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By the spring of 1811 the Darcy, Fitzwilliam, Bennet, and Bingley families had expanded in every direction, and had even lost a member as well. Lady Catherine had been in a private sanctuary for the mentally infirm when she suffered from apoplexy they say after her nephew Richard Fitzwilliam refused to allow her back to Rosings Estate. He did not feel that she would be a good influence upon the staff that was there now and since so many of the staff that were there were new, he did not wish to risk losing good help. The once forceful woman was left to suffer the fate of being fed porridge and soups or broths for the remainder of her life by some lowly staffers at the facility. It was rumored that her last words before she succumbed were, 'That little harlot should have never gotten to be Pemberley's mistress. It was my Anne's rightful position, and now she is dead and it is all that woman's fault!' She was buried in a far corner of the Hunsford Village's cemetery-next to her 'dear Anne'. Mr. Collin's was able to officiate without too many tears during the service-much to his 'dear Charlotte's' consternation.

As to Catherine 'Kitty' Bennet, she and the Kympton parson, Jacob Jennings, got on quite well. In fact they got on well enough that he proposed and she accepted his hand. In July of 1810 they were married in the church near to Longborn with her mother gloating over the neighborhood ladies that she had managed to marry off three daughters in a little over a year and very likely would be able to accomplish marrying them all off within the next year. They were both relieved that they would not be spending much time there after they had said their vows. It was not until Geoffrey Jennings made his appearance that they were again visited by her mother. At least now they had two other sisters with which to share their hosting duties.

Jane and Charles Bingley moved to nearby Blackridge Park, in the summer of 1810 when their lease expired at Netherfield. It was convenient to have sisters so close by when Jane gave birth-without any complications whatever- to a charmingly beautiful little girl named 'Margaret Rose Bingley' who went by the name of 'Rose', for she was that sweet. Not long after little Rose's appearance Jane Bingley began to show signs of being with child again, such was the passion in their marriage. A short time after Geoffrey Jennings was born; he was joined by another cousin, 'Charles Edward Bingley'. There were more children to follow but none were as close as these first few cousins, though William Darcy was always the one to look out for them all… with the help of his slightly younger sister Emma-who was usually the lookout.

While Mrs. Annesley stayed on as a chaperone at Pemberley with Kitty, Georgiana Darcy did end up going with her brother and sister to Rosings during their late spring 1810 visit and during her visit with Richard they developed a close bond-much closer than that of cousins or of a guardian for his charge. They stayed for some time longer than they anticipated, and by the middle of the summer Georgiana was certain that she would never wish to part from Richard…ever. They were married in the fall of 1810 to the very mixed emotions of Darcy and Elizabeth. They both wanted their cousin and sister happy, but knew that they would miss her terribly. By the spring of 1811, the Fitzwilliam's had an announcement of their own. Lady Eleanor would gain her first grandchild and she was over the moon. Richard's brother, Andrew and his wife had yet to produce an heir.

Once Georgiana was married, Elizabeth and Darcy decided that they would not mind another sister staying with them and so invited Mary to come and live with them, much to the relief of Mrs. Bennet. She was beginning to despair of that child ever marrying… especially since the retired Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam had recently married one Miss Georgiana Darcy. The town of Meryton had few prospects or so she thought, but by the time the sermonizing Mary had returned for a trip to Hertfordshire, she met an old family friend. John Lucas, brother to Charlotte and son to Sir William and Lady Lucas, had grown into a fine specimen of a man and had just finished his rather abbreviated grand tour. Since he had not seen the usually retiring Mary since before she left for Derbyshire he was very… impressed with her many improvements so much so that he asked for and received permission to court Mary. By late spring of 1811 he had proposed and been accepted by Mary. They set a wedding date for mid July since neither of them had any desire to wait any longer than absolutely necessary to get married and begin their lives together.

The last and youngest of the Bennet sisters, Lydia, was much harder to reign in. Her wild ways and silliness could not be curbed by Jane's patience nor Elizabeth's uncommon good sense. They had both taken turns taking the girl in, and finally had given up and given her back over to their mother and father. During a ball with the regiment that had come to stay-again- the young woman rekindled her friendship with one Mrs. Forster who then invited her to come and stay with her and her husband in Brighton. She had developed an attachment to one soldier there by the name of James Saunderson.

One night she had absconded with the soldier with the premise of elopement. He took her as far as town and no further, where he had taken many liberties with her, and had almost left her there alone, without friends, or funds. It was at a Mrs. Younge's House that she ended up. When word had gotten to Darcy House where the errant Lydia was, Darcy and his 'brothers' took great pains to locate the errant Saunderson and worked on him until he agreed to marry the silly girl. It must be noted that by the time this took place, Lydia was getting on far enough with child that it could barely be concealed. Due to Richards's connections in the army, he was able to have the couple shipped far north… after he was commissioned in the regulars.


