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Warnings: SMEX.

Pairings: L/Raito, Raito/L

Summary: L finds a new addiction. Will he be able to break it or will it be his down fall? SMEX. L/Raito, Raito/L

Notes: Here is a new fic from me. I hope you enjoy it. It will be filled with smex, making out, smut. Hope you like it. Please review/comment.

Chapter One:

In a huge bedroom, L's slim fingers move across the keyboard, pulling information up. There is no time for him to sleep while Kira is still free. Of course, he refuses to see anyone else but Raito being Kira. Taking his eyes off of the scene, he looks over to find chocolate eyes glaring at him. Tilting his head to the side, he raises his thumb to his mouth. After a few minutes of staring at each other, Raito finally turns his head and L smirks for winning a small victory. Pulling his thumb away from his mouth, he speaks, "Is there something wrong, Yagami-kun?"

"Your typing is keeping me awake, L-san." Raito spits out.

Leaning over the teenager's body to see Raito's eyes clearly, L stares down at the younger man. He knows the other was lying through his teeth but he isn't sure why. Every other night, Raito could sleep through his typing and muttering to himself. What is different about tonight?

Lying on his back, Raito looks up at the detective. Feeling the weight over his body even more, he snaps, "Get off, L!" All he wants is L to move and go back to whatever the man does at night.


"You're in my personal space."

Losing his balance, L falls on top of Raito, putting his entire weight on the teenager. When he hears a small gasp, his huge eyes look up and his lips turn up into a smirk. There is no way to hide something like he is feeling against his stomach. Without thinking on the situation, L leans up and kisses those perfect lips. Gaining no response from the younger male, he thrust downward to gain a loud gasp coming from Raito, which lets his wet muscle inside the other's mouth. Exploring the entire mouth, he finds he has gained a new addiction.

Breaking the kiss by pulling his head back, Raito glares even more at the man on top of him. He wants to scream out how wrong this is, but his body is telling him he enjoys every moment of it. Wasn't it just a few minutes ago that he dreamt of having sex with L? There is something dangerous about being intimate with the greatest detective alive. Feeling a cold hand run up his shirt, he snaps out of all his thoughts and mumbles, "No."

Pulling away from the younger man, L gives a lust-filled look but pulls his hand away from Raito's body. As much as he was enjoying the feel of smooth skin against his own, he refuses to turn into a criminal by forcing himself onto Raito. If he didn't, that would have been the greatest crime ever. No one has the right to force themselves onto another. No one has to suffer that fate including Kira.

While blinking his eyes, Raito asks, "Why did you stop?"

"Yagami-kun told me no."

Something inside of him tries to figure out why that word came out of his mouth. How long has he been hiding his growing desire to be with the older male? Turning his head away in embarrassment, Raito states, "I didn't mean it." Even saying those words, his mind tells him to stop it.

Chuckling loudly, L rolls off the teenager. He finally figured out why the other said no right away. It is simple if he put himself in Raito's place. They really are the same. When he gains a look 'why are you laughing', he answers the unspoken question, "Raito-kun hates to be dominated by anyone. It is the same way for me." Before another question can be asked, he pulls Raito near him, closing his lips around the other's lips. The kiss is far from gentle. It is rough and showing off who will be dominant. His hands works on Raito's shirt, unbuttoning each button to gain tan skin.

Raito moves his hands and slide his fingers into messy black locks. Everything is happening too fast but he throws away every thought. Right now, he is gaining his darkest desire; having L. As pale hands slide up his chest, he playfully bites L's lower lip. Only their harsh breathing can be heard. When he is pushed onto the bed, he stares up at the older man. Hearing the clicking of the chain connecting them together, he rasps, "The chain. It'll get… get in the way."

L freezes and ponders for a few moments. He refuses to let his suspect flee from him. Then again, he really doubts Raito would run while they are being intimate. Pulling out the key from his jeans pocket, he unchains his wrist. Instead of unchaining Raito, he pulls Raito's wrists to the headboard.

When he hears the click on the cuff around his other wrist, Raito glances upwards and says one word, "Pervert." No words come from the older man, but pale cold hands run across his naked chest, sending shivers racing up his back.

Leaning back, L teases, "So hot already." Before an out rage could happen from the younger man, he runs his hand down to Raito's pants and squeezes Raito's cock.

Buckling his hips, Raito bites his lip to stop the moan from escaping. There is no way he will show the other man that he is enjoying what they are doing. When cold air hits his skin, he jumps and looks down between his legs. All that leaves his mouth is a breathless groan. In between his legs is L's head. Feeling wetness run up his thigh, he lets go of everything. Gripping the chains above his head, he groans, "L."

Every little moan and groan L gains from his suspect drives a new rush of lust within his system. No one has ever brought him to this state before. Moving up tan thighs, he nips and licks creating more pleasure to the one below him. When he gets up to Raito's red cock, his lips become dry and he licks them. A juicy treat is right before his eyes and he leans forward to taste the new treat. As his tongue runs along the shaft, he hears music to his ears.

