Episode: #59
Setting: Desert in Satellite
Couple(s): Jack x Carley
Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's

What is Carley kissed him instead?

"I can't see anything."

Jack's eyes widened in horror as he heard the broken woman in his arms say this, because it was confirmation that gray, dull look in her aquamarine irises was a sign that death was already overtaking her inert life. Jack gripped her shoulders tightly, his bottom lip quivering; it felt so surreal to have her, Carley Nagisa, his first love, withering away before his eyes. The former king wanted to believe this was all a dream, a horrible nightmare to which he would wake up from, back in Carley's quaint little apartment.

But this was his reality, no matter how much he hated it.

"Y-You have to hang on! Look at me!" Jack's voice cracked ever so slightly as he said this, having to face the reality that this was it; that his time with her was limited, and that it was ticking away quickly. The blonde duelist pulled out the reporter's fractured glasses and gently placed them on the tip of her nose, hoping that her vision would find some clarity. Carley suddenly smiled, which under normal circumstances, would've stopped caused even someone as apathetic as Jack to stumble with the way it increased her beauty twofold.

"I loved cheering on people who tried their hardest like you, Jack. Despite that. . ." The hummingbird paused and averted her gaze away from Jack, her lips curving into a melancholic frown. Seeing it nearly broke the winged Signer's heart. He hated seeing her sadness--especially since he knew that it was he, himself who brought it upon her. ". . .Because I tried to wish for such selfish happiness. . .I must've been wrong for doing so, huh?"

"That's nonsense!" exclaimed Jack, shaking his head violently. "Everyone has the right to wish for happiness! If you're saying that's a crime, then I'm just as guilty!" The man's hands were shaking now as he held Carley, who seemed unaware of this. However, she turned her head weakly to face Jack again, her lips blossoming into another smile in her last moments of life.

"Jack. . .I know you'll save the world, right? After all, I'll be cheering for you." Carley then, with her last ounce of strength, reached up and caressed his cheek, her icy cold fingers feeling the light stubble that had grown over the past few days. Jack, knowing her intentions, leaned down toward her to allow her to successfully complete her endeavor. And so it was that their lips connected for the first time, sealing their love upon one another.

"I love you. . ." said Carley hoarsely as they broke off and then kissed again. Suddenly, Jack could feel Carley's already-chilled lips freeze with death, her last breath falling as her body lost all of its color and turned into an obsidian black. Before he could even whisper that he loved her too, she had disintegrated into a fine dust that quickly blew away with the faint wind.

Jack hands trembled horrendously as he reached out and tried to catch a grain of her ashes, but at vain, as every bit of her had been caught up in the weather. The former king fell to his knees, feeling hot tears of anguish sting his eyes, though he refused to let them fall as his heart pleaded his mind for mercy; offering it a silent prayer of hope that this was all a dream.

But hope didn't change the fact that she was gone.

Jack would have more likely spent more of his time with Carley after her resurrection. They might've started dating, and perhaps they would've lived together, or at least would've stood under different circumstances.

Comments: Request for Mistress of Serenity. I wrote this after reading a chapter of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The House of Seven Gables" which is like LOL3PAGESOFDESCRIPTIONBETWEENEACHPIECEOFDIALOGUEPLZ. So. . .That's why I tried to add more description.

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