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Shauntell sprinted with all of the strength his legs would lend him. There was no way in hell that helicopter would take off without him. Especially not with those horrid monsters behind him. His half torn T-shirt flapping in the wind created by his run for survival. He looked over his right shoulder, ignoring the gaping hole that was allowing blood to splatter to the ground below.

He heard a hellish screech behind him, which spurred him to run faster. He pulled all reserves of strength from inside of him, and ran for his life. The helicopter rotors began spinning ferociously, signaling to Shauntell that his time was almost up. Ten meters separated him from survival. His head was spinning, every muscle in his body begging for mercy. The helicopter began rising into the air, and Shauntell screamed for them to stop.

So you're probably wondering how this all started, right?

It began on a regular day, with a regular guy, and his regular friends. Well, maybe not a guy who could be classified as "regular". By the time you're a star athlete, all regularity has left your lifestyle. Shauntell was 6'3", 195 pounds, and had a well toned body. He was a professional running back for a national football team, and he did his job well. He worked hard, lived honest, and enjoyed simple things.

One such simplicity was spending time with his friends. Shauntell had great friends who didn't see the superstar, but rather the man who was the superstar. On this particular day, he was having a cook-out at his estate. He had his closest friends there, and the day seemed great. Shauntell was grilling some steak when he saw his friend Anthony and flagged him over.

Anthony had short blond hair, thin arms, and an ever present scowl on his face. Shauntell greeted his friend of three years and asked him his daily question.

"So Tony," Shauntell said without looking up from the grill, "What are you frowning about today?"

Tony paused, and then began in a low, rumbling voice, "The sun is too bright. It's making my eyes hurt"

Shauntell laughed, "Can you find something wrong with every day?"

Tony looked around, and then smiled "If I really wanted to… yes" With that Tony left. Shauntell looked up to see the other guests at his party. Near the pool stood Abigail and her boyfriend Carter. Abigail had long brown hair, brown eyes, and a well filled out body. She was a multi-talented performer, who starred in everything from movies to making her own albums. Her current hit was a song called "Fidelity".

On the other side of the pool were two girls in the middle of chatting. One of them was Sydney. She had darkish hair with a single platinum blonde strip near her face. Shauntell did not particularly know her well, but he knew the girl talking to her.

The other girl had brown hair, dark eyes, and was decently tall. This was Yvonne, a journalist for a local newspaper. She was very relaxed about life, making her easy to get along with. She saw Shauntell and waved at him. He waved back and looked for more friends.

He found one examining a statue in the middle of a fountain. He identified the man as Nicholas. This was his friend since grade school, a dependable friend who was always there when you needed him to be. The short, black-headed Italian had always supported Shauntell.

Shauntell finished grilling and they headed inside. They had a great party that seemed to last for ages. It began to rain, and Shauntell told his friends they could stay over if they wanted. After all, he lived in a huge mansion with a multitude of rooms. They all agreed, and so at around 12 o'clock they all headed to their respective rooms.

Then, at around 3:30 AM, all hell broke loose. Shauntell awoke to the sounds of sirens and screaming, indicating that something was not as it should be. He ran out of his room to find a figure at the bottom of his staircase.

"Who are you?" Shauntell yelled, "What are you doing here?" The figure made no response. It looked up at Shauntell, revealing blood red eyes and yellowish, mottled skin. Shauntell jumped back, and the figure rushed at him. Shauntell slammed the door shut and ran to his closet to grab his gun.

The thing slammed into his door, thoroughly denting it. Another slam broke the door completely down, and Shauntell took a good look at what his adversary was. It looked human at first glance, however upon closer inspection it was revealed to be something entirely different. Its arm was bent awkwardly, indicating that it was broken. Its head hung nonchalantly from its neck, which had a large section of flesh missing. It pulled its head up, which allowed Shauntell to note the dried blood around its mouth.

Without further hesitation, Shauntell unloaded three rounds into the creature's head. It dropped like a stone, and Shauntell took a sigh or relief. He ran downstairs, where he was met by all of his companions.

"What the hell is going on?" Tony asked

"I don't know. I just got attacked by a zombie thing." Shauntell said quickly. He shuddered slightly at the remembrance of what had transpired only mere minutes earlier. Just then, his cell phone rang. He answered, and was chilled by the message.

"Hello, this is a reverse 911 signal. If you are receiving this message, you are asked to please evacuate your home…" Shauntell hung up. He looked around, slightly confused and distressed. But he shook that out, and began thinking about a plan. He then remembered the private helicopter he had invested a large portion of his money into. It would be dangerous to fly it in the rain, but apparently it would be more dangerous to stay on the island.

"I have a helicopter. It has enough room for the six of us, and Tony knows how to fly one. Right Tony?" Shauntell asked.

Tony sighed, "Yes. But I wouldn't advise it in this weather"

"Well we have to get off the island. That's our only chance if we're in real danger." Yvonne said.

Shauntell looked back at his room, "Yeah I'm pretty sure we're in immediate danger"

Shauntell lead them to a special room in the back of the mansion which housed his helicopter. They brought with them some food, water, and weapons to be on the safe side. They piled into the chopper, and Shauntell began to get a bad feeling in the pit of his gut. Regardless, they took off into the stormy night. Shauntell put his head down and tried to get some sleep, despite the bumpy ride.

Shauntell awoke to hear the sounds of alerts ringing and Tony screaming "May day" into the radio. The next thing he saw, he immediately knew one should never see in a helicopter. The next thing he saw, and felt, was the cold, hard ground.