiss we had started.

I leaned down enough to grab the back of her thighs and lift her easily. She wrapped her legs around me and I walked us to the bed, laying her down under me.

Her small hands explored my body, letting me know she wanted me. I let her do so for a couple of seconds, enjoying it. I knew I was a good looking guy. It wasn't new to me that woman - as well as some men - wanted me, but it was still nice when hey showed me

I felt her fingers run through my slightly shaggy hair as I kissed her neck, loving the feel and smell. I needed more than just her neck. I needed all of her. Her whole body.

"You're mine tonight," I couldn't help that my possessive side got the better of me. But it wasn't so bad, for every woman wanted to be desired.

I really did want her.

I moved my kisses down to her breasts, taking them in my hands and shucking at them both. She pressed her chest into my face, wanting more.

"Oh... Jasper," she moaned my name already, pressing her hips up to me. I smiled, knowing what she wanted.

"You want me to make you come with my mouth?" I moved my mouth down her stomach as she grabbed my hair into a fist with her small hand.

She moaned for me to go on.

"What do you want, Bella?" I knew she was shy, but that made me want to hear her say it that much more.

"Yes," she finally responded to my first question.

"Yes," I kissed her stomach and looked up at her, "What?"

"Make me come." She answered with a whisper, making me smile.

I moved my hands to her thighs and pushed her legs apart, looking down at her for a second. She was hairless and perfectly pink. Her legs fought against my hold for a second, but I was stronger than her.

She stopped fighting me when I rubbed my nose against her clit, inhaling her intoxicating scent. She moaned in pleasure and surprise.

She was already so fucking wet. It alone made my dick twitch and grow harder.

I let my tongue out to taste her, giving her one slow long lick up her folds. Damn it, she tasted better than the sweetest of fruits. I sucked and kissed at her clit for a short while, making her moan for more. She sounded so damn good.

I made sure she would leave her legs spread and she willingly did when I let one of her thighs go. She was enjoying this too much to make me stop. I moved my fingers to her opening, feeling her wetness before moving one finger into her slowly. She moaned and I pulled it out and added another, then did the same by adding a third.

She gasped for air as I pushed my fingers into her deeper each time. She was so fucking tight around my fingers. I could only imagine how tight she'd be around my cock.

She felt tense, so I kissed her clit gently again, working the rough skin that was her g-spot, feeling her relax again.

"Scream." I spoke loud enough against her clit so she could heard me.

She only moaned. I could feel her tensing up again and I wanted to hear her scream through the orgasm that I was giving her.

She wouldn't scream, it was like she was still shy to.

"Scream, Bella, or I wont let you come." I threatened, pulling my mouth from her as well as my fingers.

She looked down at me with frustration.

"Okay..." She finally breathed. "Just don't stop." Her head dropped back on the pillow as I went back to work, bringing her over the edge.

Her moans got louder and finally she was screaming in pleasure, gasping for air before she screamed louder than I had ever heard, letting her orgasm flow through her and onto my hand.

"Oh god," She was gripping her own hair now, trying to come down from her high.

I knew when I had done something right and her face showed that I had done something no one else had. Not everyone knew how to give great head. She must not have been with a lot of guys.

I moved back over her body, looking down at her with a smile.

"That was perfect, but I think you can do even better," I kissed her lips, forcing my tongue into her mouth so she could taste how sweet she was.

I brought my wet fingers to her mouth and watched her suck on them, feeling her tongue licking my fingers clean. I wanted her to suck my aching dick just like that.

She was insanely sexy and it seemed she was opening up.

"Tastes good, huh?" I smiled as she made a popping sound once her mouth left my fingers. She bit her lip and stared at me with her dark, lust filled eyes. I was glad she was finally relaxed after that.

I pushed her hair from her face.


"Yes, baby?" I asked, wondering how someone could be so beautiful and sexy at the same time.

"You're... so sexy... I love listening to you talk." She admitted, bringing the color back to her cheeks again with a blush.

It was no surprise, women loved the southern accent. I definitely used it to my advantage too. I knew what she wanted by telling me that and I'd sure as hell keep talking if it turned her on.

"Yeah?" I asked, giving her a lazy smile.

"You like my accent?" I asked, placing another kiss on her lips.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Does it turn you on?" I asked, taking her left breasts into my hand again, feeling it while my other moved down her waist.

She moaned and said, "Yes,"

"You want to show me how much?" I asked, licking her bottom lip.

She nodded and pushed against my chest. I moved off her, now standing at the foot of the bed, watching her crawl across the bed until her face was level and inches away from my dick. The bed was low so she could easily do this the way she was now; on her hands and knees for me.

"I'm..." She looked at me with an unsure expression.

"What, darlin'?" I asked, moving my hand to the back of her head, feeling her soft hair.

"I'm sorry if I'm bad." She looked worried, but she was so cute. She made me smile.

"Not possible... And don't worry, whatever your mouth can't take, I'll make sure your pussy does... I'm gonna fuck you so hard you wont be able to walk out of here."

She was so adorable and I could tell she liked the dirty talk because she licked her lips and eyed my dick again.

Yes, I can tell her to leave when this was over.

