Author's note: Wow! It's definitely been forever, but here's chapter 7! I hope you guys like it; I'm a little rusty with writing since I haven't done so in quite sometime. :] Things are about to get more intense between Daniela and Jack, so stay tuned for the next chapter!


It had been three weeks since she'd been staying at the Spivey home, and it was… Nice. For a moment, the note she'd found at the morgue had been forgotten. Daniela had a family again. Edward had also convinced her not to worry; He promised he would take care of the situation. For the most part, he was content that she'd practically become one of the family, and now that she was living with the Spivey's, she could keep a better eye on Henry.

Surprisingly, he wasn't causing too much trouble… Yet.

She and Jack had been together for about two months, and everything seemed to go smoothly. There were only some occasions where he'd act a little strange, but Daniela didn't ask too many questions. After all, she had her own skeletons that needed to be kept locked up tight in her closet. If Jack ever found out the truth about her, things would never be the same; Not to mention, she'd put everyone in danger.

Being a spy had its ups and downs, but Daniela wasn't about to weigh out the options. If she had a choice between personalities, she'd choose Daniela Corbin.

Hands down.


It was a crisp, fall afternoon. The sun was hidden beneath an army of thick, gray clouds. Leaves were beginning to lose their green glow, fading into dull oranges and browns. It was her favorite time of year. Autumn. Which meant the holidays were right around the corner.

The school bell rang, signifying the end of a long Friday, and the start of Thanksgiving break. Jack, as he usually did now and days, met Danni at her locker so they could drive home together. Her hazel eyes lit up instantly.

"Hey stranger," She murmured as she gently kissed his lips.

Jack smiled and leaned against the locker beside hers to wait for her to get her things. "Hey," He replied, crossing his arms over his chest. "Listen, I uh.. I have a practice to go to tonight, do you mind if I just drop you off at home? I'll be back before dinner.."

Daniela rose a brow at him as she shut her locker and threw her back pack over her shoulder. "Practice? You mean.. Guitar practice?"

"Yeah, yeah.." Jack hesitated. "That's what I meant. I've got guitar practice. I'm sure you don't want to sit there and listen to me play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for two hours." He teased.

"Actually," Danni said with a playful grin. "I would find that rather amusing.. I don't mind going with you."

Jack cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable with the conversation. He ran his fingers through his hair, and Danni caught sight of something she was surprised she hadn't seen before. "You sure? Because.. It's not a big deal to just drop you off."

"Jack… Is there something you're not telling me here?" She grabbed his hand, turning it to view his knuckles. They were bruised and scratched as if he'd been in some sort of fight with someone. "What happened?"

Pulling his arm away, the tanned male shrugged his shoulders. "I got hurt at gym class this morning…"

He was lying, and she could tell. Jack never lied to her. "Right. Well, that's fine then. You can drop me off. I've got a project I need to work on anyway that counts for half of my grade."

Something was off, and Daniela couldn't quite put a finger on it. Every time he left for guitar practice, Jack's entire attitude changed. He was secretive, even more so than Roxanne could be when she was on a mission. They drove home in silence, and when Daniela got out of the car, she watched Jack drive off before heading inside. As she passed the kitchen, a gray guitar case was leaning on the wall by the entrance.

"Oh, Daniela. Just the girl I wanted to see." Mrs. Spivey chirped as she pulled a casserole from the oven, and set it on the table.

"Hey, Mrs. Spivey."

The blonde woman turned to look at her, and smiled. "Where's Jack?"

"Guitar practice.."

"Oh… Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. His guitar teacher called this morning, and said he hasn't shown up for practice in three months. Would you happen to know anything about that?"

Daniela's eyes widened in shock. "No. Actually, I don't, but I can find out."

"Thank you dear." She said with a soft sigh of relief. "Dinner should be ready in an hour or two.."

With a nod, Daniela left the kitchen and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. Sitting on her bed, she took out her cell phone, and scrolled down to Jack's number. She contemplated calling him for all of five minutes before changing her mind. Her hazel eyes wandered out the window before she decided to do some spying of her own.


It didn't take long to find Jack's car; This was Daniela's specialty. She could track anyone down as long as she had a license plate number, and a cell phone. When she arrived at a run down building with his car parked around back, her eyebrow rose in question. What would he be doing here?

There were voices coming from inside. Some chattering away while others were cheering and rooting for something or someone. Crowds of people were surrounding a stag-like setting. In the middle of all the commotion were thick mats stacked one atop of the other, and two people who seemed to be… fighting?

Danni gasped when she caught sight of a familiar figure. Jack was one of them. He'd just landed a blow to the other man's knee, knocking him down to the ground, wearing a proud smirk on his features before he looked up to spot Daniela in the crowd.

The smirk faded just as she turned to walk away from the scene.

"Daniela!" He called after her. "Danni, wait… I-" Jack hopped off of the stage, and jogged after her, gently grabbing her arm, but she pulled away.

"Why?" She asked him. Her voice sounded clearly upset about the whole situation. "Why did you lie to me about this? Do you know how much trouble you could get into if the police found this place? It's underground street fighting, Jack! This is illegal in so many states…"

Jack was taken aback by Daniela's knowledge of what he had been up to. He searched her eyes for a moment. "That's why I didn't say anything. I knew no one would understand. Look, I'm sorry, okay? I should've told you…"

"Damn right you should've! Your mom said that your guitar teacher called saying you haven't been to practice for three months. This is what you've been doing all this time?"

Jack nodded.

"Your dad is going to kill you…."

"He doesn't have to know. No one does."

Daniela snorted. "So what are you going to tell them?"

Jack sighed and took her hands in his. "Please, just… Don't say anything okay? I'll show them myself if that's what it comes down to."

Daniela looked into his eyes and then shook her head. All the anger and frustration melted from her system, and she lifted her head to kiss him gently. "All right, but if you don't tell them.. I will. Deal?" She smiled softly, only to have him smile back at her.


With that, he pressed his lips to hers once more. But the kiss was cut short when a deep voice spoke up from behind her. It caused Daniela's entire being to freeze, and her spine to shiver with ice cold fear. Oh no.

"Well, well, well, the prodigal child returns… It's so good to finally see you again, Roxanne."