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Bella POV

Jeez! People are mean, I thought as I walked down the crowed airport of New York city. Yep, that's what I said me, Bella Swan, was walking down a New York city airport.

I've lived in Fork since I was six with my dad, Charlie Swan. I'm twenty-one now so I decided it was time to go somewhere new, like, I don't know... New York, New York. I was walking in the airport with my blue Areopostle sweats and Etnies. I have brownish-red hair, pale skin, brown eyes and am thin, I'm pretty plain-

My thoughts were interrupted when i hit a suitcase being pushed the opposite direction hit my knees causing me to fall on my butt. I looked up at the suitcase but didn't see anything! Or so I thought...

I groaned at the slight pain and heard a small gasp, I looked up to see a pair of small pale-green eyes staring straight back at me. There was a small, what looked to be a four year old girl, her was short with bronze ringlets that fell freely on her shoulders and a petite figure.

"Hello... I'm Anamay. Who are you?" She asked nervously.

"Hi, I'm Bella. Where is your mother,Anamay?" I saw her relax some, then tense again when I mentioned her mother.

"Well, I don't know where my mother is, I never met her..." She trailed off.

"Oh, um, I'm sorry. What about your father?"

"My daddy? Uh... there he is!" She pointed over at a bench.

I was surprised at what I saw, a very handsome man with darker eyes than Anamay and free flowing hair. He wasn't a scary buff, but he was really toned. I could see the lines of his perfect muscles through his shirt. And his face! Oh man! Perfectly chiseled and angled! He was GORGEOUS! I was interrupted, again, by Anamay.

"DADDY!" She yelled to the god. He whipped his head around toward us, and started jogging/running to Anamay.

"Anamay-" He stopped to take a breath, then continued "-You had me so scared! Don't ever leave my side again, understand?" His voice was full of authority, and mostly concern.

"I'm sorry, daddy. But, hey! Daddy this is Bella, she helped me!" I could tell she was happier around her father.

Her father pulled Anamay up and rested her on his left hip and reached out his right hand to shake mine. I took it while he said,

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen. Thank you Bella, for helping Anamay. I don't know how I would live if I lost her..."

Me and Edward talked a little more on the bench while Anamay, or Ana,(Anna, is how you pronounce it) played with my hair. Our conversations shifted from who we were, which I found out he was a doctor, to what I was doing now, which was nothing.

"You know Bella, if you don't have a job I could certainly help you." He told me.

"Oh, no, I couldn't be a doctor!" I said astonished he even asked.

"Well, maybe not, but since I'm a doctor I often need someone to watch Ana, I mean as a full-time nanny, you know?"

"Oh, yes!" I blushed at the excitement in my voice, but being able to see Ana everyday just sounds awesome! He chuckled some.

"So I guess you that you like that idea?" He asked amused. I nodded unable to speak.

Ana cheered happily, reminding me she was still there. Edward stood up and took Ana in his arms and told me to follow him. I got my suitcase and followed him to a silver Volvo, I know what your thinking 'You crazy? Just get in some random dudes car? What ever happened to STRANGER DANGER!?' But you know what I don't really care what you think, so me-aw!

He put Ana in the car seat, and took my suitcase and put it in the trunk. Then he came around and opened my door for me then walked around to his side. There was a very, comfortable silence besides Debussy's 'Claire De Lune' and Ana's soft snoring in the background.

We stopped in front of a very pretty house. Edward got out first and went around to my door, he opened it for me then went to Ana's. He carefully picked her up and rested her on that same hip, he then went for the suitcases. I stopped him and whispered I got it, he looked like he was going to argue so I just pointed at the child in his hands, he didn't say a word after that.

He walked up to the house door and opened it. He went down a hallway to the right of the door at the end of the hallway was some stairs. I followed him up to reveal seven doors! There was three on the left side and three on the right, he went to the third one on the right in to a little princess room, it was small but cute. He set Ana down and walked out of the door to me.

"That's her room-" He walked up to the one door that was in the middle door at the end of the hallway "-this is yours and her bathroom they intertwine so you can just leave both sides open at night to hear if she starts to cry or anything."

He walked over to the room across from Ana's and opened the door to reveal a casual blue and white guest room. "This will be your room, are you ok with that?" I nodded. He walked to the two rooms across from each other in the middle, "Sometimes my brother and sister come over with there, uh, significant other and stay here." He said.

And last he went to the two front rooms, he pointed to the one one the right, "That's my office-" He pointed to the left, "-and that's my room. OK so the kitchen is right down there with the living room across the front door." He finished the tour by letting out a big huff of air.

"Alright, thank you for the tour, but I think now a good time to go to sleep. Don't you agree with me?" I asked him totally wiped out, he nodded and left for his room.

I got my suitcase and stepped in my room. I changed in to my favorite green hello-kitty pants and a white tank top, I got my toothbrush and entered the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and put my toothbrush down. I opened Anamay's door of the bathroom and left mine open. I stepped in to bed and turned of the light, I was half way sleep when I heard it a terrified high pitch scream...

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