Yes, I only want her this once.

Yes, I'll leave and never see her again.

Yes, it's only a one night stand, I told myself over and over, needing to believe it.

"Open up and stop teasing me." I took a fistful of her hair into my grip and made her move closer. She opened her mouth and took me in slowly.

Fuck, her mouth was so warm and wet and she was sucking me perfectly. I wanted more. I thrusted into her mouth, making her moan and take more of me in.

I leaned over slightly and held the back of her head gently, rubbing her breast with my other hand and pinching her nipple lightly, looking down her beautiful pale white back and down to her ass, sticking up in the air. I desperately wanted to her behind her as much as I wanted to be in front of her face.

Her tongue moved against my length as she continued to suck and massage my balls with her hand. Who the hell was she trying to kid? She was amazing at this.

I pulled her head towards me as I thrust forward, wanting to fuck her mouth harder and deeper, it was just so damn inviting. She moaned and pulled back a little as I hit her throat too fast.

"Relax you throat." I told her, stroking her hair gently now.

She looked up at me with those pretty eyes and I felt her do just that. I slowly moved deeper into her mouth, feeling her take me deeper down her throat than she had before. She was pro.

Her eyes watered as I pulled out and pushed back in. She closed them and I saw a tear run down her cheek. She moaned against my dick, making it feel way too good.

"Good girl... Your so fucking good at that, Bella... Come on, lay back on the bed." I told her. I knew I wouldn't last much longer in her mouth. I needed a break before she made me come too soon, like a teenage boy.

She did as I said while I grabbed my pants off the floor and found a condom in my pocket.

I moved back to the bed as she smiled at me, biting her lip seductively. I look her ankle with my hand and brought her leg up to my face, kissing up her leg softly. I heard her take in a deep breath as she grabbed my forearm that was by her side.

"You're so beautiful." I kissed her knee, placing her leg back down and feeling up her thigh with the hand that she didn't have a hold on. She took the condom from my hand and opened it. I watched her sit up, taking a few seconds to put it on me.

I pushed her back down and settled between her legs. Then moved my hand down between us and rubbed my head up and down her folds, finally positioning myself at her entrance. She tensed under me, so I didn't continue... yet.

"You okay?"

She nodded slightly and took in another deep breath.

"You want me to fuck you?" I wasn't going to do anything to her unless she wanted it. I'd be pissed off if she told me to stop, but I would definitely stop.

She nodded again, placing her hand against my cheek.

"What's wrong then?"

Her cheeks flushed again. I loved that. I could feel her heart beating hard against my chest.

"I'm a little scared," she admitted and I kissed her forehead.

"It's not your first time, is it?" My heart stopped for a second at the thought.

Please tell me I didn't just take a virgin back to my motel room? Please...

"No... You're just bigger than... my... than... the other guy I've had sex with." She admitted, stumbling over her words for a second like she was trying to hide something from me.

Was she going to say her boyfriend?

The thought of her cheating on her boyfriend, the only other 'guy' not 'guys' she had sex with, turned me on so much more and I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anything before.

"I'll go slow until you tell me it's okay, okay?"

"Okay," she whispered, wrapping her arms around me.

"Ready?" I asked.

She nodded.

I couldn't help but close my eyes as I pushed into her tightness.

"Fuck," I groaned as she dug her nails into my back and I pushed further and deeper.

"Oh," She held me tighter as I filled her and she cried out, throwing her head back on the pillow.

I pulled out and pushed back in. Oh god, she was so tight, so warm and dripping wet. Nothing felt better than her body under mine, my dick deep inside her perfect pussy.

She cried out again as I thrust into her a little harder.

"You okay?" I asked, looking down at her.

She nodded and hardly whispered her 'yeah'.

"He's not this big, huh?" I asked with a smile, thrusting in again.

"No," she cried out again, answering the question I wanted to know; Yes, she was cheating and yes, it made me want to fuck her ever harder. But I would control myself until she was ready.

I wanted to prove to her that I was better than him. I didn't even know who the fuck he was, but I wanted to show her how I could fuck her harder and make her come like she had never come before.

I moved into her over and over, it felt so good, she felt so good, until she was moaning in pleasure and not crying out in pain.

"Jasper... It's okay... now..." Her voice was broken and sounded like sex. Perfect.

I moved my arms behind her and held her shoulders with my hands so she wouldn't move back while I pounded into her. I moved into her slowly still as I covered her lips with mine in a lust filled kiss.

I thrust into her hard and fast, making her pull away from the kiss with a scream. I loved hearing her scream. It turned into a low moan until I repeated my actions and she screamed again. No one had ever screamed like this for me before.

"You alright?" I slowed down to ask her, hoping I wasn't mistaking her screams as pain.

"Yes... Oh, god. Please don't stop... Please," she begged.

I could not deny her. I fucked her even harder, it almost hurt, but I didn't want to stop. It felt so right.

"Shit!" she yelled and I knew she was close.

"Scream my name when you come." I growled into her neck, "I want you to make sure everyone hears who's making you come so hard." I told her, biting down on her neck.

She moaned as she got closer and finally screamed louder.

"Oh... Jasper! Oh, fuck!"

Her walls tightened around me, making me come harder than I ever had. Shit, she was tighter than any other girl I had ever been with.

I took her face into my hand, making her look at me. She did with lazy eyes, trying to catch her breath.

"Not good enough."

She narrowed her eyes as her body went weak beneath mine. I kissed her lips and pulled out.

"It's okay, you can try again." I smiled, this time getting another smile from her as she stroked my face and let me kiss her.

I had never really made out with a one night stand before, but here we were, fifteen minutes in, kissing and grinding against each other. I was hard again and wanting her even more than the first time.

"Get on your hands and knees." I instructed before getting off the bed to get another condom from my pants.

"Shit darlin', you look perfect." I told her.

She looked back at me over her shoulder, biting on her lip, watching me put the new condom on. Her knees were at the edge of the bed and her backside was up, waiting for me, giving me an amazing view of her pussy.

She giggled a little with excitement as I got close and smiled. She was too sweet. I slapped her ass lightly, making her jump a little. I got on my knees, on the floor, and took her hips into my hands, hearing her moan when she realized how close my face was to her dripping core.

I licked her a few times, wanting to taste her amazing taste again. I then stood back up and slid into her slowly at first, pulling her hips back to mine, hearing her moan in pleasure, as did I. She was even tighter this way, I didn't know it was possible.

I had her screaming louder with each thrust, pounding into her harder, wanting her to never forget this.

"You like that?" I asked through clenched teeth, moving my hand around between her legs and rubbing her clit.

"Oh, god... Yes, Jasper... Yes,"

"Anyone ever fuck you this hard?" I rubbed her even harder, making her scream like she couldn't take anymore, but I kept on rubbing her.

"No!" She cried and I saw her grabbing the sheets tighter than she already was. She was in search of something to hold onto, but there was nothing.

I pressed down on her back and took one of her hands behind her back, making her press her chest and cheek down into the mattress. I reached for her other hand and pulled it back, crossing her wrists behind her back, holding them both with one of my hands.

"You can tell me if you don't like this." I assured, not wanting her to feel like I was forcing her by holding her down.

She moaned, "No," she held onto my wrist with both her hands.

"No, what?" I pushed into her harder, making her moan, "You like it?" I fucked her faster and harder, "Tell me, Bella!"

"Yes! Yes, I fucking love it!" I smiled now, pleased at her words.

"You like me holding you down?" Fuck, she was going to kill me. I never had better sex before in my life. This was the best night of my life. She was a perfect match in the bedroom.


"You like getting fucked like this!?" I yelled at her to answer me, slapping her ass hard then pounding into her harder.

"Oh.. Fuck. Yes! I love it!" She yelled back.

I couldn't help but be vocal with her. I could tell she loved it and I could also tell that he never took control of her this way. She was loving it. She wanted me to be in control of her, and I gladly wanted to be too.

I continued for a long while, until we both could hardly breathe anymore and I knew I wouldn't have any more energy if I continued it any further.

"You gonna come?" I asked.

"Yes... Oh... I'm coming... I... I... Oh..."

Shit, she sounded so good and felt even better.

She screamed louder then before as her orgasm took over her body and she yelled my name, almost shaking. I was close behind her as she tightened around me, making me come even harder than the first time.

I let her hands go and pulled out, dropping down onto the bed on my back next to her. She moaned and stretched out until she was laying flat on her stomach.

"Oh, god... That was insane." She said with a small laugh.

I looked side ways at her pretty face, almost covered completely with her messy sex hair. She looked so wonderful pushing it back and giving me a weak smile.

Why the hell did I tell her not to leave her number?

Why did I tell her she was just a one night stand and it didn't matter?

I felt like such an asshole. But I wouldn't change anything now, I couldn't go back and change things. I made it very clear that she was just a fuck.

"I think you were wrong, darlin'," I stated, watching her give me a questioning look.

"You said you weren't a fan of mine, but no ones ever screamed that loud for me before."

I watched her blush and look away like she had when we were first introduced back at the bar, not even two hours ago.

"You're right... I'm your biggest fan now." She admitted.

I pulled my eyebrows together when she stumbled from the bed, almost falling twice as she searched for her clothes and got dressed. I didn't say a word as I watched her try fix herself up. It was no use, she looked like she just had the fuck of a life time.

She got back on the bed for a second and put her hand on my chest, leaning over. She gave me one last sweet kiss and almost fell once more while getting off the bed. I had warned her that she wouldn't be able to walk and I was right, her legs were still weak from her last orgasm. All thanks to me of course. I loved that I brought her as much pleasure as she brought me.

She reached the door and I wanted to scream for her to stay. But, I couldn't do that.

With a small wave and 'goodnight, Jasper.', she was gone. Leaving me there, regretting the way I had spoken to her. She made me question things I had never questioned with any other girl I had had while on the road.

They were all just blurs of mindless sex, all the same. Not her. She was different. I knew she didn't do this all the time and I had no right to question why she chose me or why she picked tonight.

At least I had these memories of her. I'd never forget Bella.

I guess I really should have gotten her number... Fuck!