Chapter 1- The Game Plan

"Edward, this is absurd." A young female narrowed her eyes at the older male sitting on the couch. He was flicking through the channels of his TV, trying, but failing very miserably to watch a baseball game. The girl was pacing the living room of Edward Albright's apartment.

"Roxanne, you're not invisible." He grumbled, a crooked grin forming on his lips when the seventeen year old stopped to glare at him. The girl was pretty, and very talented for a teenager, but she worried too much.

"This isn't funny. I am not about to risk blowing my cover because you, and Henry can't keep your time zones in check." Roxanne shoved her fingers through raven black bangs only to have them cover her left eye again.

"Come on Rox, I need you to make sure Henry, and I don't get things confused." Green eyes peered into hazels as he stood, and headed over to her. He was ultimately taller, but not by much. His fingers curled around her shoulders giving a light, reassuring squeeze. The crooked grin was still on his lips. "I know you can do this. Jack knows you from school, right?"

"No. He knows Danni." She muttered sarcastically, as her arms crossed over her chest. Roxanne shrugged his hands off of her shoulders. Every operative had two identities. One was their true identity, the other was a secondary identity in which they used to make sure Henry Spivey was comfortable with his life. His coworkers were people who knew about the dual personality incase something were to go wrong. In Edward's case, wrong just wasn't the right word to explain the situation. More like.. Dangerous.

Roxanne had been posing as Daniela Corbin since she was born, but her true identity was Roxanne Lawrence. A highly trained, very intelligent spy. Both parents were spies. Both had died on a mission. Edward was the only person to take her in, and show her the ropes. Now, she was trying to get into the Spivey family to keep both Edward, and Henry in check. "But we're not friends. More like acquaintances. We have classes together, but that's about it."

"So start talking to him. Get to know him, I know that won't be a problem for you." The grin grew wider, which caused Roxanne to narrow her eyes into slits.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Edward straightened himself up, and plopped back down on the couch to watch his TV. "I think you know what it means…" He said simply. "Now, please… Let me watch my game."

Roxanne snorted, before stomping out of his apartment making sure to slam the door loudly. A smirk formed on Edward's lips. There was nothing more fun than to piss people off.


School. Roxanne.. I mean Daniela dreaded it. Really. Junior year was the most important year for high school students, and even though Daniela was rather intelligent as Roxanne, she wanted to make sure she fit in with the majority of the average kids at school. Not that she was in anyway trying to dumb herself down, that's not what she meant by 'fitting in'. She just didn't want to be considered a nerd. Yeah, Roxanne.. Er Daniela cared about her reputation.

Dressed in a pair of fitted, dark navy, denim jeans, and a black t-shirt with a pair of black high top converses on her feet, Daniela Corbin entered her first period class. English. She was early, the bell was only a few minutes away from signaling the beginning of class. She set her book bag on the ground, and opened it to pull out a notebook, and her English text book. As she pulled out the notebook, a couple of papers escaped, fluttering and hit the floor silently. Daniela sighed, and bent sideways from her desk to pick them up. You'd think for a teenage spy, she'd be a little more cordinated. Her tanned, manicured fingers met another equally tanned hand and she gasped. Her eyes flew up to meet a pair of hazels almost like hers, and she smiled softly. "Uh..Thank you." She mentally kicked herself for stuttering.

Jack Spivey flashed a wide, toothy grin over to Daniela as he handed her the stray papers he had colleceted from the floor. "No problem." He said cheerfully as he straightened himself out, and peered down at her. "You're Daniela.. Right?" Jack was sure he had met her once or twice enough to remember her name. Daniela seemed almost stunned by his voice. Her cheeks flooded with heat, tinting a light pink color. Typical teenage girl, but she wasn't typical, so why was he having such an affect on her? He was after all her target. Just the person she needed to get through in order to keep an eye on Henry/Edward. Feelings couldn't be involved. "Yeah, but people just call me Danni. Jack, right?"

He nodded his head, and held his hand out for her to shake. "It's nice to officially meet you." He said, but before another word could be exchanged, the bell rang. The other kids shuffled into the class, settling into their seats as the teacher prepared to begin their lesson. "Well, maybe I'll see yah around." Jack's smile never faded, but it reached his eyes this time giving it a certain gleam that made her smile widen just a bit. Daniela nodded.

"Yeah, maybe. Thanks again." She added waving the papers at him. A soft chuckle rummbled in his chest.

"Anytime." He walked over to his desk two rows, and three seats away from her. She looked over her shoulder, and smiled as Jack's eyes met hers once more before turning away. Danni bit down slightly on her bottom lip as the smile turned into a smirk, and she picked up her pencil to take notes. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard to do after all.

When the class ended, Daniela picked up her things, and stuffed them into her book bag. She stood up from her desk, and slung the bag over her shoulder. She headed out of the class into the hallway. Jack rushed out to meet up with her. "Hey," He said as his caught up, and was now walking besides her. "So.. What's you next class?"

Daniela looked over at him, and smiled. "Chemistry. Why?" She paused for a moment, and her smile changed into a sly smirk. "You're not going to stalk me now are you?"

Jack grinned. "Nah, not at all. That would be totally un-cool."

"Indeed it would."

They both laughed.

"Well, this is my classroom." She said a bit reluctantly as she turned to look at him.

"Mine's right across the hall." Jack pointed his thumb to the class a few doors across from Daniela's. "I'll come pick you up after class if you want?"

Daniela smiled once more. "Is this your way of flirting with me, Jack?"

Jack chuckled his eyes lifting up to meet hers. "Is it working?"

Daniela couldn't help but laugh. "I guess so." The bell rung, and the kids started to pile into the classrooms. "Well, guess I'll see you after class."

Jack nodded, and waved as he headed off into the direction of his class. Daniela watched him for a moment before she turned, and walked into her Chemistry class.