Episode: #24
Setting: Fortune Cup Stadium
Couple(s): Yusei x Aki

What if Divine never came?

"Help...me..." uttered the fallen female duelist helplessly as salty tears streamed down her pale cheeks. Yusei's cobalt blue eyes widened in surprise upon noticing her delicate state before he cried out:


"-You got what you deserve, witch!" shouted a voice from the audience behind them, cutting off the opponent, Yusei. Soon enough, other voices joined in on the single, all throwing spiteful remarks at the young woman. Yusei narrowed his eyes at them before returning his attention to the opposite side of the field, where his broken opponent, Aki, remained.


Her caretaker, Divine, Yusei noted, had vanished from the stands. Yet, he had not gone to comfort Aki. Perhaps he was angry at her loss; perhaps he felt that she had shamed the Arcadia movement.

Yusei ignored the vehement sneers at the young woman as he slowly and calmly walked across the field to stand before her. Aki cast her blank, teary gaze up at him, but said nothing. Yusei paused before he bent down to her level and put his hands on her shoulders; almost like how a father would do to a frightened child.

"Izayoi..." he began in almost a whisper, his eyes looking straight into hers as if they were windows into her mind. Aki shivered under his oddly intense stare. She felt suddenly felt something melt in her heart. The aching pain, the memories of her past were starting to fade away into oblivion; it was as if the deep blue color of his eyes were easing the chaos in her mind.

Yusei opened his mouth to continue, but there was no need for his words as Aki threw her arms around him and started crying again. Yusei returned the gesture, pulling her into a warm embrace.

The crowd suddenly grew quiet, estranged by the unfolding event.

"W-what's Yusei doing?" asked Rua in bewilderment.

"He's just doing what he thinks is best." grunted Himuro.

"But she's the Black Rose Witch!" exclaimed Tenpei.

"Shut-up, Tenpei." snapped Ruka.

Aki buried her head into Yusei's chest as he tightened his hold around her waist.

"I'll take on all your sorrows." he breathed into her ear with a rare, tender smile on his face. Aki didn't reply, nor did she notice the continuos burning on her right arm.

Aki likely would not have returned to the Arcadia movement. Because of the lack of her presence, the conversation between Divine and her in the Arcadia movement's library would not have taken place; therefore, Carley would not have entered/found it, nor would she have dueled Divine. So, Carley would've died in another manner, and Divine would've remained alive. It is also likely that Aki would not have gained the opportunity to heal the relationship between her and Hideo, so she would've remained mentally unstable.

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