When the Darcy's had introduced Kitty to the Kympton parson, Jacob Jennings, they had little notion that it would lead to a budding relationship, but when it became evident that they were getting on very well it then came as no surprise that he eventually proposed. He had wanted to obtain Mr. Bennet's consent, but it had to wait until that man made one of his predictably unpredictable visits to Pemberley. It was not long before Elizabeth was helping her sister plan her wedding. She could barely believe that the past year had gone so quickly and she was now the mother of twins.

Elizabeth wanted to take some time out from the running of the household, and the rearing of her children to commemorate their wedding so she proposed for her and Darcy to go out to the dowagers house at Pemberley to spend a couple of nights. Since her husband was more than willing and eager even to have her all to himself- especially after such a long and difficult planting season, he gladly agreed to the scheme. They managed to find some time before they would leave for Rosings to go to the cottage, leaving William and Emma with Mrs. Dillon and their two nursery maids as well as their aunts Kitty and Georgiana. They set of in a phaeton one late afternoon, arriving at the cottage just before dusk where their cook had prepared a meal, and only Sarah and Hobbs remained behind to assist with their needs.

As soon as they had arrived they were quickly assisted to refresh themselves before they were whisked to a lovely dinner of creamed broccoli soup, chicken with berry sauce, fresh parsley potatoes and a chocolate torte.

"I see that you managed to have all of my favorite foods here, Mrs. Darcy. Pray… what is the occasion?"

Elizabeth was slightly hurt that he had not recalled the first anniversary of their nuptials, but she feigned indifference.

"Does a wife need to have an occasion to seduce her husband, sir?"

She could tell that her words were having some effect by the way that he looked at her with his dark eyes burning into her.

"So you went to all of this trouble to seduce me, madam?"

"That thought had occurred to me, husband."

"'Then I must confess that I wonder now at having gone to so much trouble to obtain this,"

He pulled out a velvet box from his coat pocket and presented it to her with one of his rare dimpled smiles. When she received it from him, she eagerly opened it and found a beautiful silver necklace lined with diamonds and Garnets to symbolize their children's birthstones. Tears formed in her eyes as she thought to herself that she should have known that he would not forget their anniversary.

"They are beautiful…" She looked at him with her large dark eyes filled with gratitude and leaned forward to kiss him.

Darcy accepted her thanks and eagerly returned her kisses finally leaving them both breathless when they came up for air.

"Was this a part of your seduction, Lizzy, or was that just a prelude to what is to come?"

She could do naught but laugh and kiss him again for asking such a thing. Soon lips were joined with hands and his hands came to her luxurious silky mahogany locks, while hers ran through his wavy ones. They began to move their appendages to other parts of the others body caressing each other from their chests to waists until they finally reached the area's most begging to be touched at one another's center of desire. When they needed to come up for air again they decided to take themselves to the master bedroom and Darcy picked up Elizabeth in his arms and carried her to their bed.

It did not take long for them to undress and instead of calling for their personal servants; they did the honors for each other. Elizabeth was still a bit self conscious about her figure after having had twins because her figure had not returned to its normal shape, but Darcy did continue to assure her that he appreciated her ample bosom and loved her shapely figure that she now sported.

"Do you know what a beautiful woman that you are, my Lizzy?" Darcy murmured in her ear, as she was helping him off with his shirt.

"Do you have any idea what a handsome man that you are, my darling Fitzwilliam?" She managed to pull his shirt over his head as he was working on her stays.

When they had managed to remove the last obstacles between the other, they began a new and fervent exploration of the others body. He began with her breasts, which he seemed to have a new appreciation for since she had given birth. As he suckled her breasts, she could feel her arousal building, and began to caress and grope at his bottom feeling his powerful muscles there. It was an added aphrodisiac to her to feel all of his potent and powerful muscles as he paid such attentions to her.

Darcy moved from suckling her breasts to kissing a pathway down her abdomen to her hips and then to her inner thighs. The warmth of his breath exciting her as much as the feel of his lips in a place only he had ventured to go. When she felt his lips upon her womanhood she shuddered with pleasure as he began to suckle her there. The pleasurable sensations he elicited were enough to drive her mad with passion until she felt her crest coming upon her. Suddenly he stopped and moved over her to thrust his manhood into her moist folds. They began moving in a rhythm as old as time and soon were moving in perfect harmony. It did not take much time after they had found that harmony to come to a crest together. They lay there in silence looking into each other's eyes, breathless and still looked to have some passion left.

They laid there for a few more minutes to catch their breaths until they heard the tub being filled with water. The cook had been keeping some water hot for them to be able to bathe, but since they had not arrived until late there was not enough for the both of them to have a bath alone.

"Would you mind terribly if we were to bathe together? We could help each other rinse off." Darcy offered.

"Do you even need to ask?" She asked with a hint of amusement, "Was that not one of the first things that we did together on our honeymoon? I think it would be a fitting end to our night together."

