Sinedd's journey

Hopefully this will be a story that pulls at the ol' heart strings there. It's about Sinedd's life prior to the events we saw happening in the cartoon, I mean we know his parents were killed in the war, but how did he end up on Akillian as the 'hated one' lets find out shall we??

Five years old:

Sinedd giggled as he pulled another face at a passer-by, he stuck his tongue out and waggled it at an old woman with a dog, and then giggled with childish glee at the look of outrage on her face.

"Do you have to be so childish?" Hissed the social worker as she grabbed Sinedd by the wrist and pulled him back down into his seat.

Sinedd rubbed his wrist and glared hard at her. He didn't like this social worker, they always changed –as did his foster parents- but this was the meanest to boot.

"Where are we going anyway?" He whined.

The social worker visibly grimaced then turned back to the five year old boy who was glaring defiantly at her.

"We're going to your new home" she said putting on a cheesy smile. "Isn't that wonderful?"

"No" Sinedd answered pouting.

The social worker ground her teeth. Sinedd had been the hardest child she'd had to deal with so far, she'd read his reports and had been willing to feel sorry for the kid but then when he had arrived; surly and full of demands any drop of pity she had, had left her.

The kid had been in and out of different foster homes, nearly every month he had been given up on, either on the grounds that he was too difficult or on the grounds that he never seemed to get along with the other children.

The social worker studied Sinedd who was currently looking out the window.

He was small and pale, making his dark hair contrast deeply with his skin, his hair was shaggy and unkempt coming to around his chin, he was quite a cute kid but the sullen look that was permanently etched onto his face derived him any chance of being 'cooed' at.

Sinedd was a difficult child, he was coming here to Akillian as a last straw, no more foster families wanted him and the social workers had decided it would be best for him to enter an orphanage.

The social worker sighed, it had been going well for him up until a week ago when he had gotten into an argument with his adoptive parent's daughter, she had brought his parents up and he had bitten her, the adoptive parents had no choice but to give him away.

It was like he was a bad dog, but the social worker supposed he would have been put down by now, but sometimes it was worse to be passed around than to be put down, it must be a horrible feeling, she thought, knowing that no one wants you.

"Where are we anyway?" Sinedd demanded, snapping the social worker out of her thoughts, again the way Sinedd addressed her annoyed her greatly draining the pity away again.

"It's called Akillian" she answered stonily.

Sinedd went back to staring out of the window and the two of them sat in silence for a while.


The social worker turned to see Sinedd with his podgy hands pressed against the window a look of pure excitement on his tiny face. "What is that stuff?"

The social worker looked past the child to see snowflakes falling fast and furious onto the ground.

"It's called snow Sinedd, and I assure you, you'll be seeing lots of it living here, so much that I bet you'll become tired of it"

Sinedd shook his head never taking his eyes of the wonderful snow.

"No, I'll never get tired of this" he breathed, his eyes shining.

An hour later:

An hour later and they had reached their destination; the orphanage.

The orphanage was a large, stone building with bars across the windows, there was no light coming from the inside and it didn't look welcoming in the slightest.

Sinedd hadn't taken his eyes of the snow the whole way there, his eyes still full of childish enthusiasm, he barely noticed as the social worker got out and grabbed his stuff from the boot.

It wasn't much, just a rucksack with a few things inside, a pad of paper, a few pencils, and a few clothes.

Junk really the social worker thought.

Sinedd's door opened and he nearly fell out, the social worker grabbed his arm and began yanking him towards the orphanage, Sinedd barely noticed he was so enraptured by the snow, he had never seen anything so beautiful in his whole life.

Some of the snow settled in his hair and on his pale, fragile arms, he stared at them in delight.

"Stop making a fool of yourself and get in there" the social worker hissed as she handed him his rucksack and gave him a sharp prod to get him moving and finally Sinedd noticed his fate.

The big building scared him it looked like the hospital and he didn't like hospitals.

Hospitals were where mummy and daddy went away.

He uttered a little squeal and hid behind the social worker shivering in horror.

The social worker sighed with annoyance –she was in no mood for such childish behaviour- and grabbed the boy, yanking him up so she was carrying him, she marched him into the orphanage….


The orphanage's welcome hall was cold and dark, the childish drawings that adorned the walls just making it seem even more so, Sinedd stared up in horror at the drawings; scared as the social worker made her way to the reception desk.

"Hello I've brought Sinedd? The little boy from Kimli?"

One picture in particular frightened Sinedd it was a picture of the sun drawn on a paper plate; the sun had a button nose and cold dark eyes and the smile…wasn't even a smile it looked more like an evil smirk to Sinedd, tears entered the child's eyes as he realised this was his new home.

"Ah yes, have you brought the paperwork? Thank you"

Sinedd stood with his back to the proceedings; the windows were to tall for Sinedd to see out of, so he couldn't even see if the beautiful 'snow' was still there.


Sinedd turned and looked at the social worker, the social workers lip curled as she looked down on the little boy before her, tears in his eyes and snot dribbling from his nose, with his raggedy clothing you could of mistaken him as a street urchin.

"Sinedd, this is your new home ok?"

Sinedd shook his head dumbly.

"Yes Sinedd you live here now, it's a nice place so don't worry, now I'm going to leave now and I don't want any of your shenanigans, I've read your papers no trying to escape now ok?"

Again the boy shook his head, the social worker began to lose patience, she bent down till she was eye level with the child then grabbed him by the wrist pulling him forward.

"Stop being so stupid, you live here now so you might as well accept it, to be quite frank I don't know why I even bothered with you, no one would care if you went missing, now get over there and say hello to the receptionist or there'll be hell to pay"

Sinedd yelped in pain and pulled his wrist away from the social worker as she had been digging her fingernails further and further into his podgy little wrist with each word.

The social worker coughed and stood up, dusting herself down.

"Right, I leave him in your capable hands…he's your problem now" she said the last part quietly through gritted teeth then pulled the large mahogany doors open to leave.

Sinedd was hit by a rush of cold air and managed a quick glimpse at the swirling snow and then the door was shut and the welcoming hall was gloomy and murky again, Sinedd turned to the receptionist quivering and afraid.

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