Pushing upward, trying to get L to understand what he truly desires, Raito tries his hardest to keep his eyes open to watch the sight between his legs. Part of him wants to kick the detective but the other part wants more what L can give him. When his length is taken into the wet warmth, he screams while his hips buckle, "L!"

Swallowing every drop, L pulls back and stares down at a flush Raito. As his lips turn up into a small smug smirk, he mumbles, "So soon."

Trying to kick the detective, Raito replies hoarsely, "I… I haven't done anything in months."

Grabbing the swinging legs, pushing them down onto the bed, L leans over the teenager's body and whispers in a smug voice, "Or maybe I am just that good."

"You wish." Raito retorts with narrowed eyes.

Thrusting downwards to share his problem, L states, "We are not done, Raito-chan." The look of pure hatred adores the teenager's face which makes him even hotter for his rival. Pulling back, looking around, he steps off Raito and moves away from the bed.

Watching L move to the bathroom, Raito pulls at the chains and yells, "Do not leave me like this."

Tilting his head backwards, L states, "I doubt Raito-chan would want me to take him dry."

"Who the hell said that you were going to be top?" Raito screams back.

"I did since Raito-chan is tied down and unable to top." L replies with no emotions adoring his voice. Moving inside the bathroom, he shoves bottles away, looking for some lotion to help prepare the younger man for him. Finally finding lotion, he walks back into the room to find Raito on his stomach and fighting against the chairs. Staring at Raito's behind, he remarks, "Well I am sure that position would be easier."

Stopping his struggle against the chains, Raito glances back at the detective who waves a bottle of lotion at him. As his mind ponders over the situation, he sighs, "I get top tomorrow night."

"And if I don't agree?" L asks.

"Then I will scream bloody murder until someone comes and I can have you arrested." Raito replies with a smug look.

"Up ten percent." L responds while climbing back on the bed. Before his counter-partner can say a word, he runs his tongue up Raito's spine.

Goosebumps run over his entire body and heat comes back. Feeling L over him, Raito turns his head and captures L's lips into a heated kiss. It something about being chained up to a bed that turns him on. Feeling cold wet fingers enter him, he hisses to feel them stretch his inner muscles.

Feeling the heat engulf his fingers, L moans right back Raito's ear. It makes him want to be inside the younger male now. But he knows that would push Raito's limit. Pumping his fingers in and out, he notices tan hips buckle back to gain even more. Unable to control himself, he pulls his zipper down.

When he feels something hard replacing fingers, Raito throws his head back and groans lowly. The older man doesn't even ask if he is ready. All he feels is great pain in his lower back, but he moans for more. Some pain never killed anyone and he wants more of L inside of him. It is heaven and hell at the same time. Bowing his head, he whispers, "Move."

Tightness all around his cock drives L mad with lust, but he tries to remain still for Raito's sake. When that word leaves Raito's mouth, the detective loses all control. Pulling out almost all the way, he slams right back inside the tight heat. Panting, moaning, and groaning lowly, he makes a pace to fit them both.

Pushing back to meet L's thrusts, Raito hisses, "Faster." He gets his wish when L picks up the pace. Pulling at the chains, he wants his need touched to send him into paradise. Like reading his mind, L touches his cock, driving him into pure lust. Pushing his hips down into the hand and pushing back to meet L's hard cock, he moans, "L. L. L."

L knows he won't last much longer. So, he quickens his pace, hitting the teenager's sweet spot every time. While heavy breathing sounds out, slapping of skin to skin echoes inside the room. Stroking Raito's length, he orders breathless, "Cum for me."

Unable to hold out any longer, Raito moans loudly, "LLLLLLL…."

Feeling the muscles tighten even more around his cock, L bites down on Raito's shoulder while he cums inside the teenager.

When weight falls on top of him, Raito collapses onto his stomach. After a few minutes of them calming down from their high, he sneers, "Get off. You might look light, but you are far it."

Pulling out of Raito to hear a small hiss, L unchains the teenager. Noting the bruising around both of Raito's wrists, he sighs, "Well that will show."

Unknown to either of the young men, Mogi leans against the wall outside and curses for going to their room at night to inform them about Kira's new killings. Shaking his head, walking away, he mumbles to himself, "I'm going to send Matsuda next time."

The next day, Raito sits oddly on his seat which gains a few strange looks. Mogi blushes at him and L while Matsuda fusses over him. Aizawa ignores him and his father stares with concern in his eyes. Unable to keep up everything is fine, he lies, "I fell last night. I'm fine. Ryuuzaki made sure of that." Everyone goes back to work and he does the same to only be interrupted by an email. Clicking on his email, he reads it to himself.

'I believe I caused the problem of you unable to sit in your seat.'


With a smirk adoring his face, Raito replies with his own message. When he hears a chocking sound next to him, he chuckles softly.

'And tonight, I'll show you how it feels to be sore, L-san.'


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