"My dearest… whoever said that that would be the end of our night?" He asked teasingly.

So it was that they joined each other in the bath dismissing their servants for the rest of the evening so that they might enjoy some more time alone with each other. As it turned out, they were able to enjoy each other a couple of more times before sleep finally claimed them. The next day was spent in each other's arms as much as possible between meals, and the night ended much the same as the first. It was with great regret that they left the dowagers cottage after the second day, but they were happy to see William, Emma, Georgiana, and Kitty.

Soon after they returned home, they were packing again for their trip to Rosings. It was then that it was decided that Kitty would stay behind with Mrs. Annesley to chaperone her in order for her to continue with her contact with Jacob. Elizabeth also sympathized with her reluctance to return to Longbourn too soon before their wedding.

Upon their arrival at Rosings, Richard greeted them enthusiastically, but wanted to pull Darcy aside to ask him many questions about the running of an estate, and ask for recommendations about various topics that had come up. They spent the first two weeks touring the estate surveying the ground and visiting with the tenants who seemed generally glad to have Richard as the new landowner. They had also seemed rather taken with Elizabeth and Georgiana since neither Lady Catherine nor Anne had ever come to pay them any visits.

It was during these tours that Georgiana and Richard started getting on as more than cousins or as a guardian with his charge. Elizabeth had been ill for a couple of days and Darcy stayed behind with her to see to her needs while the other two went out to see to some tenants needs. Later Darcy would confide that he was still worried over her health, but he dared not voice his concerns to her then-he just wanted to stay near and protect her as best he could.

Richard was starting to look at her as Darcy looked at Elizabeth and because of the new couples urging and Elizabeth's still feeling under the weather, they agreed to stay on a little longer. The couples spent more and more time together and it became more and more obvious how right they were for each other. Their eyes lit up whenever the other entered the room, and so it came as no surprise when late into their visit Richard approached Darcy to request his consent for Georgiana's hand in marriage. At first he was a little reluctant to agree, but with Elizabeth's urging and various ways of persuasion, he finally agreed to the match after he admitted to how happy they were together.

By the first part of July the Darcy's along with Richard and Georgiana went on to Hertfordshire from Kent to attend Kitty's wedding to Mr. Jennings. The parson had come with his fiancée and her chaperone in one of Darcy's carriages to marry and then they were to go on to the Lakes for their honeymoon from there in the other Darcy carriage. When they returned they would reside in the parsonage at Kympton, thus bringing the sisters even closer. It was just after their wedding that Elizabeth began to suspect the cause of her ongoing 'illness' but she dared not mention anything to her husband until she was certain of the diagnosis. She waited until she had better information and felt the quickening of the new babe before she divulged that information to him.

Naturally Darcy became very concerned about Elizabeth becoming with child so soon after giving birth to William and Emma and especially after he had nearly lost her with their births. He tried to hide his fear, but Elizabeth could sense his uneasiness and tried to reassure him that this time would be different. She could tell that she only carried one baby this time due to her smaller size, but she knew that he would continue to worry until this child was born. The only thing that could distract him was the ongoing nuptials of their sisters and so she tried to keep him refocused on this as much as possible.

Once Georgiana was married to Richard she was closer to the Bennets, but much farther from her brother and new sisters. At first it was difficult for them to adjust, but as her letters became fewer, yet more cheerful he gradually let go. When Mary had come back from Pemberley to visit Hertfordshire and began her courtship with John Lucas it seemed that she would leave them as well. They consoled themselves that at least Georgiana would have a sister close by, and so it was with great joy that she received the news of Mary Bennets betrothal to that gentleman.

On March 15, 1811 Elizabeth went into labor again, but unlike the first time, Darcy was at her side the entire time. He had insisted on having not only a physician but both Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Stacy present. Elizabeth labored for eight hours and at the end she was again in the warm tub with her husband at her side-much to the consternation of the physician, but neither midwife would send him away. Only when she was able to deliver their second son, 'Bennet Charles George Darcy', without any complication what-so-ever, was Darcy relieved to have another child. Both mother and son recovered easily, he was one of the greatest joys of their life. Not only was he well mannered and even tempered, he had the same mischievous sense of humor as his mother-which only endeared him more to his father.

Elizabeth and Darcy would go on to have two more children without any complications, and they would live to become very close to one another and most of their cousins. Due to the distance from the Saunderson's and the rest of the cousins, they were never that close to one another, and so they did not have any more correspondence with that family after they were sent to North America to a post in Canada.

The Pemberley, Rosings, and Blackridge estates thrived under the management of the Darcy's, Fitzwilliam's, and Bingley's. Eventually, it would be known that Richard's elder brother's wife was unable to bear children, and so the title of Lord Matlock went to him by default. Richard and Georgiana then became one of the wealthiest landowners in the country… besides the Darcy's. The families continued to remain close throughout the rest of their lives… and lived happily ever after.

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