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"Alright lets do this!"

The Jounin Exam.

The room was full of people. This was mock able.

They were writing an exam. They were to write something they were taught by someone in the past, that was influential, yet something that reveals nothing of their intentions..

If anything this had to be the stupidest exam on earth.

And so, to make it the best exam on earth. Naruto wrote about what was taught to him, It's a good thing both his teachers were professionals.

After dismissing the the would-be jounins. A few people started going through the papers.

Even though this test was bull shit, they still had to look through the papers.

Then, a chunin went down. Blood flew from the exit wound and everyone looked on in shock.

Another came up, checked the wounded.

"He's gonna be alright." Settling the poor guy against the wall, he went back and picked up a paper.

"What the hell did he read to make that happen" Another watched on, ignoring his own stack of papers.

"ahh. Lets see.. Naruto Uzumaki.. Damn."


"Her tender white breast bounced in the moonlight as she walked with passion heading straight towards her prey...." Blood started leaking out of all their noses.

"She was getting outrageously hot, it built inside her as she worked her way up his body with her tongue." Someone passed out in the background.

"He gripped her hair 'Shinobi-sama' she moaned at him. 'Please... ' and then-"

Everyone in the room was out. They lost it. Even the poor chunin reading it passed out a few seconds later.

That's how Naruto got promoted to Jounin.

Apparently being about to take out a room of people with a paragraph or two was good.

And what beats that is the fact that he was able to write better porn than Jiraiya.

Right so... it made me laugh at myself D: