I watched as Dillon disappeared through the portal that I had made years ago. I was just glad that no one had found it while I had been gone, or while I had been here either. I knew that I had been putting Dartemis in danger by keeping it there, but I always felt assured that there was someone there for me when it was there.

"See you soon, Clarissa," Arkarian stated, jumping me out of my stupor. I smiled at him before I went over to where my bed was and I took the bomb that I had made to destroy the cabin one day. I set it for a minute, and then I set it in front of Arkarian. He looked up at me.

"Yes, Arkarian, see you soon. Now go," I demanded, and Arkarian went through the portal at last. As soon as he was gone, I ran towards the door to find Tryant in front of it.

"Hello, dear sister," he smiled at me evilly before he yanked at my arm tightly as he started dragging me back to the castle. I didn't resist, as I knew what was going to happen soon. And it did. Bits and pieces of the cabin I had been living in started flying everywhere around us, and Tryant's grip loosened with his surprise. I took my escape then by pushing him away. Then I started running the opposite direction of my mother's castle, and I made my way towards my escape point.

"Stop her," Tryant yelled furiously, but it was becoming too late as the guards had still been recovering from the shock of the explosion. I moved around the bend, and there was my escape portal to Angel Falls. I had found it when I had finally left the cabin. Guards were about five feet away from me as I escaped through the portal. When I looked around, I knew I was once again in Angel Falls. It was just like the last time I had been here, so I knew exactly where to go. While I was walking, I noticed that there were some Order within the crowd at the market place, and I decided to fasten my steps slowly, as to not create suspicion. When I was able to get to the cave, I looked to see that no one had followed me before I entered.

"Where is she," I heard Dillon rant. "She should be here by now!"

"Dillon, we'll know soon enough if she had gotten away," Arkarian sighed. "I do not know exactly where she had landed last time, so I do not know where she would be. She could be on her way!"

"Or she could have been captured," Rochelle muttered.

"You aren't helping, Rochelle," Matt stated.

"Well, we've got to think of all possibilities here," Rochelle argued. They were in my sight by then. "What if they did capture her? They could be torturing her at this very moment. We've got to go back!"

"I agree with Rochelle," Dillon stated.

"And I agree with Arkarian," I voiced out, leaning against the wall. "You should have more trust in her to get back."

"Clarissa!" That was heard around the room as I was captured within one of Dillon's hugs. He stared kissing my face all over, making sure not to miss a spot. Then he finally kissed my lips in an intimate way. When I pulled away from him, I was immediately snatched up in another hug by Rochelle.

"Don't you dare ever do that again to me, missy," she growled. I rolled my eyes with a smile as I was passed on to the next person, which was Neriah. She had tears welling in her eyes.

"You didn't think that I'd be lost to the world, did you," I stated. She shook her head with a small smile before giving me a hug. Soon, I was just passed around the room from person to person before I was handed towards my favorite person of all.

"Rochelle's right," Dillon whispered. "Don't you ever dare doing that to us again."

"Which part," I questioned.

"The one where you don't come through the portal with us," Matt grumbled.

"I had to get rid of it somehow," I stated with a smirk.

"How did you, by the way," Jimmy questioned.

"A bomb," Arkarian answered. "And it worked quite nicely."

"Clarissa, you made a bomb," Dartemis inquired, his eyebrow raising.

"Yes, uncle, I made a bomb, and it went perfectly," I smiled with glee in my voice.

"How did you learn to make that," Matt questioned.

"Is that a stupid question," I shot back, raising my hand to point at my head. Everyone laughed for the fun of it, including Matt. I was glad that everything was patched up between all of us.

"So what did Tyrant want," Arkarian questioned. Everything became silenced then, waiting to hear my answer.

"He wanted me to bring his mother back to life," I stated.

"Which is also your mother, remember that, Clarissa," Arkarian muttered. "And even if you are ashamed of your parentage, they are still your parents. And they brought you into this world, so be grateful that that happened, even if you do not like how."

"I certainly am grateful," Dillon announced before kissing my cheek, which caused me to blush. Then he pulled me to his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me, so I was facing the others with him on my back.

"I am too," Neriah said with conviction in her voice and eyes. You could see love in them as well and companionship. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"So, what would you like to do first, now that you are back," Matt questioned.

"Does anyone have a Sprite," I inquired, causing everyone to laugh with joy filling their voices. I couldn't help but laugh either, as it is ironic that I wanted the same thing that made me get captured in the first place.

"I do," Ethan yelled, causing everyone to laugh even more. I just raised my hand for it, and soon there was a bottle in my hand.

"Thank you, Ethan," I smiled.

"Well, I kinda figured that when you got back that that would be the first thing that you wanted," Ethan smirked. "Besides Dillon."

"Hey," Dillon yelled.

"That's supposed to be a compliment, you doofus!"

"You still didn't need to make fun of my girl that way," Dillon scoffed, pulling me closer. The others rolled their eyes at Dillon's bad attempt of a comeback. My smile just grew a little more.

"Hey Arkarian," Neriah stated, and we could hear that her voice was distracted.

"Yes Neriah," he answered in return, waiting for everything else to be said.

"Is that thing supposed to be spinning?" To her question, we all turned to see that the portal was actually spinning. And it stopped the day that my father met my mother.

"He's trying to take me out of the world all together," I estimated. "And he doesn't care if he does the same thing to himself either."