Sinedd's journey

So Sinedd got into a fight with D'jok and Micro-Ice…eek :O

Sinedd, D'jok and Micro-Ice sat in the headmistress's office; heads down as they waited for her to arrive. Micro-Ice and D'jok were throwing dirty looks at Sinedd at regular intervals but Sinedd who was used to dirty looks just kept his head down and stared at his hands.

"Are you three the little bruisers then?"

The three boys looked up to see Ms. Darlington entering the room, she was a slim woman with a face that was aged beyond her years, dressed in a pale blue suit she stood as a threatening figure.

The woman sat with a sigh on her big chair, opposite the boys then leaned forward onto her hands.

"What happened then?" she asked.

The kids all began talking at once, Micro-Ice and D'jok pointing and shouting and Sinedd defending himself venomously.

"Stop! Stop!" Ms. Darlington demanded, she rubbed the bridge of her nose between her fingers then turned at looked pointedly at Sinedd. "I was informed that you kicked Micro-Ice during football?" She enquired.

"That's right!" Micro-Ice exclaimed nodding.

Ms. Darlington silenced Micro-Ice with an icy look then turned back to Sinedd who was furiously rubbing his wrist. "Well? I must say that this isn't a good start to your first school…Sinedd"

"I didn't kick him deliberately" Sinedd mumbled staring down at his feet.

"You didn't kick him deliberately…" Ms. Darlington repeated. "So it was an accident?"

Sinedd nodded.

"Yeah but he shouldn't have been playing so nastily in the first place!" Micro-Ice declared.

"Yeah and he never passed the ball!" D'jok added.

Sinedd looked up and glowered at D'jok who glowered right back.

"Sinedd have you apologised?" Ms. Darlington asked.

"I was gonna" Sinedd said sullenly then he looked at D'jok. "But then he called me a weirdo!"

Ms. Darlington sighed. "This could be easily resolved if you just all said sorry to each other"

"I'm not saying sorry first!" Sinedd shrieked.

"I'm not saying you have to!" Ms. Darlington retorted, her nerves on their last end she turned to look at D'jok. "D'jok? Could you accept the responsibility of apologising first?" she asked.

D'jok glared at the ground considering then looked at Sinedd. "I'm sorry" he said quietly before mouthing silently. "NOT REALLY!"

Micro-Ice did the same, then all of them stared at Sinedd expectantly, the small boy stared at the floor, he looked up at Ms. Darlington and the cool, liquid onyx coloured eyes that had belonged to him were gone, replaced by cold, dark eyes…icy eyes.

"I'm sorry" he hissed quietly.

"There!" Ms. Darlington exclaimed brightly. "That wasn't too hard was it? Now off you run to class!"

The three boys left the office and began making their way up the corridors to their classroom, D'jok and Micro-Ice trailed behind Sinedd talking and giggling about him.

Unbeknownst to them a tear slipped quietly out of Sinedd's new dark eyes but he wiped it away fiercely off his porcelain cheek. Clearly no weakness would be accepted here if he wanted respect. To gain respect Sinedd reasoned, he would have to be tough, like Aarch.

Short I know sorry! It's just loads of other stories are whizzing around in my head :O